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great volume control

works great, better than a pure line driver since it can increase & decrease the volume relative to your head unit

By Nick on May 20, 2010


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so much better than an the Pac lc1

Purchased this to replace a Pac lc1 that i had on my Harley Road King to control the volume to my sound system. I have my ipod connected to my amp via an isimple cable. I had my amp tuned to the setup that i had using the Pac lc1 for volume control. I had the gain set to about half way, and i could turn the volume all the way up. I left all of my amp setting the same, then i installed the jl line driver. Now i cant even turn the volume half way up because there is too much gain on the amp now. Im going to have to tune the amp to this new line driver tomorrow because its definitely giving more power than the Pac lc1 did. The system sounded good before, but i felt that i could get more out of it. Now that i have jl's line driver im sure it well more than surpass what it sounded like using the Pac lc1. The difference in performance is night and day. Boy am i glad that i stumbled across this product, its truly the difference maker. Any Harley Road king owners installing a sound system, do yourself a favor and get jl's line driver and NOT the Pac lc1.

By Jeffery on December 1, 2014


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Amazing product

My sub used to always cut out and sounds choppy at 75% power. After paired this unit up with my zed audio amp, I could now crank it up to 100%, it never cuts out and the sound is tighter and clearer than ever. Love this product it fixed all my issues with my system!!

By Dan on June 5, 2011


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great addition to any system

i have put several of these in various cars and always have worked well......extremely easy installation and great function....great for bass scares

By Smitty on June 28, 2009


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Only one problem

The only problem I have sometimes with this is the volume will not go to zero when it is all the way down. When the dial is at zero, the volume will sometimes still be barely audible and will not completely silence. While not a problem for me, I could see this being a problem for some. This unit was installed inside a pelican case hooked up to a Polk Audio 4-channel amp and an optima battery to make the loudest floating water-proof stereo ever. This allowed me to hook my iPod up directly to the amp without the voltage drop from the iPod's audio jack (which turns into a volume drop). Still a great product, it completed my project!

By Nick on November 1, 2012


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Excellent Product

Sounds good. Great for radios with only one set of pre-amp outputs or no sub out.

By Freddie on April 26, 2012


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Just what I needed

Got this to work with my Ipad Install in my Jeep works great, so far its been about 6 months and works flawless. Had an issue with the fuse holder but it was my loose connection.

By Jesse on January 13, 2011


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Perfect for my application

Placed between my stock radio (has pre-outs) and my four amps.When you crank up the stock radio, the bass gets held back to protect the stock speakers. I threw the stock speakers in the garbage. This is used as a volume now to use in place of the stock radio volume. Now I get the whole audio spectrum at all volume levels.

By J on September 17, 2016


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Works great and easy install.Made my suds sound so much better.

By jason on May 4, 2017


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BMW Owners - This is Exactly what you need. Super Clean

For BMW owners looking for simple solution to convert the Head Unit Balanced Differential RCA output this is exactly what you need. I was running ppi amps which need unbalanced rca inputs and this product is the perfect fix. II ended up using the fixed outputs. The Fixed outputs still change volume level with the head unit but the knob (Level Knob) does not affect the level. Sound was as clean as having aftermarket deck. Great value instead of super expensive processing unit.

By Mark on April 24, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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