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Perfect Bass!

I have always been into great sounding audio since I was a kid, and have been buying car audio equipment for almost 30 years now. I've seen and heard almost everything out there, even owned most of the top brands personally, so when my son asked for an audio system for his graduation present, I knew which brand he deserved,and for the best sounding bass I went with this JL sub. We didn't want to take up the whole trunk in his Nissan Altima, So this single JL 12 in a JL designed box was the way to go. Not only did it not take up a lot of space, but it rocks like there's 2 -12's in the trunk instead of just the one. The smile on my son's face says it all. He wanted bass, he got bass!
Sounds good with everything from Rock to Rap to Hip Hop, and even a little country every now and then. I would definitely recommend this JL sub to others wanting a versatile sub that sounds great with all types of music.

By Audio Enthusiast on March 28, 2014


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best low watt sub yet!!!

This sub is amazing in this box... I have 200 bridged to it from a Memphis amp... And I blow kicker L7's off the street that have 1600 watts on em... If u want a really deep bass with low watts go with this sub... I love it and will never buy anything but jl audio again!!!

By ty on November 12, 2011


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The best money ever spent on audio

First of all, I gotta say thanks to sonic electronics for having my products shipped in 2 days. Some of that goes to FedEx and the driver for making it happen too obviously so thanks to them too. Not only did I get my speaker the day it said, but I got it in the morning so I was able to get it installed the same day, 1 day earlier than I planned!!

Now the JL 12" sub! The absolute best speaker I've ever purchased. I will never use another brand. I've had kicker, fosgate punch, max and pioneer and none of them come close. I should have used JL a long time ago. And the subwoofer was in a ported box already. Its is the most crisp and clean bass I've had, and I only got 1!! Jts hooked up to the pioneer that is pushing 300 watta by 4 ohms so its perfect(1500 or 1600 max I think). Got the amp for 129 from sonic. Its not so loud that it disturbs the neighbors, but it increases the quality and fun of music in my car. However it does hit hard though. My gf said it's too loud for her turned up,and I dont even have the bass DB turned up to max. It's about 80%. I turn it down for rap and then it up for rock because rap bass is soooooo OP.

Honestly I think one JL 12 in that ported box is all anyone needs unless you want to disturb the neighbors and piss people off. You're more likely to get ticketed that way too. I dont know how this speaker hits so clean. People say you have to break it in and it sounds better. I fail to see how my sub can sound any better!! I am honestly blown away. All I can say is if you're still reading and unsure which one to get, whether you want 1. 2, 3 or 4, if you get these JL 0's you will NOT be disappointed! Not only worth every penny but I feel like I owe JL more money because these are too good. Why would anyone pay 1k for their best speaker when this is enough and its 120? Maybe because the others just hit even harder? Idk. I feel like of the bass is so loud it hurts then it's not enjoyable. I'm so happy I cant even sleep rn. Gotta make this review. Anyway,stop what you're doing and buy this speaker. Trust me bros/gals

Ps sorry I rambled but i am a bit intoxicated. Still true though!! Buy the speaker or dont. Get a cheap $50 sub and a boss amp. Apply for a PayPal credit card and pay it back 6 months no interest like I did if you dont have the money rn. I just got them today and it hit harder than a truck full of dildos

By Anonymous on February 27, 2019


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The exact type of bass I was looking for.

Great product overall, the installation was pretty simple. Pretty much plug and play. The bass quality is fantastic, it has the ability to provide a sufficient amount of bass in your car. It fits well in the trunk of my 2015 Honda Civic.I originally thought that it was going to take a lot more space in the trunk but it fits well in the back far left side. The quality of the box is top notch too, the JL stitching gives it a nice aesthetic clean look. The sub pairs well with the JL Audio JX500/1D, would highly recommend this sub.

By Anonymous on February 7, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great sound

I would recommend this cause JL never let me down when it comes to quality sound. Great speaker and love the box style.. the only downside was that I didn’t purchase 2 but that one packed and took a lot of punch and sounded great.

By Dashea on June 2, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Jl Audio

I ordered a Jl Audio CP112-W0v3 from here. Everything is installed in my 2006 Chrysler Crossfire and is kicking amazing. Good prices here compared to other online businesses. Would recommend!

By Ryan on November 28, 2016


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Wow!! is what I said...

After having my jl 13.5 w6 stolen,I was bummed thinking I would never have a good sounding system again without paying big bucks Wich I wasn't going to do after the theft...I reluctantly went thru the trouble of rewiring a system and put the slot ported basswedge in my truck...WOW!!!! Bass might not carry as far as the w6 but with 300rms this thing hits..rap,,rock,,country,, it don't matter,,it all sounds good...cannot beat the price or the quality...thanks guys rock..

By Anonymous on July 19, 2018


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Sounds Great!!!!

Loud boom from a small package...pushing it with a alpine 300w 4 ohm amp and sounds amazing.

By Mud Digger on May 9, 2017


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Great value

This is a good brand of subwoofer it hits hard as hell.

By Brandon on December 15, 2016


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Must get

Has great sound. No distortion like my other one. Bass is amazing just for one 12.

By Anonymous on August 23, 2018


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Extent speaker you should buy

Extent speaker it load and can handle very well I would buy won't decapoint

By Pint on November 23, 2021


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