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Kicker PKD4

Dual Amplifier 4 Gauge Power Installation Kit 05PKD4


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Kicker PKD4 (09PKD4)

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Product Features:
  • Dual Amplifier 4 Gauge Power Installation Kit
  • Perfect for the installation of two amplifier
  • 4 Gauge kit ideal for systems up to 1000 watts
  • Includes everything you need for installation
  • KICKER Hyper-flex wire offers amazing flexibility, perfect for installation
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
Package Includes:
  1. 4 Gauge Dual Amplifier Power Kit
  2. 20 Ft. 4 AWG Power Wire
  3. 3 Ft. 4 AWG Ground Wire
  4. 20 Ft. 16 AWG Remote Lead
  5. Fuse Holder
  6. 100A ANL Fuse
  7. 2 Distribution Blocks
  8. 5 Ft. 8 AWG Power Wire
  9. 5 Ft. 8 AWG Ground Wire
  10. Direct Connect Engineering
  11. Self-Adhesive Kicker Logo Badge Included!

Product History:

Kicker PKD4 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Kicker 09PKD4 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kicker PKD4)
Kicker 05PKD4 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Kicker PKD4 (09PKD4))

Amplifier Kit Specifications

Amp Kit Type
Amplifier installation kit come in two different types: Power or Complete. Power Amp kits are designed to only provide power to the amplifier. Complete kits will provide power and signal to the amplifier. Many of the complete kits will also include speaker wire to connect the amplifier to the subwoofer.
Number of Amplifiers Supported
This is the number of amplifiers that the amplifier kit can support. If you are are going to be powering more than one amplifier, make sure that the installation kit will support them.
Power/Ground Wire Size
The power/ground gauge numbers represents the main wire size of the amplifier kit.

Definitions are as follows:

Gauge (wire) - The diameter of a wire. The higher the number, the thinner the wire. Example: 4 gauge wire has more strands than 10 gauge wire.

AWG (American Wire Gauge) - A standard of the dimensional characteristics of wire used to conduct electrical current or signals. AWG is identical to the Brown and Sharpe (B & S) wire gauge.
4 gauge
Power Wire Length
This is the length of the power wire in feet.
25 feet
Power Wire Color
Ground Wire Length
The length of the ground wire in feet.
8 feet
Ground Wire Color
Speaker Wire Included
If speaker wire is included, the value will be "Yes" and if no wire is included, it will read "No".
Remote Wire Length
This is the length of the remote wire that is included with the item.
20 feet
Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included
Interconnect cables are required for amplifiers which are installed to the "RCA preamp low-level outputs" of a car stereo receiver. If your amplifier has high-level / speaker level inputs, then you do not need to purchase interconnects; however, interconnects offer a much higher quality sound when compared to speaker level inputs.
Fuse Holder
This is the type of fuse holder that is included in the item.
Fuse Size
This is the size of the fuse that is compatible with the fuse holder. If the fuse needs to be replaced, be sure to replace it with the same size.
Distribution Block Included
This means that the kit includes a distribution block in the package. This will assist in the installation of the amplifier kit or any situation where a distribution block is required.
Complies to AWG Standards
Since 1857, The AWG (American Wire Gauge) system has been the standard for measuring the diameter of wire. AWG standard is the measure of bare wire to find true gauge. Companies that do not follow AWG Standards include the thickness of the wire jacket which means the actual wire is not "True to Gauge". For the best performance from your amplifier wiring kit, make sure that the cable complies to the AWG standard.
Wire Material
The material that the wire is made of. Copper & aluminum are the most commonly used materials. OFC - Oxygen Free Copper is the ideal choice for wire material. Copper is a superior electrical conductor, & does not expand or contract with heat. CCA - Copper-Clad Aluminum is a suitable choice for lower powered or budget applications. The power transfer is not on par with OFC, but this material offers significant savings.

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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Rating Distribution

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
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1 Star

Average Attribution Rating


Gilbert, AZ

Nice Kit Cables could have been longer

April 30, 2008

This is a great kit, Battery cable was long enough, but the ground cable could have been longer along with the 8 gauge amp wires. I was able to use some of the extra cable from the battery cable to use for the ground and then use the 4g ground to the amp. Again, great kit, but for two amps I could have used a few extra feet depending on your setup and how close the distribution block is to your amps. FYI no RCA cables or speaker wire. Wires are all very flexible even the 4g, nice when running form fitting installation.

3 of 4 found this helpful

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Lees Summit, MO

Good Kit

February 13, 2011

I really liked using this kit in my 05 F150. The wire was highly flexible, of excellent quality and contained all the pieces and parts required. I used this kit for a dual amp system, consisting of an 800w mono amp and a 300w 4 channel both of which are digital. Ran the 4ga to the splitter block and a 4 to the mono and an 8 to the 4 channel, grounded with like wire. Absolutely no problems and had both sizes of wire left over as well as a splitter block. Would buy again.

2 of 3 found this helpful

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Greenfield, IN

Great installation kit

July 11, 2008

This kit provides basically everything you need to power two amps (and unless you're going over 1000watts, this leaves plenty of headroom). Installation was pretty easy, and all of the parts are of very high quality. I'll be sure to look for a similar kit the next time I'm installing multiple (or single) amps in a car.

2 of 3 found this helpful

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Rehoboth Beach, DE

Some of the best wire made.

January 25, 2011

Kicker makes some of the best power wire out there. Super flexible and durable what more could you want? All the other pieces in this kit are also high quality and you don't have to worry about them breaking. The fuse and distribution blocks secure the wires very well.

2 of 4 found this helpful

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Saint Charles, IL

Most flexible wire on the market!!!

November 11, 2008

I bought this wiring kit almost a year ago now when i installed my subs and amps. I did the install in a 2000 Chevy Blazer. It was my first install, and ill tell ya, the flexibility of the wire made it so easy. After the holiday season im planning on changing to one amp for my subs and then also putting in component door speakers and amping those, so the 4ga wire will no longer be enough. So i plan on getting kickers 1/0 wiring kit for multiple amps.

The only thing that i saw mentioned in another review that was an issue, that i agree with, is depending on your setup and vehicle. It would da been nice to have a few extra feet of ground wire. But im pullin it all out soon anyway and puttin in the big stuff.

Definitely buy this wire, if not this kit, keep it kicker, most flexy shyte on the market.

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oneonta, NY

great quality

January 20, 2010

I bought this wiring kit a while ago and it is really good quality , I will buy from this brand again .

1 of 3 found this helpful

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Brookfield, WI

Kicker PKD4

February 27, 2007

This wiring kit is nothing short of amazing! It's expensive, but it's worth every penny.

The only necessary crimp for the entire install it the remote turn on wire which can be done with a standard crimper. There's no having to figure out a way to crimp a 4 gauge wire, Kicker already did all the work!

The 4 gauge power wire has a black mesh covering it in the engine bay to keep a relatively stealth installation. The mesh is even heat shrunk around where the cut needs to be for the fuse holder to prevent the mesh from fraying.

The 4 and 8 gauge wire included is the most flexible wire I've ever worked with. I could tie it in knots if I needed to.

My favorite part of this kit is the fuse block and the distribution blocks. They're made to be used with 4 and 8 gauge wire, but adapters can be removed to use the fuse holder and blocks with 0/1 and 4 gauge wire. This is great for future expansion and minimizes the costs of upgrading later.

My only (minor) gripe is that when I opened the package, some of the blue dye from the power wire coating had bled onto the gray ground wire coating. This isn't an issue for me since all of my wires are hidden, but it could possibly stain your car's carpet.

All in all, this is a hassle free kit that's easy to use and I highly recommend it!

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Lake View Terrace, CA

Great stuff

December 14, 2006

This kit is very usefull for dual amp hook ups. The only problume with it that i had is that the wires for the Ground and the Power (8 gawg) is to short. I had to go out and buy some 4 gawg wires to properly ground out my amps but there was more than enough power wire to distribute it to both amps. I suggest getting about 10 extra feet of 4 gawg if your going to buy this kit. It says that it handels 1000 watts but if your going to do that, split the main power cable (4gawg) to 2 4 gawg outputs. Much cleaner power, less strain on your system. the 100amp fuse is frikin awesome, Easy to mount and very durable.

good buy all in all.

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