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Internet Office 350VA Ultra-Compact Standby 120V UPS with USB Port & 3 Battery Supported Outlets

Standby 120V Uninterruptible Power Supply • Complete Protection from Blackouts, Brownouts and Surges on Both AC and TEL/DSL Line • 6 Widely Spaced Outlets • Surge Suppression Protects Modems, Fax machines or Cordless Phones



AVR Series Line-Interactive UPS System with 4 UPS Battery Supported Outlets

AVR Series Line-Interactive UPS System • 550VA/300 Watt Power-Handling • Built-In Automatic Voltage Regulation • 8 Total NEMA 5-15R Outlets • Single-Line Tel/DSL Line • HID-Compliant USB Port • Ultra-Compact Housing



Eco 750VA Energy-Saving Standby 120V UPS with USB Port & 4 Built-In Eco Outlets

Energy-Saving Standby 120V UPS • Built-In Eco Outlets • 750VA/450 Watt UPS • 6 UPS Supported Outlets • 6 Surge-Only Outlets • 3 LEDs Indicators • Audible Alarm • USB Port • Single Line RJ11 Phone Suppression Jacks