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Great product for the price

It works great and easy to install, it highly recommend it

By fatima on March 21, 2016


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Great camera

I installed this thing in a matter of a half an hour. It gives me a good picture and no problems with weather issues. I recommend this product. Cant beat it for the money. Only issue is I cannot get rid of the parking lines as advertised

By Curtis on October 17, 2015


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Excellent Camera - Exactly what I needed

I was in need of a backup camera for my Ford E250 van since the rear doors do not have windows. My rear license plate is built into the passenger side rear door so it is not centered on the back of the vehicle. I needed something that could be recessed into the center of the rear bumper (Where a license plate typically would be located). I came across the BOYO Vision VTK380HD, and thought it would work well. I just installed it yesterday and I must say I am extremely impressed! The picture is crystal clear both day and night. I install CCTV, Security, and Home Theater systems so I am very familiar with this type of equipment. I am confident that this camera will hold up well. Connections are pretty straightforward... Connect the power wire to the hot side of the reverse light circuit, and ground it to the ground side of the circuit. (I actually just grounded it to the chassis since there was one located right behind the taillight. I could have wired the camera power to the accessory power at the head unit, but didn't see the need to have the camera powered on whenever the van is running. I simply just wanted to see what's behind me when I'm in Reverse. The camera comes with a 20' composite video cable which was actually too short for my van. I ended up extending the cable by cutting it (The end that would be located at the head unit) about a foot from the connector, and spliced in a piece of 22/4 to add the needed length. I'm sure I could have used an RCA adapter and a second cable, but splicing into it got the job done. The composite cable has three conductors in it (red, black, and yellow). The camera came with a 3/4" hole saw which is fine for drilling plastic or sheet metal, but it's not enough to drill through steel bumper.As others have mentioned, the 3/4" hole saw is not big enough to mount the camera. The hole actually needs to be 7/8". I used a unibit to get the job done. I have the camera connected to a Pioneer AVH-X4500BT and couldn't be happier! I give this camera five stars.

By David on February 1, 2016


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very impressed

even the box it came in is impressive..The camera itself is really well built and easy to operate and comes with a only concern is the hinged clip which I feel should have been made a little more durable.Otherwise Im very happy with the product.Looks like it SHOULD last a long time..

By Ralph on December 8, 2015


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really nice camera

camera resolution was a surprise - excellent, small profile fit my Ram pickup perfectly - added plus is the adj of lens position

By CCJeff on August 17, 2016


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