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Live Sound Power Amplifiers

Mini 30 Watt 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier

• Mini Stereo Power Amplifier
• Provides Up to 15W of Power Per Channel
• Stereo RCA Input
• Front-Panel Volume Control



Mini 240 Watt 2-Channel Stereo Power Amplifier With LED Display

• 2 x 120 Watt 10% RMS Speaker Output
• Blue LED Output Level Display
• Balance Control
• 3.5mm Aux CD/MP3 Input Jack
• Master Volume Control
• Bass And Treble Tone Controls



1500W, Professional Amplifier with Dual Output Level Controls and RCA Inputs

Professional DJ Amplifier • LED Output Level Meters • Dual Output Level Controls • Heavy-Duty Fan Cooling • Signal LED Indicator • Protection Circuitry • Stereo/Mono Selector • Binding Post Speaker Connections



120 Watt Mini Stereo Power Amplifier with USB/SD/AUX & Phones Input

• Mini 2-Channel 120 Watt Stereo Amplifier
• Built-In USB Input and SD Card Reader
• Blue LED Display
• RCA and 3.5mm Aux Inputs • Double Decoder Digital Media Function



80W, Professional Amplifier with LED Level Display and Microphone input

PA Series 80W Professional Amplifier • 1/4" Phone Jack • 4, 8, 16 ohms & 70 Volt Speaker Outputs • DC 12V Power Input • LED Level Display • Front 3.5mm AUX CD Input Jack



Mini 80 Watt 2-Channel Stereo Power Amplifier With USB/Aux/Mic Input

• 2 x 40 Watt 10% RMS Speaker Output
• Switchable MIC Pager and Mixing Modes
• Balance Control
• 3.5mm Aux CD/MP3 Input Jack
• Master Volume Control
• Bass And Treble Tone Controls
• 0.25" MIC Input Jack



3500W Peak Power, 2-Channel Digital Hybrid Amplifier with BlueTooth Connectivity, AM/FM Tuner, USB and SD Card Inputs

• Digital Hybrid Amplifier, Preamp and Tuner
• 3500W Max
• Powers Up to 4 Loudspeakers
• Digital Display
• BlueTooth Connectivity
• 1 RCA Record Line and Preamp Output
• 2 RCA Audio Inputs
• Banana Binding Posts
• iPod/MP3 Input with cable



2-Channel, 7000 W Peak Pro Audio Amplifier

PRO Series 7000W Peak, 2-Channel Power Amplifier • 350W Per Channel @ 4 Ohms • 3 LED Indicators • Rackmount Design



1550W, 2 Channel DriveCore Stereo Power Amplifier

XLS High Performance, Lightweight Class D Amplifier • 1550 Watts x 1 Chan @ 4 Ohms • 775 Watts x 2 Chan @ 2 Ohms • PureBandô Crossover System • Peakx Limiters • Electronically Balanced XLR Inputs



9800W Max, 2-Channel Professional Power Amplifier

2-Channel Professional Power Amplifier • Max power output: 1500 watts • Heavy duty aluminum alloy heatsink • Input gain attenuator • LED Indicators • Balanced XLR Connectors



Professional 19" 2-Unit Stereo Power Amplifier

• RMS Power: 260W x 2 @ 8 ohms, 400W x 2 @ 4 ohms, 800W x 1 @ 8 ohms, Bridged
• Total Peak Power: 800W
• Speakon And Binding Posts For Outputs
• Dimensions: 13.75"W x 19"L x 3.5"H



Professional 19" 2-Unit Stereo Power Amplifier

• 150-Watts Per Channel @ 4 Ohms
• 300-Watts Bridged Mono @ 8 Ohms
• 0.25" And RCA Input Connectors
• 5-Way Binding Posts And 0.25" Output Connectors
• 2-Unit Rack Space Design
• 10-Segment 3-Color Level LED Meters



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Live Sound Power Amplifiers Information

Pump Up Sound Quality and Levels with DJ and Studio Amplifiers

DJ Amps Make Your Music Thump

For discerning DJs who need their sound quality to perform at a higher level, a professional set up often includes one or more DJ amps. Whether as part of a traveling rig or a stationary amp rack, the right DJ and pro audio amplifiers are essential to the getting the best performance from DJ gear, making it possible to increase the maximum volume of sound to get the most out of the speakers, so that when the base thumps the crowd will feel it deep in their chests.

The goal of most combinations of DJ equipment is to get the highest quality sound at the precise power and volume level to best fill the venue, while protecting speakers and any other components downstream from damage due to excessive signal. This is why DJ amps and DJ power amplifiers must be chosen with a specific equipment specs and common venue sizes in mind. There are a number of features and amp DJ amplifier specs to consider as well. Some of the main distinguishing factors are if the amp has additional effect and controllers, if it displays levels to monitor clipping, if it has multiple channels or line ins for microphones, if it has a headphone output, what types of speakers and output levels it is rated to, how durable it is, the complexity of its cooling mechanisms, and how easily it integrates into a rack or DJ coffin.

Generally, the fewer features and more dedicated the amplifier, the more focused it is on sound quality as opposed to portability or convenient feature integration, but this is not a strict rule, and incredible sound clarity and power are possible in a power amp with some effects processing integrated. These extra features also allow DJs with specific interests such as recording or MCing to find amps that facilitate those activities.

Regardless of a DJís experience, producing exceptional sound quality with sufficient power to fill larger venues requires an external amp to supply an amplified signal and keep the party going.