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Sonic Electronix Staff

Picture of Nathaniel J. Victor

Nathaniel J. Victor

CEO, Founder

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Picture of Jason W.

Jason W.

Director of Marketing
Picture of Seth W.

Seth W.

Director of eCommerce
Picture of Mo.

Mo V.

Sales Supervisor
Picture of Gideon

Gideon V.

Merchandising Manager
Picture of Louis

Louis G.

Assistant Merchandising Manager
Picture of Sedric

Sedric A.

Headphones Merchandising Manager
Picture of Larsen

Larsen G.

Director of Service
Picture of Marc S.

Marc S.

Affiliate Coordinator
Picture of Kamil P.

Kamil P.

SEM Analyst
Picture of Stephanie W.

Stephanie W.

Email Coordinator
Picture of Brandon Z.

Brandon Z.

Inbound Service Specialist
Picture of Nicole B.

Nicole B.

Inbound Service Specialist
Picture of Corey H.

Corey H.

Marketplace Coordinator