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April 24, 2012 Good with a few gotchas
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PhoenixWeasel from Phoenix AZ
Has great features. The onboard mic works really well. Great selection of inputs/outputs.

My first unit had a bad internal ground, so the points below I know aren't related to my unit as the replacement does the same things.

Things I wish I'd known before I bought:
1: the "custom" EQ mode doesn't affect the sub preouts

2: Sirius ALWAYS starts in "all channel" mode, not preset mode (Clarion says this is due to the scc1, but my Pioneer starts on presets...) Whoever's fault it is - REALLY? if you've defined presets why would you want to always start in all channel mode...

3: I fill my USB stick in artist folder, then album folder. 2 issues: USB input starts in first artist folder, showing album folders. Inconvenient. Secondly, if you swipe back, its sorted in oldest to newest "folder modified" order (should be either alpha, or rev modified - I usually want to listen to artists I've most recently loaded). It does start where you left off in a track between car starts (my pioneer starts the track over), so thats good.

4: It boots somewhat slow - this is really only a problem when you put it into reverse. I'm usually long gone by the time the backup camera comes on. Additionally, I get "no signal" for a few seconds when I do wait long enough. I have the same Boyo camera on my Pioneer unit and have never had that issue. Could be connection diffs between vehicles, but its still noteworthy.

Overall, this is a vast improvement over the Pioneer in my other vehicle, but it does have a few quirks as I've mentioned. Oh, and since its now a discontinued unit from Clarion, they've said they won't fix any of those issues because they're cosmetic, not critical to operations.
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