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good product

I really like it. Good price for it also. It does what it's supposed to do.

By cesar on July 14, 2012


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Solid product

Installed aftermarket headunit in mazda miata with bose amp & speakers. Speakers popped on power up or down. Long story short no fix till I tried this. Adjusting signal between stereo and amp removed startup pop and reduced poweroff to almost none. Easy to install and well built.

By Longjohn on June 11, 2012


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Works like it should

This knob works great. You can also pull the knob off and unscrew the nut and pop the cover off and it becomes a flush mountable knob! Seems made very well.

By Zachery on June 16, 2014


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Good Product

Works great, does it's job, I took it apart, scrapped the casing and mounted it in a hole in my dash for a nice clean look.

By Chris on July 3, 2013


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i could not ask for a better audio upgrade when it comes to the bass nob that looks good and turns the bass off when you want and the clarity is still perfect i couldnt ask for better deal

By Chad on January 16, 2013


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For the price; this is an awesome product and installation was super easy. Housing is strong and durable and the knob is solid too. This really is a great fancy does what it is made to do!

Pair this with any solid RCA's and you will be impressed; not to mention a better driver! Stop changing your bass levels by faders and buttons.....bass when you need it, right at your fingertips. Love this!!

By Jeremy on April 2, 2012


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super nice

Most days now an amp comes with a sensitivity level controler not a gain controler. This product is definitely what you need to turn your subs up and down

By stereoguru on September 8, 2014


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Great product

Nice product works well. Knob a little sticky at first but works itself out.

By Mitchell on January 1, 2015


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I would recommend it because it work, plain and simple.

By Nere on January 21, 2013


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Definitely what you pay for

Most reviews are extremely positive simply because it works when you plug it up. That's nice.

But down the road, it doesn't last long, and the $** bass knob (easily bought for $* anywhere else) really shows it's value.

About 2 weeks into using the knob, I started randomly getting interference where the amp would just pulsate loudly, distorting and interrupting my music. The only solution was really to turn everything off until it seemed to have gone away.

About 2 months into use (daily setup), the knob completely separated itself from the unit. There was no way to turn the bass up or down at that point and I had to wire over it.

Less critically, it worked great for a couple weeks.

Honestly, it wasn't the easiest thing to mount. PAC knobs are so much more convenient and the same price, if not, cheaper.

It's not worth $**. It's worth about $**, and shows it after a short amount of time. Obviously, it'll work fine the day it comes in, as most products will. I just feel this is kind of only for good first impressions.

By Dana on February 25, 2013


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does the work for the basses

It works as describe, only thing that bugs me is that it's a bit bulky. Otherwise, the plastic around the wire are pretty durable.

By Pheng on September 17, 2013


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Gain Control For The Low

Well built, Sturdy, No special designs, small enough to mount pretty much anywhere, and easy installation. For the price the Universal Axxess AALC can not be topped. I just recently got a Old Style Memphis 4KW and it didn't have a gain control. I'm sure everyone knows gain controls are not cheap. I found this and will work with any amp i use. How can this item be beat for the price? A Memphis gain knob for my amp is $50. With that being said......It Cant....

By bgowdy31 on on December 9, 2012


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Problematic and not built well at all. Keep it simple stupid. Lesson learned.

Its nice that its adjustable but even that introduces a lot of noise, If you get noise back down the gain on the Line output convertor. This was put in behind the B PIllar plastic was a real hassle taking in and out to diagnose problems with it, it would cut a channel off and on for a while. I ended up replacing this with a non adjustable SMALL simpler one and have NOT had a problem since. So Im just saying this didnt last long at all maybe 3 weeks before a lot of problems. Definitely would NOT recommend, don't waste your money buy a non adjustable quality brand output convertor.

By Michael on May 28, 2012


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this rca bass control knob i bought has been one of the most important addistions to my system, it works as intended and its at a great price!

By trev on February 3, 2013


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kauai boy subbing

This is very good easy to hook up for the price it was worth it
Cheaper then WalMart had it for a month now nothing is wrong yet
Everyone should hav this

By eric on November 4, 2014


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Cant be beat.......

Simple & cheap. No other way to explain this item. I just got a Memphis Mojo 4kd and it didnt have a gain/bass control knob. So i searched Sonic Electronix to see if i could find one. I came across this and i wasnt sure about it because of the price. But i got it anyway, and for the price it cant be beat. Very well built for the price and does exactly what i need it to do. I dont really have any cons against this item other then i wish the mounting holes were on the sides of the control but thats no biggie. All and a really nice product.....

Thanks Sonic......

By bgowdy31 on October 23, 2012


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I love having this thing, its easy to install and mounts fairly easy, I have it loose sitting in my lap for now, really helps when you are demoing and you gotta crank it up or drop it down fast.

By Nathan on September 28, 2013


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Very nice!

Very easy to use and install. No crossover needed, Just adjust your gain on your amp and that's it. You have a gain at your fingertips with no distortion at all! I've installed about 5 units and a few other brands similar to this with no problems and satisfaction was the result every time!

By Josephs954 on May 31, 2012


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Great Product

This is a nice product if your amp did not come with one or it got lost.

By james on September 17, 2013


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Works Great! Simple and Easy to Use

I'm using this product to control the volume level of my subwoofer in my garage. The receiver I have is old and does not have a designated sub out and the sub is under the desk and the built in level control it difficult to reach. This product does exactly what I need it to do and is not limited to just sub frequency control.

By Sarts on November 14, 2012


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Axxess AALC

I have a ford Excursion with dvd entertainment system. I noticed on long trips with the kids that some dvd's are in surround sound. Meaning that the majority of words/sounds come from the front speakers only. The kids in the rear seats couldn't hear the sound. I installed two full range speakers in the rear doors on a 200 watt amp and ran them off the front channel of the dvd player. Using the axxes AALC I can control the volume of those rear speakers. Now I can have theaster volume low so that I can have a conversation with the front seat passenger and tirn up the AALC and the kids in the back can watch a movie and hear it too.

By christopher on April 21, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Axxes AALC Inline Volume Control

I would recommend this product. It is cost-effective and works. We used them inline between a Sirius Satellite Tuner and Public Address Amplifier. Worked in providing granular control on the music volume. Easy to install and use.

By David on January 21, 2013


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Works perfect

My head unit has a sub out but now sub woofer volume control. Depending on what I am listening to I want more or less bass. This was easy to mount and fit the bill perfectly. I have had it for a couple years and it has been completely reliable

By Timmy J. on April 14, 2015


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Must have

I've installed this little part in several vehicles, whether my own or friends/family that I've installed for. Not a true gain knob, all it does is cut the RCA signal coming from the head unit, with turned all the way right its full signal as if there weren't a knob there in the first place, then all the way left is the signal cut. Its nice because, as others have said, the internals can be removed and install the knob in a neater location. The internals can be a tad bulky when I've tried to install this knob in a discreet/aesthetically pleasing place, which is why I only gave 4 stars to the look/design section. But this is a must have for every subwoofer setup. Every song is different and bass is important to blend well, and this knob helps you do just that.

Find a song lacking in bass, turn this knob all the way up and tune your amp accordingly. Then for bass heavy songs, you can use the knob to tone back the bass so everything blends nicely.

By Ross on October 18, 2015


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Simple and Easy perfect for my car I recommend this product

By Eduardo on April 20, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Does the job for a great price

If you want a quality bass knob and don’t want to break the bank, this is the one you want. Build quality is good and it installs easily and looks nice.

By Anonymous on June 14, 2019


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