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January 24, 2012 Great amp
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Chris from Cleveland, OH
I used this amp to power two MTX 15" 9500 (1500 watts RMS each 3000 watts total) and it did a great job. I run competition and saw this was cheap and figured it was worth the $200 to test it out and write a review.

This powered both of my 9500s very well, for the price you can't beat it, if your not running competition I highly recommend it. For the record it will not output 3200 watts rms at 1 ohm. Even with me running 10 awg speaker wire it's more like 2500 watts rms which is still worth it.

I have actually bought another one of these amps because I have not had a single issue (first amp being over one year old) and I use it with my first bamf 5500 to push two 15" re audio xxx's in my non competition car. So you know the REs are 2000watts rms each (4000 watts rms total) and again both of these subs push with no problem.

And for you guys running more than one of these (like me) this amp has a cool stack option for multiple amps and also has double RCAs so you don't need to buy an RCA "Y" splitter. Pretty convenient.

Other than that don't be fooled by these people saying they fail, neither of mine have failed, but you do need to run an extra high current Kinetik battery or have a damn good alternator ($700 plus) because you can't say just cuz it's cheap it doesn't use a lot of power, the double power and ground terminals helps but at the end of the day watts are still watts volts are still volts and that all effects your battery/alternator. I hope this helped.
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