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Easy install back-up camera

Purchased this item to be used with An in dash aftermarket stereo unit. The installation was easy and came with all the cables required. Provides a decent amount of wide angle viewing for backing up. Not as wide as some others but good enough to provide for safe backing. The video clarity is good.

By Vassago on December 28, 2013


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good deal, no instructions

I bought this unit through sonic, as the price was more than 1/2 what I would have to pay here at home. the camera works great, but there were no proper instructions with it. The picture on my stereo when backing up was backwards, my installer nor I could figure out what was wrong. we called sonic and they had no clue either, they figured it may be wired wrong. I finally remembered that there was an extra wire at the end of the install wire of the camera behind the stereo that had a red button on it, so I took out my stereo and pushed it. that worked. it would have been nice if there were proper instructions with it to explain this.
I am glad I have this, great price and great camera. But needs proper instructions.

By felix on March 2, 2014


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Works Great

I purchased a BOYO Vision VTL300CIR it works great no problems.Love the guide lines.

By Wil on November 21, 2013


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Great product

I ordered this product shipping was fast and the product is great no problems. I would recommend this .

By Billy on March 1, 2014


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Great product

I found this product useful and easy to install
pros reasonably priced quality contruction well lit at night
cons bottom two bolts can be challenge if your vehicle doesn't have factory holes drilled

By Charles on September 14, 2014


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boyo backup camera

Good quality. All metal frame. And pretty good picture. Worth the extra money. And sonic was a good experience overall! My only complaint and its no big deal too many email ads from sonic after. I don't mind a few but sometimes it seems excessive...

By jake on August 18, 2014


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Extra safety for backing/reverse

Works well day or night. Graduated markings a real plus

By Moose on June 25, 2014


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Boyo gives you the best bang for the buck!

Had other backup cameras but boyo can not be matched for price and quality. This one also comes with the parking lines and distance. The LED lights also make it amazing in the dark.

By Alan on May 22, 2014


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Great value

I recomed this to everyone , I love the clear view , it's nicely put in place .

By lucy on February 9, 2015


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Worth every penny

This back up cam is awesome. The picture and clarity is good in both sunny and dark conditions. I have this product installed on my 2013 Chevy 3500 service truck with big utility boxes and it saves me a bunch of time backing up as well as connecting a trailer. The tilt feature is nice and the infrared lights definitely do their job at night. The parking lines are very helpful. The only this I am critical of is the wires and the way you have to run them so they don't get pinched. Other than that, great buy and the overall installation was easy.

By MPI on September 21, 2014


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For the price, an excellent product

The low light performance of this camera is excellent. The picture quality could be better, but keeping the price in mind, it is far more than adequate. Instructions were pretty sparse, but really not too much in the way of instructions were needed. Texas has a rule that you cannot cover the writing on a license plate. This product covers too much at the top to be legal here. It was pretty simple to fashion a bracket to lower the plate. That might look pretty bad on other vehicles, but the bumper blocks the lower part on my truck so it looks okay.

By DCP on September 16, 2014


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Very good backup camera I can see clearly at night and great picture.

By Jason on March 23, 2015


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Great Camera

Easy to install and has great clarity with measurement lines. Looks good at night also.

By Vince on May 3, 2015


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Product did not work. Tried several times to contact them and never with any call backs or resolve!

By Mad on July 26, 2015


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License Plate Frame Backup Camera w/Built-In Night Vision

Picture quality is mediocre and wiring is very thin. The cat housing is strong and installation was easy.

By Anonymous on June 3, 2018


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Good product

This camera works like I want it to and did not cost lot

By Angela on May 14, 2017


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Doesn't get any better

I love the BOYO VTL300CIR. I installed it on my 2005 Ford Ranger inorder to back up to my trailer more accurately and for everyday use. i couldn't be any happier with the clear visual of the camera and the night vision is amazing as well. I would recommend it to anyone!

By Jessie on September 9, 2017


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Not the best value

The camera is an ok product. When installing it with the way the wires mount you have to drill a hole in your license plate. Also the camera is really sensitive to sunlight which distorts the image and the camera will white out. I would recommend trying a different product. The positive is that the frame is very sturdy and seems pretty rugged.

By Eric on March 18, 2017


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