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October 28, 2011 Great In Dash NAV unit. Superb
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Just me :) from VA
This is a great Nav unit. I compared it to all other manufactures Kenwood eXcelon, Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, JVC. I am the biggest Kenwwod fan, but their NAV system was a let down with all the lagging. This Clarion blows them all out of the water for features, looks, ease of use, sound, etc.... I am really pleased with this unit. I have updated all the firmware from, but I never had any issues with my unit like some of the others had mentioned. A major point for this unit is the backup camera connection... it's universal so you can buy any type camera you want to use, instead of a set manufacture camera. The sound is superb, and the Magna Bass EX really steps up the low end bass. The screen is by far the best i've seen for looks, and function. The internal mic for the bluetooth is all you need as well... I am told I come through loud and clear on the other end of the phone. I also love the blue lighting around the volume knob, etc... it would be nice if it could be changed to match vehicle dash colors. The NAV in this unit is the nicest i've seen and easy to use with 12 million or 15 million POI (have to look it up lol), and it's 3D and shows terrain, buildings, etc.
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