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Rock your boat with quality speakers! Find tower and waterproof marine speakers online.

Marine Speakers

Marine audio speakers are designed and manufactured to provide quality audio while on the water in harsh marine environments. Using special coatings and materials, these boat speakers will give you the best sound your boat could ever ask for!
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Top 20 in Marine Speakers

6.5" Dual Cone Marine Speakers

• 105W Max
• 35W RMS
• Polypropylene dual cone woofer
• Rubber surround
• Integrated grille assembly
• Waterproof motor structure, sealed cones, and integrated grilles
• UV and salt resistant one-piece cast-polymer basket



6.5" Dual Cone Full-Range Marine Speakers

• 140W Max
• 65W RMS
• Dual Cone Design 4 ohms Impedance
• Polypropylene Cone Material
• Treated Cloth Surround
• CEA-2031 Compliant



6.5" 2-Way Nautic Series Coaxial Marine Speakers System

• 100W Max
• 50W RMS
• 2-Way Coaxial
• 4 ohms Impedance
• Polypropylene Cone Material



6x9" 2-Way NKF Series Coaxial Marine Speakers

• 130 watts Peak
• 60 watts RMS
• Polypropylene Cone
• 1" Titanium Coated Tweeter
• Marine Crossover
• Gold-Plated Terminals
• Resist Corrosion



200W 6-1/2" 2-Way Marine Coaxial Speaker w/ Multi-Collor LED Illumination

• 200 Watts Max, 100 Watts RMS
• 1" Dome Tweeter
• Mounting Depth: 2.6"
• Polypropylene Midwoofer Mid-woofer cone
• 4 Ohms Impedance
• Sensitivity: 88dB
• Color Changing LED lights under the Grill
• Color: White



6.5" 2-Way Dual Cone Hydra Series Marine Boat Speakers

• 200W Max
• 100W RMS
• 2-Way Dual Cone Design
• 4 ohms Impedance
• Polypropylene Cone
• Butyl Rubber Surround
• 1/2" Noedymium Dome Tweeter



240W Peak (120W RMS) 6.5" 2-Way Water Resistant High Performance Series Coaxial Speakers

• Peak Power: 120W each
• RMS Power: 60W each
• 1-1/4" PEI Compression Horn Tweeter
• Santoprene Rubber Surround
• Mica-Injected Polypropylene Woofer Cone



6.5" 2-way Performance Series Marine Audio Speakers

• 100 Watts Max Each
• 20 Watts RMS Each
• Waterproof Polypropylene Cone
• Full Range Speaker
• 1" Balanced Dome Tweeter
• 4 Ohms Impedance
• 8 oz Magnet



4x6" 2-way Mobile Monitor MM Series Plate Car Speakers (Marine Certified)

• Peak Power: 150W
• RMS Power: 50W
• Woven glass composite cone woofer
• Butyl rubber surround
• 3/4" Silk, polymer dome tweeter
• Dynamic balance driver technology

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500W 6-1/2" Marine Grade Wake Tower Speaker Enclosure - Titanium

• Peak Power: 500W
• RMS Power: 250W
• 100% Waterproof Enclosure and Speaker System
• High Density ABS Construction w/ UV Coating
• Dimensions: 8.5" H x 8.5" W x 9.0" L



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180W 6" 2-Way Marine Speakers

• Peak Power: 180W
• RMS Power: 60W
• 1" Grill Mounted Balanced Mylar Dome Tweeters
• Mounting Depth: 2-3/4"
• Plus One™ Polypropylene Cone and Synthetic Rubber Surround



6.5" Dual Cone Marine Series Coaxial Car and Boat Speakers (Black)

• 90W Max
• 20W RMS
• Dual Cone Design
• 4 ohms Impedance
• Poly Carbon Cone Material
• Durable Cloth Speaker Surround



4" 2-way Motorcycle Speakers for Honda Gold Wing and Yamaha Venture

• 100W Max
• 80W Rms
• Aluminum Cone Woofer
• Butyl Rubber Surround
• 3/4" Aluminum Dome Tweeter
• Biampable Crossover
• 4 Ohms Impedance



6.5" Dual-Cone Marine Speakers

• 200W Max
• 25W RMS
• IMPP (Injection-Molded Polypropylene) Cone
• Conex damper
• Dual cone design
• Water resistant
• Weatherproof and high compliance, rolled edge
• Heat-resistant voice coil



200W Peak (100W RMS) 6-1/2" 2-Way Prime Series Full Range Coaxial Marine Speaker - Black

• 100 Watts Max Each, 50 Watts RMS Each
• Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone body with UV inhibitors
• UV and Salt Fog Resistant Santoprene Surround
• CEA-2031 Compliance
• Klippel Verified Speaker Driver
• True Marine Grade compliance

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240W 6.5" 2-Way XS Series Coaxial Marine Speakers w/ Integrated RGB LED lighting

• Peak Power: 240W
• RMS Power: 120W
• 3/4" Grill Mounted Aluminum Dome Tweeter
• Mounting Depth: 2.6"
• Composite Woofer and Rubber Surround

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200W Peak (100W RMS) Amplified ATV Off Road Sound System w/ Bluetooth and Silk Dome Tweeters

• 200 Watts Max , 100 Watts RMS
• Silk Dome Diaphragm high performance tweeter
• Rubber Sorround Piano Black IMPP Cone
• Frequency Response: 45-20,000 Hz
• Sensitivity: 90 dB



4" 2-Way KM Series 2 Ohm Coaxial Marine Speakers w/ Interchangeable White and Charcoal Grille Covers

• Peak Power: 150W Each
• RMS Power: 50W Each
• Water Resistant Design
• 1/2" PEI Dome Tweeter
• Mounting Depth: 1-7/8"
• Polypropylene Cone and Rubber Surround

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50W 6x9" DMS Series 3-Way Coaxial Marine Speakers

• Peak Power: 200W • RMS Power: 50W
• Magnetically Shielded Weather-Resistant Cone
• Mounting Depth: 3.47"
• Injection-Molded Polyproylene Cone
• Sensitivity: 89dB



360W Peak 6x9" 2-Way PS Series 4 Ohm Coaxial Power-Sports Speakers

• Peak Power: 180W
• RMS Power: 90W
• 3/4" Neo-Titanium Dome Tweeter
• Mounting Depth: 3-1/4"
• Polypropylene Cone and Rubber Surround

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Marine Speakers Information

Information about Marine Speakers:

A marine speaker is made with water-resistant and weather-resistant materials to ensure long lasting audio playback. Many of our Marine speakers feature plastic cones and rubber surrounds for optimal durability. Enjoy your musical tunes in boats, motorcycles, spas, and saunas, because these speakers can withstand light rain, moisture and damaging sun rays.

Marine speaker sets are built with materials that are water, fog, salt, and UV ray resistant. These durable speakers prevent rust and overall wear and tear. The outstanding durability of the marine audio line allows you to enjoy your favorite music throughout every outdoor adventure.

To be sure, marine audio helps guard against water damage, but it is not completely infallible. Water resistant models only protect against moisture. They will guard against rainfall and water splashes, but the units are not completely waterproof. To illustrate, you cannot completely submerge your speakers and expect them to continue to function.