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SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent Wireless Headphones

Over-Ear Sync Series Silver Wireless Headphones


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SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent - Silver

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Tough has a New Meaning

50 Cent is known for his tough, lyrical style so it is no wonder that he would want to make a durable and high quality pair of headphones. The SYNC by 50 Cent headphones are a perfect combination of crisp sound quality and outlasting durability. The custom tuned 40mm drivers produce a compete frequency response for listening to various genres of music. A street-tough rubberized coating protects from life of the go while adding an element of style. These wireless headphones can sync up to 4 pairs to a single audio source. This makes them ideal for all night gaming sessions or chatting on a mobile device for hours. The built-in microphone will allow you to seamlessly make and answer calls at a moments notice. The ultra adjustable polymer headband will ensure a lasting and comfortable fit for many years to come. If you like your bass tough and your headphones tougher, then pick up a pair of SYNC's today.

Product Features:

  • Over-Ear Wireless Street Series Headphones
  • Professionally tuned 40mm drivers
  • Shatterproof UFP(Ultra Flexible Polymer)for lasted durability
  • THUMPP Enhanced bass for any music genre you prefer
  • Digital EQ
  • Professional-grade studio sound
  • Passive Noise Cancelling
  • Syncs up to 4 users from one source
  • Soft memory foam cushions
  • Enhanced bass quality
  • High-end styling
  • Color: Silver
  • Also available in: White and Black

Package Includes:

  • 3.5mm wireless transmitter
  • Hard shell carry case
  • Airplane plug adapter
  • Soft touch cleaning cloth
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • USB/AC adapter
  • Owners Manual
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Product History:

SMS Audio SMS-BTWS-SLV thumbnail
(newest, current model)
SMS Audio SMS-WS-SLV thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent - Silver)

Sonic Electronix Insights

How well the headphones seal your ears from the surrounding environment.
Overall design of the headphones
Build Quality
Construction quality of the headphones
Optimized for All Genres
How well the headphones perform for all music genres.
Instrumental & Classical Optimized
How well the headphones perform for instrumental and classical music genres.
Rock & Alternative Optimized
How well the headphones perform for rock and alternative music genres.
Hip-Hop, Rap, EDM, Dubstep & Pop Optimized
How well the headphones perform for hip-hop, rap, EDM, dubstep and pop music genres.
Overall Audio Quality
How the headphones sound
Comfort & Ergonomics
How comfortable the headphones are to wear

Headphone Design

Headphone Type

This is the design of the earpieces on the headphones. Some headphones go inside the ear, while others rest on the outside of the ear. This helps you know exactly what type of headphones you will be receiving.

In-Ear: The ear buds go into the ear. Most often, the right and left ear buds are two separate pieces.

Enclosed-Ear: Usually are found on the larger headphones. They rest on top of the ear and have padding for comfort, as well as enclosing the ear to the speaker. This type of headphone helps to filter out surrounding noise.

On-Ear: This type of headphone involves the speaker sitting gently on the ear without going in the ear or sealing it off.

Headband Type

Headphone type refers to the construction of the headphones.

Around the Ear means that the headphones wrap around the ear to provide a secure fit. This is most often seen in active and sports headphones.

Around the Neck means that the headphones wrap around the neck. This is also seen in active and sports headphones.

Earbuds means that the right and left sides of the headphones are separated and will fit securely into the ear. These are small, compact, and user friendly.

Over the Head headphones mean that the right and left speakers are connected with a support that goes over the head and rests on top. This is the typical headphone type.

Over the Head
Specifically For
Some headphones can use an IR Transmitter in your vehicle, while some can be plugged into your media device and be used on the go or at home.
Headphone Application

This is the application that the headphones are designed for. Each application has unique features that make it perfect for particular uses.

Disc Jockeys (DJs) require a special type of headphone that can meet their professional needs. These headphones are durable, loud, and will often allow for one ear listening.

This lifestyle speaks for itself! If you love video games and want a pair of headphones that will deliver explosive sound and allow you to communicate with others, this is where you need to shop!

Home Hi-Fi:
For those that need the best in music quality. These audiophile headphones are engineered to produce high fidelity and accurate audio replication.

These headphones are made to sound great. They are designed to produce rich, brilliant sounds that will play your music in a manner that the artists would appreciate. These headphones are for those that love music.

Designed for active use. These headphones are made to stay in (or on) the ear during workouts. Whether you frequent the gym or go running outside in the fresh air, these active style headphones will be your best friend.

Kids headphones feature noise limiting technology so that your little ones don't damage their ears listening to music too loud.

Anyone who is always on the go wants a pair of headphones that can keep up with them. On-the-go headphones are lightweight and often fold up for easy storage and portability so that you can take them with you anywhere.

You're a music creator. Whether you're producing and mixing it down or in the studio recording yourself, you need a pair of headphones that will reproduce the music perfectly without any coloration. Look here for reference quality studio monitoring headphones.

Those that often find themselves on planes or on the road a lot. These headphones are compact, lightweight, and have a portable design. Some of the headphones in this lifestyle will feature noise cancellation technology that will help shut out outside noise.

Fashion Enthusiast
Home Hi-Fi
Acoustic Principle
The basic design of the headphones. There are 3 different types: Open: Have ports that allow air through the back of the diaphragms, enabling the headphones to sound like the music is coming from an outside source. Closed: Completely sealed and have no air passing through the diaphragms. Sounds like you are in a closed off room. Semi-open: Have slots or ports in the back of the cup and are partially open. This allows for a mixed sound between an open and closed headphone.

General Features

Noise Reduction technology removes unwanted noise from a signal. Background or ambient noise can be removed to produce clearer speech and enhanced hearing. Typically these Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones are powered and use batteries to activate the noise canceling technology. Also referred to as Noise Reduction or Noise Cancellation.
Device Controls & Compatibility
Refers to the devices the in-line controls are compatible with.
Built-In Microphone
This means that the headphones or earbuds have a built-in microphone. This can be a microphone on the cord, built into the headphone, or even a boom microphone. These mics can be used for music devices like iPods, for Smartphones to make and receive calls, or for gaming purposes.
Smartphone/Tablet App Available
These headphones have a companion app available from the manufacturer. These apps are generally available on both the Google Play Store and iTunes for Android and iPhone use. They usually include an equalizer and other controls to give you complete control over your music.
This means the sound of these headphones can be customized to your listening preference through either an app or on-board controls.
Headphone Connection
This is how the headphones connect to the audio source.

Corded means that the headphones use a cord to transfer the audio signal.

Wireless means that the audio signal is transmitted wirelessly to the headphones.

Home/RF Wireless
Volume Adjustment
Volume Adjustment means that the headphone (independent of the source) can adjust the playback volume. Many headphones and ear buds have in-line volume control, which allows adjusting the audible volume from a switch on the headphones cord. Other headphones have a volume knob on the headphone can.
Bluetooth Version Compatibility
Which version of Bluetooth the device is compatible with. Is it important that the both devices being paired are the same version of Bluetooth. For example, a Bluetooth version 2.0 cell phone can be paired with a compatible version 2.0 headset.
aptX Codec
Refers to whether these headphones feature aptX Bluetooth audio streaming.
Jack Size
Refers to whether the headphones use a 3.5mm or 1/4" headphone jack connection.
Jack Angle
Straight Jack: Straight plug with no angle. Angled Jack: Angled plug, usually a 90 degree angle.
Included Adapters
Refers to the connection adapters included with the headphones.
Detachable Cable
Refers to whether the cable can detach from the headphones.
Color Shades
Primary color shades of the headphones
Refers to materials used to build the headphones
Ear Cushion/Earbud Material
Refers to the material that the ear cushions/earbuds are made from.
Replaceable Ear Cushions
Refers to whether the ear cushions can be removed and replaced on a pair of headphones
Protective Case
Refers to whether a pair of headphones come with a protective case.
Weight (oz.)
This is the weight of the unit in ounces.
Water Resistant
This refers to the level of water resistance of the fitness tracker. Some fitness trackers are water resistant and can be used while swimming, while others are only splash proof or should not be used near the water.
Child Safe
Refers to whether a pair of headphones are designed specifically for children. Child safe headphones feature volume limiting technology so that your child canít damage their ears while listening to music.
Refers to whether a pair of headphones can be folded for easy storage/portability.
Ear Hooks
These headphones feature hooks that wrap around your ears for a secure fit.

Gaming Headphones

Separate Game & Chat Volume Controls
Refers to whether the headset has separate volume controls for the game and chat channels.
Surround Sound
Refers to the surround sound type used by the headphones.
Microphone Frequency Response
The range of frequencies the microphone will pick up (lowest frequency to the highest). Bigger is better, meaning the wider the range, the better.
Microphone Impedance
The opposition to electric current, a higher impedance means a higher electrical resistance. This is measured in ohms.
Detachable Microphone
Refers to whether the microphone can be detached from the headphones.
Noise Cancelling Microphone
Refers to whether the microphone eliminates ambient noise for crystal clear conversations.
USB Connection
Refers to whether these headphones can be connected via USB.
Wireless Type
Refers to the wireless connection type used by these headphones.
Compatible Systems
Refers to what system(s) these headphones are compatible with.

Home Wireless Headphones

Wireless Range
The maximum distance the headphones can be from the hub and still work in feet.
Wireless Type
Refers to the wireless connection type used by these headphones.
Hub Connection Type
Refers to how the hub connects to your home stereo system

Audio Features

Pass Throughs
Refers to whether a pair of headphones has an output to connect to another pair of headphones.
Driver Size
This refers to the diameter of the driver (speaker) on each side of the headphone.
Power Output
Refers to the power output rating (in watts) of the headphones.
Refers to whether these headphones are considered audiophile-grade listening.
Built-in Amplifier
This refers to whether the headphones have an amplifier built-in.
Amplifier Recommended
This refers to whether a separate headphone amplifier is recommended for use with these headphones
Driver Type
The physical design of the driver in the headphones.

Sound Signature

Bass Detail
Refers to the bass output quality. Loose bass is more boomy and loud where as tight bass is more about bass quality.
Refers to the bass performance of the headphones. Rated from Light bass to extreme bass.
Sound Staging & Imaging

What is in the Box?

Main Product
What is the main product in the box?
Accessories included with the headphones
What paperwork comes with the product?

Specials with this Item

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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Rating Distribution

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Average Attribution Rating



Cool Headphones

May 22, 2013

Good size, good looks, the fact that they can be wireless is beyond what many other headphones in their price range can do, comfortable, good sound quality, bass boost is a nice addition, slightly more durable than the lower cost beats headphones

i would have the wireless receiver on my phone in my pocket with the headphones on walking around and sometimes the headphones would become un-synced randomly or cut out, for the price they should be noise cancelling but they do a fine job blocking out most of the noise anyway

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Los Angeles, CA

Great Range, and Even Better Build

July 6, 2012

This is my second pair of wireless headphones that use the KLEER technology. I had a pair of Sennheisers that lasted me a few years, and now I have these. The best part about these ones, is it uses a 3.5 mm adapter to transmit to the headphones. So it can really be connected to anything with an analog audio output. I use the stereo-to-mini adapter so I can have the sound coming out of my receiver in my living room, and I can go anywhere in my house an listen. Even better than its ability to connect to every device is its build quality. These things are indestructible. I bent them in half like the video I saw on YouTube, and they went right back to their original form. It is a nice peace of mind to have when I spent this much. But I would be LIVID if I spent this much to get that cheesy flimsy plastic that everyone else uses on their expensive headphones.

Great Buy! I would 100% ABSOLUTELY recommend these to ANYONE! If only the strongest survives, these are the last man standing! Hercules!

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Stylish Headphone Stand w/ Silicon Cable Holder

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Warning: The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. Please refer to your subwoofer's owner's manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Please call tech support at 1-877-289-7664 if you require additional assistance.

Product Name: SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent Wireless Headphones

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