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Frederick, MD

Harness does mnot straight out of the package. Customization is needed. Also Sonic needs to update their database for this model car. The SMART car.

March 5, 2012

This part should work for 2008-2010. For the 2011 model, some modification will probably be neded. Can't say for sure other than in 2011 dash changed and maybe some wire color/placement also could have changed.

For 2012, changed again: in this harness you will need to pull the RED wire from its' current space and place it in the OPEN spot that is directly below the BLACK wire. This is the only way using this harness that you will get audio and power.

Of course there are harder ways to get power. You could run a separate red wire from the cig lighter to the radio red OR run a separate RED wire fuse connector/adapter/piggyback from the radio fuse in the fuse box area (fuse location #15) to the radio RED wire but WHY would anyone in their right mind want to do that. Take the easy, clean way and just move the red wire to the open spot below the black wire. EASY!! I wasted a whole week buying these parts and it didn't even work unless modified.

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Très satisfait

May 11, 2015

Prix très bon et livraison très rapide. Je recommande ce vendeur

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Niagara Falls, NY

Verified Purchase
Old Pin Locations

June 12, 2015

The pin locations haven't been updated to reflect the wiring harnesses in the latest ForTwo models. Takes some digging online, since Metra doesn't include or publish updates, to determine the correct locations.

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Plano tx

Needs modification

January 7, 2018

2010+ smarts will require swapping of some pins. Luckily it wont fry your new head unit if its wired as per directions. It just wont power on.

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