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Alpine INE-W970HD

The following review is for INE-W970HD, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I’m looking forward in your product in I will let you guys know how good it is

By Credale on August 29, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Alpine INE W970HD

The following review is for INE-W970HD, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I brought this radio to replace my Alpine INE W960 touchscreen this radio says it plays CDs but it won't play any CDs from iTunes that are aac format it just keeps ejecting them by itself and it won't display the cd text wish they kept that feature for this radio also the Siri voice for the GPS gets to be really annoying and keeps cutting in and out while listing to music to tell you you're going over the speed limit but you can disable it if you go to setting on the GPS menu. the backup camera works great. turns on every time you put the car in reverse even if the head unit is off. If you just want apple carplay without navigation just buy the cheaper one. This model is more of a downgrade from the older model except for the apple car play feature. It's a great head unit but is a little overpriced for how they changed the cd player design.

By Andrew on June 5, 2021 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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It’s a beast

The following review is for INE-W970HD, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

Recommend it if you’re looking for something you can upgrade to later , like adding speakers , amplifier etc…this system looks better when I took it out the box. I love the quality , the sound is just what I expected from Alpine. It’s my Charger but had I known I would have just bought the one with the bigger screen. With my car you have to by the harness and the Axxess 1 module and antenna adapter.. this was easy to install if you have basic wiring knowledge because everything goes through the harness. The radio actually came early’s a beast , you better go pick yours up today …lol … thanks Sonic Electronix , you guys Rock…..

By ZaSzecret on March 25, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Excellent Stereo, one annoying feature you'll want to bypass.

The following review is for INE-W970HD, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

This is my first time with a nice stereo like this, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. You can definitely do this yourself, given a day or two (less if you know what you're doing). Installed this in my 2011 Kia Forte, and it has seriously leveled up my enjoyment of music.
Custom guidelines for backup camera
-Audio screen that lets you choose to shuffle, repeat, skip, and restart/rewind back
-VERY nice GPS navigation system- lots of options and very intuitive
-Sleek, with a VERY loud maximum volume. I turn this thing up to 20/40 and even that is too loud, I love it.
-Lots of customization- You can change the background colors and the colors of the button backlights.
-Customizable "my menu", both android auto and apple carplay. Android auto is buggy, but this is not an issue with the stereo- rather, an issue with all android auto functions, unfortunately. That's just how it is.
-No volume knob, only buttons. This one is more of a personal preference, but the benefits outweighed this for me.
-This is the most annoying thing for me. There exists a safety feature that is VERY hard to install on your own, which prevents you from accessing the majority of customizations unless you have disengaged and re-engaged the hand brake. However, you can by pass this with a part (look up alpine radio parking break bypass) or with a toggle switch, hooking up the parking break wire to the switch, along with a ground. Toggling the switch off and on is a good temporary fix.
- The "my menu" mentioned earlier is unfortunately not always put on display when you start up. You will have to select it.

Overall, the cons are really minor, with the only serious con being the parking brake safety feature. I definitely recommend this radio anyways, it is fantastic.
I initially had my doubts because of a lot of BBB ratings that were very bad, but I would say that SonicElectronics does a good job. My only tip is not to pay for 1-day shipping, it didn't even get shipped out of their store/warehouse until after like, 2 or 3 days haha.

By Garrett on August 22, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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