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Channel Separation (@ 1 kHz)
Price range:
$12.99 $89.99

Load Impedance:

Cartridges, Needles & Styli Channel Separation - @ 1 kHz): Up to 15 dB

Replacement Stylus For AT3600L Turntable

• Features An Alloy Tube Cantilever
• 0.6 Mil Conical Diamond Tip
• Output: 4.2
• Channel Balance: 1.5 dB
• Tracking Force: 1.5-3.0g



DJ Turntable Replacement Stylus Cartridge

Replacement Turntable Stylus Cartridge for the Shure SC35C



Diamond Tip Replacement Needle

• State-Of-The-Art Diamond Design
• Made Of High-Grade ABS Plastic Composites
• Provides Thousands Of Rotations For Extended Playing Time



3-Pack Needle For All Turntables

• Not Compatible With Turntable VW05
• Color: Red
• Dimensions: .50"W.75"H.75"D



Groove Tool Cartridge & Stylus

Professional DJ Groove Tool Cartridge and Stylus • Headshell Not Included • Replaceable Diamond Tip



Universal Turntable Headshell with Solid Metal Construction for AT-LP120-USB and AT-LP240-USB

• Metal With Integral Finger Lift
• Rubber Washer For Secure Fit
• Color Coded Lead Wires
• Mounting Hardware
• Fits All 4-Pin Turntable Cartridges



DJ Turntable Competition Replacement Stylus

DJ Turntable Competition Replacement Stylus • Wide-Diameter Type S Cantilever • Tracking Force of 1.5 to 3.0 Grams • Rugged Construction is Highly Durable • 9.5 mV Output



DJ Turntable Professional Replacement Stylus

DJ Turntable Professional Replacement Stylus • Appropriate for both Intensive Scratching and Mixing • Unique Shure Type S Cantilever • Tracking Force of 0.75 to 1.50 Grams



Only 1 Left!

DJ Turntable Red Replacement Stylus

DJ Turntable Red Replacement Needle • For the M25C Phonograph Cartridge • Type: .7mil Spherical • Tracking Force: 4 - 5 Grams



Ships at Later Date

DJ Turntable Audiophile Replacement Stylus with Dynamic Stabilizer Damper

Exclusively for use with the Shure M97XE Cartridge • Elliptical 0.2 x 0.7 mil • Tracking force: 0.75 to 1.5 grams



Ships at Later Date

Audio Needle Cartridge for GDI-VW05 Turntable

• Dimensions: 1'W x 1"D x 1" H



Ships at Later Date

DJ House/Techno Mix Cartridge with High Skip Resistance

DJ House/Techno Mix Cartridge • Type I Medium-Diameter Cantilever • High Skip Resistance • Very Low Record Wear • Extreme Clarity and Deep Drop Bass • Standard 1/2" Tone Arm Mount • Moving Magnet Cartridge Type



Ships at Later Date

Replacement Stylus for GrooveTool Cartridge

Professional DJ Replacement Stylus • Designed for GrooveTool Cartridge • Sold in Pairs



Replacement Cartridge with Stylus

Replacement Cartridge with Stylus • Red and Black Cartridge Design • Low Distortion •



Replacement Stylus for Shure Whitelabel (Audiophile Cartridge)

Audiophile Cartridge Replacement Stylus • For Shure Whitelabel • High Skip Resistance • High Output • Very Low Record Wear • Solid Drop Bass with Detailed Mids and Highs



DJ Club/Party Record Needle with Very High Skip Resistance

DJ Club/Party Record Needle • Type S Cantilever • Very High Skip Resistance • Very Low Record Wear • Standard 1/2" Tone Arm Mount • Heat-Treated Aluminum Alloy / Tubular Cantilever • Moving Magnet Cartridge Type



DJ Turntablist Record Needle with Ultra High Skip Resistance

DJ Turntablist Record Needle • Wide-Diameter Type S Cantilever • Ultra High Skip Resistance • Ultra Low Record Wear • Standard 1/2" Tone Arm Mount • Moving Magnet Cartridge Type • Heat-Treated Aluminum Alloy Cantilever



White Label Integrated Phonograph DJ Cartridge

Integrated Head Shell and Cartridge • Cartridges Perform More Accurately • Less Destruction to Record Groove • High Skip Resistance • High Output



Superb Smooth-Sounding Audiophile Phono Cartridge with Dynamic Stabilizer

Superb Smooth-Sounding Audiophile Phono Cartridge • Dynamic Stabilizer Damper • Side Guard Stylus Protection System • Die Cast Aluminum Mounting Block



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Cartridges, Needles & Styli Information

Keep the Records Spinning with a DJ Turntable Replacement Stylus

Maximize Quality and Consistency with Replacement DJ Cartridges

Whether you scratch and remix or just love the sound of vinyl for your performances or studio audio, the right DJ cartridges are an essential component to maximize the performance of your turntables and the ensure your DJ gear’s sound quality. For traveling DJs, a set of replacement DJ cartridges can be a life-saver, while studio DJs and those who mix and scratch may need of a turntable replacement stylus. Regardless of the way you spin your wax, DJ needles wear out over time, use, and travel, and DJs who improve tend to outgrow their entire cartridge. No functioning DJ equipment can continue to meet DJ needs or keep up with a DJ’s evolving skills and taste without the right DJ turntable cartridge.

For new DJs just practicing their mixing skills with a bedroom rig or playing songs at a small pub or bar, the best DJ cartridges are durable, easy to install, light weight to keep wear on vinyl to a minimum, and budget friendly. They may lack the power and sound quality to fill a larger venue and get the most out of expensive DJ gear, but this type of cartridge is great for learning with room for growth.
On the other hand, experienced DJs that want to get the best sound possible while mixing and scratching their vinyl will need ultra-high skip resistance, sound level, and decent accuracy from their cartridges, requiring a far finer and more particular DJ turntable replacement stylus when wear decreases the needle’s integrity. These cartridges tend to weigh more and cost more, and are very versatile for active DJs that want quality and the ability to perform without risking excess wear on vinyl.

Lastly, audiophiles and studio DJs that prioritize sounds quality and clarity will prefer the smoothest needles that are the most responsive to the grooves in the vinyl. These cartridges have the highest quality materials, but cannot hold up at all to scratching, nor do they generally compete for output power.

For each type of DJ, wear that degrades functionality the functionality of the cartridge and damage that completely impedes it can stop to the music. Choose from our selection of replacement DJ needles and various styluses to meet DJ needs and keep the records spinning.