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Linear PCM Handheld Recorder with Stereo Omnidirectional Condenser Microphones, Chromatic Tuner & More

Handheld Portable Recorder • Stereo Condenser Omnidirectional Microphones • Up to 96kHz/24-bit WAV (BWF) Linear PCM Recording • Stereo MP3 Recording • Optimized For Music • Limiter & Low-Cut Filter



Chromatic Instrument Tuner

• Combination Chromatic Tuner, Metronome and Memo Recorder



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High-Quality Stereo Condenser Microphone Interface for iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad Dock Connection

Stereo Condenser Microphones For iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad Dock Connection • Adjustable 180° • Adjustable Input Level Control • 125dB SPL Maximum • Switchable Limiter Attenuates High-Level Signals To Prevent Recording Overload



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