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AutoPage RS-1000 OLED with ONE MILE RANGE!

900MHz 6-Channel 2-way FM/FM Paging O.L.E.D. Remote Start Car Alarm (RS-1000OLED, RS-1000 O.L.E.D., RS1000OLED, RS1000)


Good news and a little bad...

This item has been discontinued

But you may be interested in the newest model that's available.

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AutoPage C3 RS1000 OLED (C3 RS-1000 OLED)

OUR PRICE: $299.99

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Standard Features:

  • 6 Channel Alarm and Remote Car Starter with 5 on-board MICRO relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2 and one additional relay / socket for starter disable.
  • New On-board Serial Port for AP Data Link Data Bus Integration
  • Two-way paging receiver and transmitting remote with 3-color LCD screen using FM frequency bands for transmitting and receiving at 900 megahertz. Unit will transmit and receive up to 1 MILE. Unit also includes 24-hour clock with meter minder and temperature indicator and countdown run timer.
  • New MANCHESTER CODE encoder.
  • NEW STYLE Two-way, window mount SUPER EXTENDED RANGE transceiver antenna module.
  • One 5-button extended range FM, standard 900-megahertz SLIDE COVER remote transmitter.
  • SIS-11 Super Intelligent Sensor with dual stage shock / glass sensitivity.
  • Discrete Temperature Sensor that communicates in-car temperature with LCD remote.
  • Window-mount Knock Sensor for driver paging.
  • Plug-in super bright mini-BLUE LED and push-type valet/override switch.
  • Replacement Remote AutoPage XT-100-OLED
  • 1-year warranty

2-way O.L.E.D. Features and Operations:

  • 5-button configuration with selectable Button Lock to prevent accidental mis-use.
  • Uses a rechargeable battery via Mini USB type connector w/ wall charger included.
  • Battery life indicator and power save mode
  • Full color (O.L.E.D. Organic Light Emitting Diode) with over 100 icons and animation screens.
  • Optional Two Car Operation with LCD transmitter only
  • Transmits on FM band and receives on FM band.
  • 24-hour digital clock with count down timer for parking meter reminder. The clock doubles as a temperature indicator for monitoring in-car temperature. Displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Multiple audible confirmation tones as well as vibrator mode for paging.
  • 2-way Transmitter Range Check Indicator

Key Alarm Features:

  • Six Channels of outputs (3 dedicated to lock/unlock, trunk and remote start / 3 auxiliary outputs)
  • Dedicated function buttons on LCD remote and 4-button standard remote transmitter.
  • Code learning / Anti-scan receiver with programmable code hopping.
  • Back-up memory system
  • Selectable Chirp Confirmation (OEM Style lock only chirp confirmation)
  • Comfort Feature with OEM systems having key / remote control power window roll-up
  • Dedicated remote panic and car locator
  • Passive arming by-pass from the remote
  • Parking light flash with dual polarity relay on-board
  • Plug-in dual stage SIS-11shock sensor with sensor by-pass from the remote
  • Starter disable output with relay and socket included
  • Dome light illuminated entry output
  • Dual polarity (+/-) door lock outputs with optional driver s door priority two step unlock
  • Additional positive and negative inputs
  • 500 mA grounded outputs for starter disable and door lock/unlock
  • Programmable momentary, latched or timer on 3 auxiliary channels.
  • Programmable manual / passive arming with true last door arming with auto re-arm on
  • Programmable Single / Double Pulse Unlock (7 new timing adjustments)
  • Programmable Parking lights (flash or constant)
  • Programmable Pathway Illumination (on / off)
  • Programmable voltage sense for delayed dome lights (on / off)
  • Programmable horn and siren chirp delete
  • Programmable ignition control lock and unlock
  • Programmable pulse time for lock and unlock (.9 sec. / 3 sec.)

Remote Car Start Key Features:

  • 5 On-Board Relays:
    1. Ignition 1
    2. Ignition 2
    3. Starter
    4. Accessory
    5. Parking Light
  • 3rd Ignition (-) output
  • Dedicated Second Start wire
  • Dedicated Ground out when running
  • GM- Non starter wire timing compatible
  • Ground when start (-) output
  • New Turbo Timer feature
  • 2nd Accessory (-) output
  • Selectable one or two push Safety Start
  • Programmable gasoline or diesel with 10, 15, or 20 second Wait-to-Start
  • Hood pin switch safety input (pin switch included)
  • Selectable RPM / Voltage Start
  • RPM / Voltage / Hi-Low level check
  • Timer control start option
  • Sensor control output during start
  • Temporary Stop Feature
  • Factory Alarm Disarm and Rearm signal output
  • Programmable factory keyless door locking before and after start
  • Programmable start status output with shock sensor bypass
  • 45 second door / dome light bypass after ignition is turned off.
  • Programmable Ignition 2 (on / off)
  • Programmable 3 hour timer start
  • Programmable 1 / 3 hour timer start
  • Selectable Run Timer (5/10/20/30 minutes)
  • Selectable Gasoline / diesel
  • Selectable Diesel warm-up time

Product History:

AutoPage C3-RS1100LCD thumbnail
(newest, current model)
AutoPage C3-RS1000-OLED thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by AutoPage C3-RS1100OLED)
AutoPage RS-1000OLED thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by AutoPage C3 RS1000 OLED (C3 RS-1000 OLED))

General Features

Remote Start
If the alarm or remote start module has "Yes" for this value then the system has an electronic device that allows you to start your vehicle by remote control without actually being inside the vehicle or using the key. The remote start system supplies the vehicle with power and simulates a start just as if you were inside using the key. Select vehicles require additional accessories or immobilizer/bypass modules to use the remote start feature.
Keyless Entry
Keyless entry allows you to remotely lock, unlock, and open the trunk of a vehicle if that is equipped with power door lock motors (actuators) and power truck motor (solenoid). Door lock controls via the remote are found on nearly all of today's car alarms.
2-way Paging
Alarms with 2-way paging inform the user via remote vibrating/audible/visual alert when the alarm is triggered. The pager must be within range to receive the transmitted signal.
Number of Remotes
The number of remotes included with the alarm system purchase.
Number of Buttons on Primary Remote
The amount of buttons on the Primary Remote generally equals the number of functions that you can use your remote for. Some remotes have auxiliary buttons which can perform more than one task per button.
LED/Display Color
The color of the LED indicator(s) on various items such as button-only car alarm transmitters, various chargers, cell phone accessories and other products.

For OLED or LCD car alarm remotes/transmitters the display color refers to the color(s) of the screen.
Multiple Color

Convenient Features

Panic Mode
Panic mode allow the user to be able to set off the alarm from the remote.
Trunk Release
The trunk release option allows for integration and control of the trunk latch. Additional parts may be required.
Valet Mode
Valet mode is a car alarm setting that adjusts system to less sensitive settings when allowing a valet to park your car and similar settings.

Alarm Features

Number of Car Alarm Channels
The total number of channels that the car alarm system supports. These channels can include locking and unlocking doors, opening the trunk, remote start, and many other options.
Most car alarms come with a siren that can be installed. The siren will sound when the car alarm is triggered the alarm goes off.
Shock Sensor
The shock sensor is designed to trigger an alarm on light or heavy impacts and vibrations (standard sensor included with most alarms).

A dual zone shock sensor is a feature of proximity and shock sensors only. Zone 1 ( light impact on shock sensor and short motions(adjustable) on proximity sensor) will trigger warn away chirp to warn intruder that car has an alarm without setting off the full alarm. Zone 2 (heavy impact on shock sensor and extended motions(adjustable) on proximity sensor) will trigger the alarm to “go off”.


Two-Way Paging Features

Transmitter Alert
The is the way that the transmitter, or remote can communicate alerts to the user.
Interior Thermometer
Some of the higher end car alarm systems are able to detect the temperature of the cabin. The temperature can then be displayed on the remote.

Remote Start Features

Turbo Timer
Some remote start systems have turbo timer feature which allows the vehicle to run for a specified amount of time after exiting vehicle. In turbocharged vehicles this prevents hot oil in the engine from choking up in the lines. Hard driving can raise engine oil temperatures to dangerously high levels. Proper cool down is essential for a healthy turbo and engine.

Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Rating Distribution

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Average Attribution Rating



Chicago, IL


Works Great

March 22, 2009

Amazing System! I have no complaints whatsoever and highly recommend spending the extra cash to get this SKU. I'm most impressed with the range of the key fob.(fob is kinda huge) but I can be a mile away no problem. Button Lock feature is great. nothing else to say but get this autopage starter! 10/10

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Annapolis, Mayland


Autopage RS-1000

December 20, 2008

Amazing, that's all i gotta say, just make sure you don't set it up too high, i had mine set pretty up there and even people running by it in a parking garage set it off. At least you know you can set it up that high ya know. Anyways, a great buy and the blue led makes everyone know to back off

0 of 0 found this helpful

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tomball, TX


Great Product

October 13, 2008

i had this system installed on my previous car and i am ready to purchase it for my new truck, it worked great at all time and i never had any problems with it. i highly recommend this product to anyone.

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Owasso, OK


Autopage Does it Again-

April 10, 2008

If you know your car well installing this system is a breeze, I was always worried about my car with a- police scanner, cb, good deck, sub etc. My friends all thought I was nuts going outside and checking on my car every five minutes, this keyfob put a stop to that- I now know the status of my car all the time. Complete peace of mind!

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Phoenix, AZ


best options ive ever had

October 12, 2007

Ive had this alarm installed for about 4 months now and i love everything about it.It has more available options than ive ever had or even seen on any other alarm system.This price is great too, Ive priced it at local shops at around $1,000.

0 of 0 found this helpful

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Warning: The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. Please refer to your subwoofer's owner's manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Please call tech support at 1-877-289-7664 if you require additional assistance.

Product Name: AutoPage RS-1000 OLED with ONE MILE RANGE!