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B-52 Matrix-2000

1200W Active Speaker System with 18" Subwoofer & Two 12" Satellite Speakers


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B-52 Matrix-2000 Active Speaker System

The MATRIX-2000 is a complete sound reinforcement solution consisting of two 12” two-way speakers and an 18” subwoofer, equipped with a built-in 1200-watt three-channel amplifier. The three-channel amplifier houses all the electronics required to run the system including electronic crossovers, equalization and compressors. The electronic circuity is fine tuned to match all of the speaker components for the best possible sound. The MATRIX-2000 is designed for easy operation, as you do not need to tweak frequencies or finesse complicated compressor settings. To set-up the system simply connect the XLR right and left signal cables, speaker cables and powercord and you’re ready to perform!

Built-in 1200-watt three-channel amplifier

The 18” subwoofer enclosure is divided into two separate compartments. The front chamber serves as the cabinet for the cast-framed, 4” voice coil, 18” subwoofer. The rear chamber houses all of the system’s electronic circuitry, which includes the amplification for all three components, power supply, compressor and preamps. The 18” subwoofer has a power handling capability of 600 watts and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

12” Two-Way Satellites: Pole Mountable, Flyable Or Angled For Use As Stage Monitors

The 12” two-way speakers are loaded with B-52 custom designed 12” loudspeakers and 1“ titanium diaphragm compression drivers, mounted to 900 x 400 constant directivity horns. The speakers are designed to be pole mounted, sit as stage monitors and have built-in (3/8” –16 TPI) flying hardware for permanent installations. The front panel of the two-way speakers are convex so as to fit perfectly on to the subwoofer’s front grille. Each two-way speaker has the power handling capability of 300 watts and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.

Transporting the System

Move the subwoofer onto its casters and place the included cover over the subwoofer. Next, pull the included covers over the satellite speakers and close the zippers. It is recommended that you transport the subwoofer and satellites separately. You may transport all the components at the same time by placing the satellite speakers onto the subwoofer’s front panel facing down. Secure the satellite speakers to the subwoofer with the included locking strap by fastening it to the bar handles on the side of the subwoofer cabinet.

Product Features
  • 1200W Active Speaker System with 18" Subwoofer & Two 12" Satellite Speakers
  • Ideal for Mobile DJ, Karaoke, Nightclub, Restaurant, Bar Installation, Corporate Audio / Video & Home Entertainment System, Live Sound System, Stage Monitoring System, Booth Monitoring System & Drum Monitoring
  • Amplifier Specifications:
    • Subwoofer Power Output: 600W @ 8 ohm
    • 12” Two-Way Power Output: 2 x 300W @ 4 ohm
    • XLR female line in
    • XLR male parallel out
    • Speakon connector
  • 12" Two-Way Specifications:
    • Speaker Input: Speakon style connector
    • 12” Custom Built B-52 Transducer
    • 1” Exit Titanium Diaphragm on Constant Directivity Horn
    • HF Dispersion: 90° x 40°
    • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
    • Active Freq. Response: 120-20,000
    • X-over Freq. (passive): 1.6K Hz 12 dB/Octave
    • Maximum SPL: 126 dB
    • Weight: 40 lbs
    • Dimensions: 13"D x 14"W x 23"H
  • 18" Subwoofer Specifications:
    • Loudspeaker: 1 x 18” Cast-Framed, 4” Voice Coil Custom
    • Nominal Impedance: Subwoofer
    • Subwoofer Freq. Response: 8 ohms
    • Max. SPL: 30-120 Hz
    • Active Crossover: 129 dB
    • Subsonic Filter: 120 Hz, 24 dB/Octave
    • Weight: 160 lbs
    • Dimensions: 23"D x 28"W x 30"H
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Loudspeaker Specifications

Frequency Response
The range of frequencies the speaker will reproduce (lowest frequency to the highest). Bigger is better, meaning the wider the range, the better. The optimal range is 20 - 20,000 Hz (which is the range of human hearing).
120 - 20,000 Hz

Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Garden Grove


Can't say enough good things about this setup!

October 19, 2011

I bought mine back in 2007. I use it when hosting parties, or when a friend is hosting a party sometimes I'll offer to DJ for them occasionally. I've even done a few paid gigs with it. I use it on the 4th of July every year for the Block Party vibe that happens in our neighborhood to set it off proper! The only time I've ever done more than barely crack the volume open at all was at a larger venue one time (maybe 3000 sq ft?) I got to go maybe 3/5 th's open on the volume and it still had plenty more volume to give me, but any louder would have been PUNISHING to the people on the Dance Floor. One time I arrived a little late at the beginning of a Halloween Party I offered to do for a friend... and if you're in a rush... you can have this thing fully setup and going in 15 minutes by yourself.

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Product Name: B-52 Matrix-2000