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Bluetooth Headsets

Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset w/ Xtreme Noise Suppression Technology for Cell Phone or Landline Use

• 16 Hours of Talk Time
• 66 Foot Range
• Premium Noise Cancelling Microphone
• Durable, Rugged Design
• Designed In the United States



Hands-Free Bluetooth 2.0 Headset w/ Active Noise Canceling Technology, Multipoint & Reversible Design

• Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headset
• Wearable On Either Ear
• Connect To Multiple Devices
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Adjustable Microphone And Boom Arm



PS3 Bluetooth Communicator for Live PSN Gaming Chat & Cell Phone Use

• PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Communicator
• Upgrades X31/X41 Gaming Headset
• Dual-Pairing Capabilities
• Connects to Compatible Mobile Phones
• Specialized Microphone Placement



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Motorcycle Headsets
Make yourself heard with a motorcycle headset kit. These kits are specially designed to combat wind noise, allowing you to easily communicate with other riders, or to make phone calls via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Headsets Information

Bluetooth Headsets Information:

Use your head: Bluetooth headsets are the smarter way to communicate. These innovative devices allow you to use your hands for other tasks. Headsets allow you to talk on the phone while using your hands for word processing or even driving your vehicle. The possibilities are endless. Since most states have banned driving while talking on cell phones, Bluetooth technology enables you to enjoy a safer and more efficient lifestyle.

Aliph Jawbone's Jawbone series highlights our wide selection of hands-free Bluetooth headsets. Jawbone products have the best noise canceling capability because they implement the superior NoiseAssassin technology. Call our friendly customer representatives to ask about which Bluetooth headset would best suit your needs.