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June 12, 2011 Not a bad unit at all
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Kevin from Austin, TX
I wasn't too thrilled at switching from Pioneer F90BT to this unit, but since I sold that unit and couldn't get a good one used I decided to give Clarion another shot. (Don't get me wrong, I loved my old single DIN Clarion). I was pretty set on Pioneer due to the touch screens and other functions.

Installation was pretty easy and no major complaints lots of hook ups and the ability not to plug in a wire if you are not using it. One thing I was not thrilled about is there no VSS wire. But the built in microphone makes things go smoother. I was worried about not having the VSS wire for GPS use; some how this unit is unfazed by not having one. It locates me quickly, calculates the arrival times well and never misses telling when to exit. You honestly wouldn't be able to tell that the unit wasn't using it if unless you look at the vehicle speed on the unit than you would see it is a few mph off.

The GPS antenna is a little thicker than I would like and I suppose some cases this might be a down side but it did effect my install at all.

Touch screen is really good for an in dash head unit. My expectations were low dealing with version 2.0 on the F90BT and this was way better. Don't get me wrong, this is no HTC or iPhone, it is a radio company that is doing a touch screen. Response to touches is right on and quick; the swipe feature on the main screen is great, on the sirius screen for browsing though stations by category and trying to go back a level can be tricky. The lay out of screens is great, it is logical and all things are only about 3 clicks away at anytime. The unit boots up fast I can have music in 30 seconds after the key is on (this is an estimate). The slowest feature would be the GPS boot up which is still under 2 minutes from key on to ready to take an address.

Issues I have had. Once, the unit freaked out and the touch buttons didn't work, menu and source buttons and I had to use the reset button. Three times in the last six months randomly it reset my Sirius presets... Not sure why. Sometimes (about 4 times I have had this issue) when booting up the Sirius doesn't seem to load and required me to power down the unit and power it back on and it works flawlessly.

Down Sides: I am being really picky here, I wish it had a mute button for navigation. I do not like the new parking brake wire hook up, with it looking for a switch, it took me a bit to get this part correct.
The equalizer is pretty confusing, I normally set them up myself but I just use the preset function which are solid in typical Clarion fashion.
If you are an iPod user, the no iPod cable would be an issue, but from what I can see an ebay iPod cable would work for this unit and is a heck of a lot cheaper.

Overall, Buy it. It has a solid feel and I love the reaction time/responsiveness. If you are tired of Pioneer giving you push buttons for volume (big issue for me, I like the volume knob) and are worried about switching brands give this guy a shot. I am sure it will impress you and make you smile.
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