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Great Price, Great Sub!

I payed a bit more for this sub from a local audio shop before Sonic started carrying them, but even then this thing is a great deal. Earthquake is known for underrating their products by a good bit, and this is no exception to the rule. I am running about 900 RMS to one sub with no problems. It is in a ported box I built myself tuned at around 32 Hz and accurately booms deep bass. I matched this with MTX Thunder Dome Axial series 6.5s and 6x9s playing my highs and mids and used my crossover for lows only. The system sounds great and I enjoy it at loud and moderate tones daily. I highly recommend this subwoofer!!

By Sean on November 10, 2011


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Good subs for the price.

I purchased two of these subs for an under rear seat install. Just did fit with the enclosure I built. Had to run them sealed to get good sound but they really sound good. I first installed them in an old box I had from a previous install that was built for 12's and these subs really hit great in it. I had owned earthquake 15's many years ago and these are close to the quality they were. So far I'm enjoying these subs.

By Cmc on April 21, 2014


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Earthquake Sound TNT-10DVC

good speakers i liked the output on these worth the money if you dont wanna spend much i have them in a ported box and they sound good

By Rawdawg on September 8, 2012


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Great Sub for the Money

I got this little guy a couple weeks ago with a 500 watt rms by fosgate in a sealed box. This is in my 1981 vw rabbit so not a lot of air to move but I am very impressed with this sub. I can turn the gains way up handles it fine, turn the bass way up with some distortion but not a lot. I can feel the bass in my chair, neck, and especially my hair. Oh and it makes my license plate go crazy great sub I'd buy another for sure.

By chris on September 5, 2013


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great spl

A very well made sub. Very loud, very powerful. The thing is so loud its louder than both my blog 10 w6 v2 (sounds like a lie but it's true) and the best part is its super cheap! It totally is worth it.

By disoundition on August 2, 2015


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