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Viper Car Alarms
With decades of experience and innovation, Viper is the most trusted name in vehicle security. Be confident that your car is protected with a Viper car alarm system.
Remote car starters help take the edge off of a cold winter morning. Start your car from the comfort of your home, and enjoy the reliability and performance of a Viper remote car starter system!
Viper is an industry leader in integration systems for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry device. Their award winning SmartStart system is the ultimate solution for those who can never find their keys!
Viper Car Alarm Installation and Accessories
Lose your Viper remote? We’ve got you covered with a wide selection of Viper replacement remotes & fobs!

Viper Information

Viper is the flagship product line of car security giant Directed Electronics. Directed was founded in 1982 by Darrell & Kathy Issa in Cleveland, Ohio. Amidst a rapid rise in automotive theft a few short years later, DEI moved to Southern California where their advances in integrated circuit-controlled security systems made them a household name in vehicle security, and the Viper brand was born.

Today Viper is the worldwide bestselling car security & remote start brand, specializing in 2-way paging car alarms, which can notify you of a break-in from up to a mile away! Viper systems are known to customers for their reliability and performance, and they are known to car thieves as the most secure and effective car security systems on the market. Their continued dedication to innovation shines through in their exciting new line of products, including the award-winning SmartStart system, which gives you complete control of your security & remote start straight from your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone.

Viper Store

Viper Car Security, Safety & Convenience
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Top Sellers in Viper Store

Replacement LCD Pager Case for 479V, 489V, and 7701V Remotes

• Replacement LCD Case
• For Use If Your Case Is Broken But The Board Is Still Working For A Viper Remote



Replacement Transmitter Super Code Remote for Viper Car Alarm Security Systems

• Replacement Transmitter Supercode Remote
• One Mile Range
• Priority Icons For Simple And Clear Vehicle Monitoring
• Clear Text Labels



Keyless Entry Car System with Ignition Controlled Door Locks

• 3 Channel Keyless Entry System
• Clone-Safe Code-Hopping
• On-Board Door Lock Relays
• Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
• 2 Auxiliary Outputs
• Dome Light Supervision
• Horn Honk



Only 2 Left!

Responder LC3/HD Replacement Companion Remote Control, Compatible with Viper 5501, 5901 and 7901

• Replacement Companion Remote Control
• White and Black Design
• 5 Rubberized Buttons
• Super Code 1-Way LE Transmitter
• Confirms the Commands you Send to the Vehicle with Bright LEDs
• Uses the 2016 3V Round Lithium Battery



4 Button 1-way Remote Control

• 4-Button Replacement Transmitter Remote
For select Viper Alarm Systems • One Way Transmitter
• 1500' Range
• Blue LED Indicator



2-Way LCD Replacement Remote Control

• 2-Way Replacement Remote
• 5-Button Transmitter
• 1 Mile Range
• Color: Black



1-Way Replacement Transmitter for Select Viper Systems

• Super Code 5 Button 1-Way LE Transmitter
• 1 Way Supercode
• 1-way Replacement Remote for Select Viper Alarm Systems



LCD Replacement Remote for Viper Responder 350 System

• 4-Button Transmitter
• 1500' Range
• Features LCD Display For Alerts and Command Confirmations
• Includes One AAA Battery



2-Way Replacement Transmitter Responder For Select Viper LC Supercode Alarm Systems

• Replacement Transmitter Supercode Remote
• 2,000 Ft. Range
• Priority Icons For Simple And Clear Vehicle Monitoring
• Clear Text Labels



1-Way Replacement Remote Control

• 1-Way Replacement Remote
• 5-Button Transmitter
• 1/2 Mile Range
• Color: Black



Only 1 Left!

2-Way LED Replacement Remote Control

• 2-Way LED Replacement Remote
• 5-Button Transmitter
• 1/2 Mile Range
• Color: Black



4-Button 2-way LED Replacement Remote Transmitter

• Replacement LED Remote Pager
• Compatible with Viper 571XV, 671XV, 771XV and 3000 Systems
• Lock and Unlock Icon Buttons
• Auxiliary Button and Siren or Star Icon Button
• FCC Compliant



2-Way Car Security + Remote Start System

• 4-Channel Vehicle Security System
• 5-Button LCD Transmitter
• 1 Mile Range
• 5-Button Sidekick Remote Control Transmitter
• SuperCode Encryption
• Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor



2-Way LED Remote Start Transmitter w/ 1 Mile Range

• 5-button Remote Control Transmitter
• One Mile Range With Keyless Entry
• Remote Start with SmartStart Technology
• Temp Check Technology
• Visual LED Command Confirmations



2-way LCD Replacement Remote Transmitter for Select Viper Alarms

• 2-Way Paging Replacement Transmitter
• Super Code Hopping 4 Button Remote w/ LCD Screen
• Compatible with Select Viper Systems



2-Way LED Car Alarm Security System and Remote Start System

• 2-Way Keyless Entry Car Alarm
• 5-Button LED Transmitter
• 1 Mile Range
• Supports Up to 2 Vehicles



SmartKey Bluetooth Module for Smartphone Integration with Car Security/Remote Start Systems

• Connects Your Smartphone with Your Vehicle's Security System
• Connects Through Viper SmartStart App
• Bluetooth Connectivity
• Controls Most Common Car Alarm Features



Responder HD SST Color Supercode Remote for Select Viper Car Security/Remote Start Systems

• 2-Way Replacement Remote with Color Screen
• Compatible with Select Viper Remote Start and Car Security Systems
• 1 Mile Range



2-Way LCD Remote Start System

• Responder LC3 SuperCode SST Remote Start System
• 5-Button 2-Way LCD Primary Remote
• 1-Mile Range
• Internal Rechargeable Battery
• Active Temperature Check
• Bitwriter Programmable



2-Way Security and Remote Start System w/ HD Color Wireless Remote

• 2-Way Security and Remote Start System
• One Mile Range
• Custom Animation on OLED Screen
• Display Interior Temperature
• Two car Operation
• 4 Auxiliary Channels



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Viper Model Comparison

Model Security Remote Start Keyless Entry 2-Way Main Remote Type Range Secondary Remote Channels Trunk Pop
5902v/5904v LED Screen Up to 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way 4
5702v/5704v LCD Screen Up to 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way 4
5202v/5204v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way 4
5104v 5-Button, 1-Way 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way 5
4704v LCD Screen Up to 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way 4
4204v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button 3
4203v Unlock ONLY 1-Button 2000 Feet 1-Button N/A
4104v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button 3
4103v 4-Button 1500 Feet 4-Button 2
3303v LCD Screen 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way 4
3203v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way 4
3305v LCD Screen 1500 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way 2
3102v 4-Button, 1-Way 1/4 Mile 4-Button, 1-Way 5
3105v 4-Button, 1-Way 1500 Feet 4-Button, 1-Way 2