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Gonzales, LA.

Great Sound, Poor Fit!

August 17, 2020

These speakers pack a punch for the size and price. Buyers beware, if you are installing these in a Toyota Camry, you are destined to get the red ass! The description says they would fit but I had to seriously modify the hole in the dash to even get the magnet in. It took a lot of beating to make the hole big enough and even still was a very tight fit. I was only able to get one screw in each speaker because the factory screw holes did not line up. It is such a tight space to work in, drilling new screw holes is virtually impossible unless you have a right angle drill with a very short chuck and bit. Good luck getting these installed.

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Santa Rosa, CA

Surprisingly Great Sound

May 16, 2020

Have MB Quart 6x9s in my Jeep, so I thought I would try these in my truck. Put these in my 2011 Dodge Ram dash, and they fit like a charm with the Metra wire adapter. Nice and crisp sounding, but not too bright. Good little midbass also...that was a surprise. Compliments nicely my upgrade of door speakers (front and rear) as well as 2 - 8" subs I have under the rear seat with a small amp. All powered by the stock head unit. Plenty of loud sounds. MB Quart doesn't always get the recognition it deserves. Highly recommend.

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