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nice sub

These Earthquakes are the first subwoofer i have ever owned. I am happy with the sound the bass hit really hard an smooth in a close box will buy earthuake sub again if these hold up. Only had 2 months and they hit.

By Steven on June 9, 2012


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So far so good….

I bought these because of the price they were $49.99 when I got them so really couldn’t go wrong…I am running them with a Hifonics Colossus at 600 watts rms a piece they seem to be holding up good and sound very good hitting low notes very well with good sound quality…I have always had name brands like Kicker and Alpine and these sound every bit as good to me I plan on putting 6 in my Excursion if these hold up so yes I am beating on them and will update my review in a month or two. I gave low scores on features and ease of use because of being only a single 4 ohm VC

By Kenneth on July 31, 2012


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Bass for your money's worth

Great bass for the price. Hits lows pretty well, and definitely bumps. If you are looking for an improvement in car audio, I'd recommend this sub. But, in my opinion, it's really all about the amp that you use to power it and the box that you use to house it. Overall, great woofer for the price.

By Zach on May 28, 2013


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Sick Bass!!

I have this sub in a ported box, running off a Power Acoustik Monoblock @600 w/rms. In my 2004 Cadillac Deville, rattles the panels and all my mirrors with only one sub! SICK BASS my friends, Earthquake and Sonic Electronix.

By Rami on March 8, 2013


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This sub has a nice deep sound to it. I like 15" subs myself but thought I'd try a 12" just for the thrill of it. I made my enclosure a little bigger than the Earthquake specs because theirs was for 40htz and I wanted mine a little lower than's about 35 and sounds amazing. Friends who have 2 12" are blown out by what my 1 subwoofer can do. I definitely recommend this sub to anybody that doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg for a system. I usually go with Audiopipe. My Eye Candy15 is $150 for the sub. But I'll definitely buy this again if I had to.

By Juan on May 23, 2014


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Great Product!!!!

This sub is a great performer and value. But under extreme use.. Its to your benefit to super glue the seam to the cone!! Had one separate under extended bass notes. Super glued it and beats like a champ.

By Big Ra 334 on October 31, 2013


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these things pound!!!

2 subs put in a dual 1.48 cubic foot box tuned to 38 herz do a slight hair trick and window going to build a new box tuned to 32 or 30 hertz and we will see wat these puppies do

By codey on June 15, 2013


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Tons of X-max at a low price.

A decently built low cost driver with a high X max and decent power handling. Great cooling for the voice coil for a low price woofer. Looks decent. Put two into a 4.2 Cube box with a slot port tuned to 32Hz off of a Hifonics 1000.1d for a friend and it has a little window flex. Pretty impressed.

By Jamey on January 4, 2013


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Didn't last long I

They were awesome at first and slowly got worse then stopped working. One just stop playing then the next one still some what works but goes in n out.

By jonathan on January 3, 2013


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Great woofer

I recommend these subs to anyone who is looking for a good clean sound. I have two of these in a ported box on a MB quart onx.1000D in my maxima and they slam. Good lows and mid bass response.

By Chad on August 4, 2012


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Great deal!!

This is a great buy, I use it in a single woofer application in an enclosed box.... Hits hard sounds awesome!! I would recommend this product.

By Jeff on December 31, 2012


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Great subs

For price and sound these are great. They hit hard for a budget system just wanting some good sound.

By robert on November 13, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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There were 2 things that attracted me to this sub:
1. it was on sale
2. the spec sheet said it has 2 inches of excursion

The QTS value suggest this sub best performs in a sealed box, so I got a sealed box and bridged my AR1200.2 boss amp to it......

I had been running 2 8 inch Skars in a custom TL box I built. Those little guys hit hard and have somewhere in the ball park of 10mm of excursion.....I know excursion doesn't equal more bass but I have to admit after watching all the bass head youtube videos and the massive excursion they jump thousands of watts into I've become quite infatuated with my budget pursuit of subwoofers jumping out of the enclosure with massive XMAS. I thought it was christmas (xmas, lol) when I saw 2 inches of excursion on this sub that I could buy for under $60.

Besides just eyeballing it I don't know how you'd go about measuring this but I can tell you that the xmas with max gain, bridged up with bass boosted its less than half of the 2 inches I was hoping to get.

I thought the amp was a good match for this sub based on the numbers.....or am I missing something? is this a case of operator error? I don't claim to be a experienced bass head with all the answers but I feel like I've been fooled by some false claims of extreme XMAS on a budget.

For some reason I thought it was safe to assume the spec sheets published by the manufacturers were reasonably accurate.....but this has got me thinking quite the opposite and that a manufacturer can and will put whatever they want without backing up their claims.

By Aaron on October 3, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Amazing Product

Very nice product. Looks awesome, and works perfectly. I highly recommend this product, if you are wanting to feel and hear the bass. Real nice product.

By Beechee on July 13, 2016


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