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iPod Adapters for Car Stereos Cable Connection Port: 3 Wire - USB, 3.5mm Audio mini jack, 3.5mm and Video mini jack

iPod Audio/Video Adapter Cable for Select Kenwood In-Dash Multimedia 2009 Stereo Receivers

iPod Audio/Video Adapter Cable for Select Kenwood In-Dash Multimedia Stereo Receivers • Works with units such as the KVT-514, KVT-614, DDX514, DDX714, eXcelon DDX814, DNX5140, DNX6140, DNX7140, eXcelon DNX9140, P-NAV514, and P-NAV614



USB and Audio/Video Connection Cable for Select Kenwood Multimedia Stereos

USB and Audio/Video Connection Cable for Select 2011 and newer Kenwwod Multimedia Stereos • Provides Connection for iPod or iPhone • Enables Control And Charging From The Headunit



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Kenwood USB iPod Video Control Interface for Select 2007-up Kenwood DVD Video Receivers

Connection Cable for iPod Audio and Video Playback in Kenwood 2007 or Newer DVD Head Unit • One End of the Cable Plugs into your iPod While the Other End Includes a USB Cable, a 3.5mm Miniplug Audio Cable, and a 3.5mm Miniplug Video Cable



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iPod Adapters for Car Stereos Information

Almost everyone has an iPod, but not all car stereos have integrated iPod capabilities on the head piece. This selection of car stereo iPod adapters gives you a number of options to add iPod compatibility to your car audio system based on the ports that your stereo head piece already has, the aesthetic and connection functionality you prefer, whether you want the adapter on the face of your stereo or installed into the hardware, and if you want the adapter to include a charging dock.

If you arenít sure whether an iPod car adapter is necessary, consider how many friends you know who carry iPod or similar MP3 devices and the technological advances that have so significantly improved the quality of digital media. Driving with friends, taking road trips, or even just playing a new song you like is made easier when you can quickly connect an MP3 player to your car stereo.

So the question becomes how should you best connect an iPod to your stereo? You have to consider a number of factors to make this choice. If your head unit already has a headphone-sized jack it is easy to connect an external media device with car stereo iPod cables. This choice is usually the least expensive but sacrifices control options and may decrease sound quality slightly. On the other hand, if your head unit has an iPod-ready port, all you need is a cable with the right iPod car adapters for your stereo and you will have iPod control at the headpiece as well as constant charging.

The other route is to create an iPod dock by installing iPod cables and adapters, and perhaps a stationary dock, into the head piece or amp. If this is the strategy you prefer, you need to be sure the cable you choose is specifically designed to be compatible with the factory stereo, head piece, or amp you have installed in your car. From there, it is often a very easy process to add iPod compatibility to your car, bringing an added level of flexibility to your car stereo.