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Pioneer ND-BC2

Rear-View Camera for Pioneer Video Units such as AVIC-N5/Z3/F90BT/F900BT/F700BT and others


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Pioneer ND-BC4

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Pioneer ND-BC2

Rear-View Camera for Pioneer Video Units such as AVIC-N5/Z3/F90BT/F900BT/F700BT and others


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The ND-BC2 is a rear-view camera as an accessory to the AVIC-N5, AVIC-Z3, AVIC-F90BT, AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F700BT navigation/CD receiver/monitor. When your vehicle is in reverse, the monitor screen automatically switches to the view from the ND-BC2, allowing you to see what's behind you. You can also turn on the rear view while driving to keep an eye on the rear of your vehicle for that boat, trailer or car your pulling. The ND-BC2 camera can also be used with any receiver/monitor with an RCA video input.

General Features:
  • Rear-View Camera for Select Pioneer Video Units
  • 1/4" Color CCD
  • Wide 135° horizontal viewing angle
  • Tall 100° vertical viewing angle
  • Visible in both low light and bright light situation (1.5-100,000 lux)
  • Includes a self-adhesive swivel stand for mounting
  • 492 x 512 Image resolution
  • 1-year warranty
Compatible with the following Pioneer models:

Note: The standard composite video output (RCA plug) makes it compatible with virtually any mobile video monitor.

Product History:

Pioneer ND-BC8 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Pioneer ND-BC6 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Pioneer ND-BC8)
Pioneer NDBC5 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Pioneer ND-BC6)
Pioneer ND-BC4 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Pioneer NDBC5)
Pioneer ND-BC2 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Pioneer ND-BC4)

General Features

Color Type
This will denote whether the displayed image is color or black & white.
Night Vision
Some cameras are equipped with additional lighting for improved performance in low light conditions. LED lights will drastically improve range visibility and maintain a color image. Infrared LED lights have an even further visible range but lack a color image; this is a true night vision feature.
Sensor Type
Currently, cameras will typically use a CMOS, CCD or CMD sensor type. A CMOS camera is your most common type due to its low cost and quality performance. CMOS cameras also use much less power than a CCD but are more susceptible to noise interference. A CCD camera is much more sensitive than a CMOS camera so the pictures are cleaner and less grainy and perform much better in low light situations. A CMD camera is right in between the two as it has a better image quality over CMOS cameras and a comparable picture quality to the CCD cameras without being quite as expensive.
Resolution (pixels)
A display's pixel resolution defines its ability to resolve fine details. Digital TVs and projectors measure screen resolution in pixels. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture will be.
Video Output
This is how the video signal is outputted to the receiver. Most items use RCA composite cables, while other units use wireless transmitters or other video cables.
RCA Composite Cable (Audio & Video)
Mounting Type
This is the manner in which the unit is attached to the vehicle.
Remote Mount
Adjustable Tilt
This means that the item can be tilted and adjusted to achieve the perfect view for the user.
Weatherproof items are protected from the elements. They usually are treated or coated with special materials that help protect them. Normally, weatherproof units are sealed to keep any water from getting inside.
Reverse Image
Mirror Image is feature which horizontally flips the camera's image before it is output to a display. This is necessary when the camera is being used as a backup camera so that the orientation of viewed image is the same as if the driver is looking in a rear view mirror. Cameras without this feature are to be used to view images in front of the driver.
Parking Guidelines
Parking guidelines is a feature which displays guidelines over the image from the camera to assist the driver with parking. The guidelines help to determine distance between the camera and an obstruction.
Built-in Microphone
Some cameras have built-in microphones in order to provide an audio feedback of the environment outside, or to record audio when using the camera for security purposes.
Primary Color
This is the main color of the item.
Frame Material
This is the material that the license plate frame is made of.
Camera Housing Material
This is the material that the housing of the camera is made out of.
Minimum Illuminance
Essentially the amount, or intensity of, the visible light required for a clear picture. A lower Lux rating designates a camera that will function better with less light.
Lens Distortion Correction
Lens distortion correction is a feature which allows for the viewing of faraway objects and an uninterrupted horizontal (left to right) path without the need for a fish-eye view.
Screen Size
This is the size of the monitor on the unit. It is measured diagonally and in inches. The bigger the number the larger the screen.

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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider
Sonic Electronix

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

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5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
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Tucson Arizona

Real back up camera beats trying anything else

June 16, 2009

I thought having a standard video camera hooked up to my Pioneer consol GPS system was pretty cool, but when I really wanted to use it to guide me backing up, right was left and left was right. I finally broke down and got a real reversed image camera and that made using it even better. The best part was the image quality and the great "Fish-Eye" view. Perfect for backing up and parking into tight spaces. I even use it when parking into my garage by intentionally dirving in too far, then using the back up mode to position the car exactly 1 inch from where the garage door comes down. Walking around the front of the car is always a breeze now.

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North Port, FL

Great quality

June 1, 2009

As a former car audio installer, I have installed back up cameras from many different manufacturers and I have always preferred the cameras from Pioneer. I feel that the quality on them is top notch. After 4 years of installing, I've only had two customers with problems with Pioneer cameras. Both of those were the older ND-BC1 model. To this date, I have yet to see an ND-BC2 model have any issues. The smaller size of the ND-BC2 compared the the ND-BC1 is a nice feature of this model and the supplied mounting bracket makes installation easy as it offers many options for the installer to securely mount the camera in the right place for the application. I also like how the camera connects to it's hide-away "brain" with only a single cable which contains power and video connections all in one. This makes for a tidy install as there's not 3-4 wires that have to be ran to the rear of the vehicle. I have seen cameras from other manufacturers (usually less expensive ones) that only come with 6" of video cable and power and ground wires out of the camera. I've never been a fan of connecting RCA type video connections on the exterior of a vehicle because I feel that over time, the elements of nature can cause issues with that connection and possibly prevent the system from working properly. With this camera and it's single cable design, that is a non-issue.

I also prefer the external "box" style camera to the cut-in "lipstick" style camera because if there are any issues in the future in which the camera has to be replaced, you don't have to worry about finding another camera that fits in the hole that's drilled in your bumper. You also don't have to worry too much about the clearance behind the bumper cover to fit the rest of the body of the camera.

I currently use this camera on my pick up truck to make backing up to my trailer easier. Easier is probably an understatement. I will never own a tow vehicle without a back up camera again. The picture quality on the ND-BC2 is very clear in both day and night. The only gripe I have is when backing up to my trailer at night, the reverse lights on the truck reflect off of the diamond plate on the front of my trailer and cause a glare which makes it hard to see the black receiver against the black frame of the trailer. It's really only a problem when I'm 10'+ from the trailer. Once I get closer the glare goes away and I can see the hitch ball and the receiver perfectly.

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Galveston, TX

Works great

April 20, 2009

Camera works as advertised. Rich color, fairly sensitive in low light. I would buy it again.

11 of 20 found this helpful

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Blaine, WA

Night time image clarity lacking

November 24, 2009

This thing has a pretty bad glare at night with only the factory backup lamps. Maybe more light lower would cure it, but I have gotten around to installing any floods. It works and it's handy. Cord could have been another 2-3' longer as it barely reached the back of my crew cab long box truck.

11 of 21 found this helpful

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Wilmington, DE

great camera

August 18, 2009

I have used this backup camera for about five months now, and have had no problems at all. It works great and the picture is very clear... even at night.

11 of 21 found this helpful

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Astoria ,NY

Great camera.

June 4, 2009

Pioneer ND-BC2 Rear-View Camera it's works perfect day and night especially in night ,fairly sensitive in low light
I can't say any wrong about it , very good item if you want a good rear view camera this is the way to go! I would buy it again!

10 of 19 found this helpful

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Staten Island, NY


May 17, 2009

This is a great item, It has great visibility at night, i painted my using touchup paint to match my paint color and it looks fantastic! Very easy to paint, great price, great product! No complaints. Easy Installation! =]

11 of 25 found this helpful

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st. petersburg, florida


May 31, 2009

A wonderful accessory. Very easy to use.
I was concerned its location would be a problem, but so far, it isn't.

8 of 20 found this helpful

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Product Name: Pioneer ND-BC2