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Turntables - Vinyl, CD/DJ, USB

Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Preamp

• Phono Turntable Preamp
• Ultra Compact Design
• State of the Art Circuitry
• Greatly Improves Sound Performance



Professional Audio Belt-Drive Turntable with Strobe Light Illumination

Professional Audio Belt-Drive Turntable • Strobe Light Illumination • Weighted Tone Arm • Cartridge and Stylus Included • Start/Stop Button • 33/45 RPM • Dust Cover Included


Portable Retro Belt-Drive Turntable With USB-To-PC Connection

• Compatible With Record Speeds 33, 45, 78 RPM
• Ceramic Stereo Cartridge
• Sleek Briefcase-Style Turntable
• USB Port For Connection To PC
• Convert Vinyl To MP3
• Two Built-In Stereo Anti-Magnetic Speakers
• Dimensions: 13.78"W x 10.63"D x 4.33"H



Classical Turntable with AM/FM Radio CD/Cassette and USB Recording

• Classical 3-Speed Turntable
• Integrated AM/FM Radio and CD/Cassette Player
• USB Recording Feature
• Ceramic Stereo Cartridge
• Built-In Speakers



Bluetooth Classic Vintage 3-Speed Turntable Phonograph AM/FM Radio With Rechargeable Battery

• Built-In AM/FM Radio
• Features A Rechargeable Battery
• Classic Style With Modern Technology
• Ability To Convert Vinyl Into MP3 Files
• Built-In Stereo Speakers
• 3.5mm AUX Input
• Dimensions: 17.8"W x 16.9"D x 6.9"H



No picture

Discwasher Wet System Vinyl Record Care System



Vintage Turntable with CD/Cassette/Radio/Aux-In/USB/SD/MP3 and Vinyl to MP3 Encoding

• Front Loading CD Player
• 3-Speed Turntable: 33.33/45
• AM/FM Tuner
• Integrated USB Recording System
• 3.5mm AUX Input To Connect Other Audio Devices
• Dimensions: 16.08"W x 13.39"D x 8.86"H



Home Turntable Speaker System With Cassette Deck & CD Player

• RCA Line Outputs
• 3-Speed Turntable: 33.33/45/78 RPM
• AM/FM Tuner
• Blue LCD Display With Backlight
• 3.5mm AUX Input To Connect Other Audio Devices



Cruiser Portable Turntable with Built-In Stereo Speakers

• Works With 33-1/3, 45, And 78 RPM Records
• AUX Input To Connect Other Audio Devices
• Headphone Jack
• Vintage, Lightweight Design
• Built-In Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers
• Portable Design With Carrying Handle
• Dimensions: 14"W x 10.5"D x 4.6"H



Classic Turntable Home Stereo iPod/iPhone Docking Entertainment Center

• Features A Rugged Suitcase Enclosure
• Dual Fold-Out Speakers
• USB Input To Enable Recording With A PC
• 3.5mm AUX Input With Cable
• Auto Return/Auto Stop Functions
• 3-Speed Turntable: 33, 45 And 78 RPM
• Dimensions: 20.62"W x 13.14"D x 7.24"H



Retro Turntable Home Stereo Vinyl Record System With CD/MP3/USB/SD & Cassette Player

• Front Loading CD Player
• 3-Speed Turntable: 33.33/45/78 RPM
• AM/FM Tuner
• Blue LCD Display With Backlight
• Integrated USB Recording System
• 3.5mm AUX Input To Connect Other Audio Devices
• Dimensions: 15.98"W x 13.62"D x 8.66"H



Portable Vinyl-Archiving Turntable, Record Vinyl to MP3, WAV and CD

Portable Vinyl-Archiving Turntable, Record Vinyl to MP3, WAV and CD • Plug and play USB connection • Protective dustcover and integrated carrying handle • Fits inside a standard 12-inch record case



Classic Horn Style Home Record Player/Turntable

• Plays Two Record Speeds: 33/45 RPM
• Classic Turntable With PC Recording Function
• USB Connection To Enable Recording To PC
• Belt Drive Turntable
• Auto Return/Auto Stop Functions
• Color: Mahogany
• Dimensions: 10"W x 15.2"D x 19.8"H



Deluxe 3-Speed Portable USB Turntable w/ Built-In Stereo Speakers

• Portable 3-Speed Turntable
• USB Interface for Digitizing Records
• Built-In Stereo Speakers
• Durable Vinyl Wrapped Carrying Case
• Color: Black



Traveler Portable Record Player Turntable with Built-In Speakers

• Works With Record Speeds 33-1/3, 45, Or 78 RPM
• Belt-Drive Turntable Mechanism
• Adjustable Tone Control
• Dynamic Full-Range Stereo Speakers
• Vinyl Wrap With A Chrome Snap Closure
• Plays 7", 10" And 12" Records
• Dimensions: 17"W x 11"D x 7"H



Retro Turntable AM/FM Radio Cassette Player Home Audio Record Player with USB/SD

• RCA Line Outputs
• 3-Speed Turntable: 33.33/45/78 RPM
• AM/FM Tuner
• Blue LCD Display With Backlight
• Integrated USB Recording System
• 3.5mm AUX Input To Connect Other Audio Devices



Portable Record Player with Built-In Stereo Speakers and USB Interface

• Briefcase Style 3-Speed Turntable
• Dynamic Stereo Speakers
• Folds Up like a Briefcase
• USB Interface
• Color: Red



Vintage Phonograph Horn Turntable with CD, Cassette, AM/FM, Aux-In and USB-to-PC Recording

• Vintage Phonograph Horn Record Player
• Premium Handmade Wood Veneer Cabinet
• Brass Horn Amplifies Two 4" Speakers
• Front Loading CD Player
• Slot-In Cassette Player
• AM/FM Radio Tuner
• Includes Free Audacity Editing Software



Compact Shelf System Turntable Cassette Player CD Recorder

• Easy Transfer Of Your Records To CD
• Retro And Stylish Design
• 3 Speed Turntable Ė 33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM
• Cassette Player And Recorder
• USB Connection For Easy Music Storage
• Built-In Stereo Speakers
• AM/FM Tuner



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Turntables (Vinyl, CD/DJ, USB) Information

DJ Turntables to Build Your Kit Around

Get the Vinyl Spinning with These DJ Turntables

While not every DJ strictly needs to find the right set of turntables now that USB DJ controllers and iPod docks have made portable music so convenient and preserved sound quality, any proud DJ will count turntables as the most essential piece of DJ gear. Mixing with a two DJ turntables is as classic as it gets, and adds a level of performance and aesthetic style to the act of playing music for a party. Learning to mix by spinning vinyl old-school is a thrilling experience for many. At SonicElectronix we recognize the many different roles that DJ turntables can play for a DJ that love the music they love to play, and our wide range of turntables means that every DJ should be able to find just the turntable he or she needs.

For DJs that want to learn, any in our introductory range of turn tables come at a low price but a high level of durability. There are many choices that are great for spinning in the bedroom and learning the fundamentals of mixing. You can opt to buy turntables as part of a full package that includes headphones and a mixer or pick up DJ equipment in individual pieces. Donít forget to grab a set of DJ turntable slipmats to protect your vinyl.

We carry a full line of professional quality turntables including Numarks turntables and Ion turntables. For more advanced DJs, whether they prefer studio DJing, mixing at parties and clubs, playing music for events, or battling, our selection of top-shelf decks will allow them to take it to the next level. Our Newmark turntables include models that integrate digital recording capacity into the body, as well as digital media turntables to control the live mix from an MP3 device or while recording. Some of the Ion turntables also include features to do direct transfers to iPods or USB to facilitate converting vinyl into digital media, but many are standard, fully customizable turntables so DJs can tweak them for the desired specialty.

Whatever type of DJ you are or want to become, our wide range of turntables help you to succeed.