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If you can't tell, we're a little different here at Sonic. We're real people, not just suits and ties. And even though we're different, the one thing we all have in common is our unwaivering passion for all things audio and sharing that passion with our customers. We're always on the cutting edge of new technology, and we share that knowledge with our entire company to provide you with the latest and greatest products and service. We know that we can never stop learning and we'll always use our new knowledge to help you get the most from your electronics. THAT'S why we're experts.


In House Expert Nathaniel Victor

Nathaniel Victor, CEO


Sonic Electronix was founded when Nathaniel Victor had a bad experience with an unprofessional and unknowledgeable car stereo shop. From day one, our business has been built upon and sustained by our expert knowledge.


In House Expert Allyn Rahim

Allyn Rahim

Installation Manager

Our Installation Bay Manager Allyn Rahim brings over 15 years of hands-on installation experience to the table. By the time Allyn was old enough to get his driver's license, he already had years of training under his belt from working on systems for his friends, family and neighbors. Allyn turned his passion into a career, learning the ropes at a small business before honing his craft and managing installation bays at premium audio installation shops. Allyn specializes in high-end fabrication, and is one of the first installers to put an Apple iPad into the dash of a car.


In House Expert Anthony Beck

Anthony Beck

Installation Technician

After years of pursuing Car Audio as a hobby, Installer & Technician Anthony Beck started installing professionally in 2007. After cultivating his skills at a big box retailer and earning his MECP certification, Anthony joined the Sonic Team to follow his passion for cars and car audio. He lives the car audio life - when he's not installing or providing tech support for Sonic customers, Anthony spends most of his free time turning his ride into a bass machine.


In House Expert Miko Estacio

Miko Estacio

Warranty Specialist

If you've been to a wedding, sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah or convention in the Southern California area, chances are you've heard the sweet sounds of resident DJ expert Funkmaster Miko. After shadowing a DJ at a convention almost a decade ago, Miko discovered his passion for live music. Although he loves to produce mashups and remixes at home, Miko says that "...nothing compares to that feeling, when I'm on the turntables, and I see the whole crowd jumping."


In House Expert Brendan Hughson

Brendan Hughson

Corporate Trainer

Our Corporate Trainer and technician Brendan Hughson got his start in the industry as a young kid helping his dad set up live sound PA systems. It was only natural that his passion for audio and love for cars would lead him to his first job as a professional installer. In the decade since, Brendan has worked at several high-end fabrication shops and has sharpened his skills. If he's not swapping a motor or rebuilding a transmission, you'll find Brendan passing on his knowledge to the Sonic service team.


In House Expert Sedric Arnold

Sedric Arnold


Like so many others before him, Merchandiser Sedric Arnold got his start over 12 years ago as a teenager installing a system in his first car. He soon discovered he had a passion for car electronics and installation, and started doing sales and installation for a big box retailer. After gaining experience in several more install bays, Sedric joined the Sonic team and has been one of the original experts since the early days. Sedric likes all aspects of installing, but has a special passion for wiring projects such as alarms and remote start.


In House Expert Lucas Lazore

Lucas Lazore

Sales Manager

The Sonic Electronix service team is the best in the business, and with experienced installer Lucas Lazore at the helm, it's not difficult to see why. As a teen, Lucas was the textbook definition of a "car guy," pumping all of his spare time into transforming his daily driver into a tricked out racing machine. Lucas started installing professionally over a decade ago, earning his MECP Master certification and surrounding himself with the most experienced installers around. When he's not working on cars, you can find Lucas spending time with his family, exercising like a madman, and representing Sonic Electronix on the softball field!


In House Expert Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz

Car Audio Specialist

Luis Diaz has been involved in the car audio industry for over 10 years, doing everything from simple head unit installs, to full system integration on high end vehicles. Luis is also one of our in house DJ's and has been spinning for as long as he's been working on cars. In his spare time you'll find Luis at various car shows, hitting the slopes on his snowboard or getting some much needed R & R on the golf course.


In House Expert Seth Wilde

Seth Wilde

Director of Product

If you've seen any of our Youtube videos then you've probably seen Seth in action. Seth is a proud member of the V-Dub club (Volkswagen for the win!) and got his start in car audio when he got his very first car. He likes to experiment with different systems and is always in search of that perfectly well-rounded system, preferring sound quality over SPL. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Seth is a true tech expert and loves to get his hands on the latest gadgets. When he's not checking out new technology, Seth likes to go on road trips with his wife to find great places to eat!


In House Expert Louis Gutierrez

Louis Gutierrez


With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Merchandiser Louis Gutierrez is no stranger to high-quality car audio systems. Competing in (and winning!) many sound quality competitions as a member of team Image Dynamics, Louis has developed a sharp ear for proper sound staging, clarity and more. These days, Louis brings his passion to the table when developing the selection of installation parts and car audio accessories you'll find on!


In House Expert Brett Lisonbee

Brett Lisonbee


Brett Lisonbee brings many years of experience in home audio, portable electronics and headphones to our team and his drive and passion for all things audio are matched by few. Brett got his start working retail and quickly rose up the ranks to become the top salesman in his region - His passion for learning and mastering his craft being the key reasons for his success. In his spare time you'll find Brett cheering on the L.A. Dodgers, playing guitar or skateboarding around town.


In House Expert Larsen Greenberg

Larsen Greenberg

Customer Service Manager

At Sonic Electronix, nothing comes second to service, and Larsen Greenberg represents the great experience you'll have when shopping with us. His ten years of experience in retail and e-commerce has provided him with the skills to lead our award-winning team and ensure that every customer looks forward to their next purchase. His passions include fitness, Pho, and his Blu-Ray collection. You're guaranteed to find Larsen working hard, studying hard, and in his rare free time, playing even harder.


In House Expert Cody Burkhart

Cody Burkhart

Website Content Manager

Cody was just a newbie when he first started at Sonic Electronix but now has over 5 years of experience. Whether it's stereos, speakers, or anything in between; if you've got questions, he's got answers. When he isn't tackling new product lines, you'll find Cody jamming on his guitar or writing his latest novel.


In House Expert Daniel Zemming

Daniel Zemming

Product Specialist

Call us up, and chances are good you'll be talking to resident expert Daniel Zemming. Daniel grew up around car audio, and fell in love with his first subwoofer at the tender age of 9. Since then, he has embraced everything audio, built the system of his dreams, and embarked on a mission to find the perfect pair of headphones. When Daniel isn't building systems, testing gear or listening to music... he's probably asleep.


In House Expert Jason Theroux

Jason Theroux

Social Media Coordinator

Jason has had a passion for electronics for as long as he can remember. Ever since his dad bought him a do-it-yourself electronic starter kit when he was a kid, it's been love ever since. From his adolescent years as a musician to his employment selling home theater equipment, Jason has always been surrounded and submerged in audio. Working at Sonic Electronix, Jason quickly became a car audio connoisseur and true audiophile. In his spare time you'll find Jason snowboarding and playing guitar.