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Dallas, TX

Loud, Cool, and Clean

April 21, 2010

Pros: Class D (Runs Cool), Small, Clean, Powerful. Louder than you can stand and no distortion. Good built-in crossover with DBO.

Cons: Cops apparently don't like your stereo to be louder than their sirens...

Opinion: Everyone thinks their equipment is the best and after spending so much time researching all the different models I can say I am very happy with my amp. Infinity gear is top notch, they are geared toward accurate music reproduction and true fidelity. This amp is a perfect match for the Kappa speakers as they are 2 ohm.

Notes: Another review stated that the power terminals are unprotected...Not true, they are encased in clear plastic and are not a risk for sparking.

Equip: JVC KW-AVX820, Kappa Five, Kappa 693.9i, Kappa 60.9cs, 2 Farad Cap... Haven't decided on the Sub...

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Bill Balaban

Camp Hill, PA


July 28, 2014

I installed the Kappa Five on my sailboat in the main salon (it replaced my old Reference Series 5761a). It powers 4 sets of speakers throughout the boat (through separate Niles volume controls) and 2 subwoofers in the main Salon. Performance is absolutely superb (the water ripples abound the boat). The installation was clean & simple. The Sonic Electronix support staff guided me through the one question I had & they were just great. The only problem I have is I don't have enough time to spend on-board GUSTO II to enjoy my new Kappa Five. Thank you for a great product at a great price with outstanding customer support. Be assure that I will look to Sonic Electronix for all my future stereo needs.

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Billings, Montana

Output issues with the RCA's

January 25, 2012

The build quality of the amp is excellent. I may have just got a defective item. 2 of the channels for the speakers do not put out their full potential power. I have tried switching rca's and I even bought a new deck and new speakers because I thought the outputs were messed up on my Panasonic deck. Come to find out, putting all of that new equipment in did nothing. It has been the amp the whole time. But who would have known? It's a "new" amp. The two channels that actually worked sounded great paired with some rockford T1 components. I would suggest this amp if you can get one that works.

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Eagle Rock, MO

Worked great until?

February 13, 2012

I have 2 of these units that i bought 10 months ago. One is in my car and the other in my son's car. Mine is still working great and his went out causing the speakers to squil. He was always adjusting his (teenager) but he did know what he was doing. I got mine set the way I like it and had no issues.
We are running kappa 4oms speakers/sub with a rockford head. Make sure that you put spacers (1/4" min) between the unit and what you are mounting it to or it will overheat. The techs with Sonic helped me order the system and helped me with hook up. So far with the return of my son's amp they have been very courteous and helpful. I havent recieved the replacement yet. So this review may change if it doesn't go smoothly. Overall i would recommend the whole Kappa line.

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Edmonds, WA

Great Amp

April 4, 2011

Excellent 5 channel sound, very compact and even after an hour of hard use was only warm.

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Orangevale, CA

Infinity kappa 5

September 17, 2014

Excellent sound quality I would recommend to anyone product arrived as promised

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Tony R

Long Island New York

Infinity Cappa Five

September 9, 2012

Best Bang for your money, does the job quit well, I have for 4 months and performs flawless. When I listen load music it runs hot but no problems.

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One Bass

Laredo, TX

Finest sound quality

July 17, 2014

I have this amp for 4 months now, there I have connected a pair of Infinity Reference 6030cs and a pair of Infinity Kappa 62.9I, with an Alpine CDE-154BT, I started with a single Kicker TCVT82 (10TCVT82) and the bass was just OK, then I bought here another pair of Infinity Reference 1062W installed in a sealed box, with just one bass speaker was an amazing sound.... the sound is the best quality for the price, very good sound balance and quality, very good noise suppression.

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Safety Issue - not yet installed

February 12, 2010

The power and speaker connectors are not insulated. They are exposed and stick out significantly from the amp. The power connector sticks out at least one inch with the 4/0 AWG adapter. I don't have to tell anyone what would happen if a metal object were to contact the power connectors. Yes, the power wire is fused with a 100 amp fuse, but there will still be a lot of sparks on the way up to 100 amps, and some damage.

The other amps I've seen have insulated power and speaker connections. The Kappa Five will require me to fabricate some type of insulating cover to protect all the exposed (and hot) connectors.

Wish I would have paid better attention to that before ordering. My bad. This amp may work well for your installation, but be warned about the exposed connectors and take appropriate action to protect it.

I'll post a further review of operation & reliability if I decide to keep it, if that's possible.

Maybe it doesn't matter so much, but I'm a former aircraft electrician for 20 years in the Navy. I've seen plenty of sparks fly with a lot less current. If I keep this amp, you can bet those connectors will be shielded, and good.

The "2" rating for the design is for the connector issue alone. With insulated connectors, I would give the design a five and bump the other ratings up at least one point.

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Abingdon, MD


April 23, 2014

i bought this amp for my F150 there were certain features that i liked . Like tuning from the top side , amp came in DOA, upon hooking up it sparked like a stick welder , that was the first hint , then i turned amp on and it went into protect mode, and buzzing from speakers , i shot it off and it never came back on , might have been good but i dont have time to keep swapping amps to see witch one works and for how long , i was afraid for a minute it might have blown my speaker all new including sub, including correct wiring, sonix has been very good they did take it back but i did not up for the same amp, i went Kicker CX600.5, A/B-D tech , same foot print , and i believe more reliable but did not get it yet when i do i will right a review. This Infinity amp is a great value and has lots of features but based on my experience durability would be the most important aspect , excluding sound quality that is also at the top of the tier.

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Superior, WI

HQ Amp

April 8, 2014

Not the loudest amp on the market but it certainly will give you high fidelity sound. If you want to have monster thump look elsewhere, if you want to have studio sound this is the amp

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