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Make cooking your favorite foods simple with rice cookers! Prepare great food such as white or brown rice and vegetables with steamers.
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Rice Cookers & Steamers Information

When you are looking to make cooking a delicious meal a breeze, investing in a rice cooker and food steamer can be your ticket to continuous relaxed and stress free meals. Whether it’s from cooking your favorite type of rice or steaming vegetables, rice cookers and food steamers are very efficient in their cooking time and preparation.

Traditionally, cooking rice has been a process that requires constant attention in order to ensure it is being cooked properly. Rice cookers automate the process by electronically controlling heat and timing. With a rice cooker and food steamer involvement in cooking rice is reduced substantially to simply measuring the amount of rice needed, preparing the rice properly, and using the correct amount of water. One the rice cooker and food steamer is set to cook no further attention is necessary until the completion of the cooking process.

There are many different types of rice cookers and food steamers with various features and specifications. When looking to purchase a rice cooker and food steamer these are some key functions you may want to look into:

• Size
• Keep-warm function
• Accessories
• Cool-touch safety
• One-touch functions
• Display

Make sure to check out Sonic Electronix great selection of rice cookers and food steamers to find a relaxing way to fully enjoy your meals.