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Good bang for the buck

Great quality, great product. Sounds awesome with outstanding clarity.

By Britt on October 16, 2009


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Great Sound for the buck!

I am usually a component style guy, but for my auto had no choice but to get coaxials. I am happy I went with these JL Audios -- great mid/highs. Not heavy on bass as expected on coaxials but proven winner for clarity!

By Frank on November 13, 2012


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Best 2-way speakers out there!

Never have I heard such amazing bass response and lifelike highs from a 2-way speaker. Makes my old Alpine Type-R's sound like crap. If you want the best possible sound and can't get components these are your next best option.

By Kyle Mains on August 17, 2009


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Good alternative to component speakers

These were a bit of a splurge but I think it was worthwhile to buy them. These speakers are a good answer for someone who wants to get quality lows, mids, and highs from a coaxial speaker pair. I did not want to get into high end component speakers and I am very satisfied with these. I mounted them in the rear roof of my 2000 Jeep Cherokee. They are powered by a 50 RMS x 4 Alpine amp. Previously I had some Polk Audio speakers for which I had to set the crossover at 80 or 100 so as not to distort. For these JL C2-525x's I don't use the crossover at all and I get no distortion at the same gain level I used with the Polk's. I was surprised by the quality of the lows the JL's produce being such a small size. My only suggestion to JL would be to have built them with screw down type of wire connectors.

By Danno on December 28, 2013


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Smooth Sounding

JL audio speakers will always be included on my list of speakers to consider for any future car audio system. Nice mid range, and the tweeters are impressive. I expect no low end from 5 1/4's, but these surprised me. They will not make you give up on your sub, but they do go lower than you expect. Great speakers.

By Buc Nasty on October 17, 2011


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Great Speaker!!

When discounted not an expensive speaker for a top brand that performs well. Looks good.

By Charles on February 27, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Fantastic sound for a great price.

These jl audio coaxial speakers were installed in my BMW and they sound amazing. For the price it's hands down the best equipment you can buy. Every aspect of these speakers is perfect. The mid bass is tight and highs are clear.I would recommend this product for anyone looking to upgrade their sound system.

By David on April 10, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Contact Travis for the best non advertised deals

I'd like to give a shout out to Travis at Sonic for getting the best deal on the gear I need for my stereo system builds. It pays to be a loyal customer of SonicElectronix! I started buying from these guys when they were just starting out in the online car stereo world. I'm a loyal customer since 2004!

By JEFFREY C on May 27, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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