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Good Remote

January 23, 2014

I purchased this to replace the two way lcd remote that originally came with my Coolstart RS-7 remote start. The original remote had a lot of issues from the start. It would vibrate and chirp for no apparent reason, I would have to pull the battery and replace it sometimes to get it to function, and would go through batteries like crazy. I was hesitant to purchase this for a couple of reasons. One would be strictly from the reliability of the previous remote. I also wasn't sure about a rechargeable remote, would the battery last? Will it be dead and take 8 hours to charge?

I can honestly say this remote far exceeds the original one. Reliability has been spot on! It has a better range than the original. As far as the rechargeable battery, I received it on December 31, charged it (took about 2hrs), it is now January 23 and still has 3/4 charge showing on the lcd with quite a bit of use!

I would definitely recommend this remote to anyone who is needing a replacement.

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Elizabeth NJ

Crimestopper SPLCD-52

April 24, 2014

Really great remote i have the SP-500 alarm system and this remote worked for my system and was 10Xs better... the remote gave better range for autostart and security!!!!! the original pager i had was garbage which is prob why it was discontinued..... Very happy with this purchase :) also the pager is rechargable so no more AAA for me!!!!

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San Antonio, TX

Verified Purchase
Great product

April 25, 2020

This transmitter was a direct replacement for my old transmitter. Since they are the same maker's everything synced just fine. Just follow the steps and the pairing is just too easy. I would definitely purchase another one if and when my new gives out

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Replacement for older remote

April 9, 2018

I ordered this as a replacement to the original fob that came with my Crimestopper autostart. I called Crimestopper and they told me that this model would work and it did. Pairing with the autostart in my car took less than 60 secs. It doesn't come with the charging cord but I have a charger for a really old Motorola phone (over 10 years old) that worked just fine.

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United Arab Emirates

Great product but not durable

May 13, 2016

The SPLCD remote is a genius peace of technology and adds a great value for every car. The range is great and the battery is very good...

Although the build of this remote is not that rugged, within 1.5 years this my 3rd remote.

I tried to search if there is any other 2-way model (without a screen) that is compatible with mr device i couldn't.

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Rochester, Nh

Love it,,,

December 21, 2015

The remote working so good and the shipping to so fast. Thank you so much.

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