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NVX for the win..

NVX Tweeters, Midbass and now the Subs, I believe NVX is firmly committed to SQ and offers a great product for a tremendous value. This subwoofer is their 2nd Generation and has the non-pressed paper cone, i spoke with NVX why they switched from Polypropylene to Paper and he told me lot's of reasons but mainly SQ and after listening to the subs for an extended session i have to agree that they sound fantastic in a 3.2 cu ft vented enclosure with 50 oz of polyfill, i can't imagine the SQ getting much better than it is right now and close to 130 db's is plenty loud for me, my ears are still ringing..
Each sub is wired in series for a 4 ohms then both subs are paralleled for a 2 ohm final load impedance on a 500 Wrms channel, they pound the ground and shake my entire full size van, much louder than the MTX Terminators that were replaced and i had to cut the bass knob back..
I highly recommend these subwoofers, the 1st Gen subs got lots of 5 star reviews and once people catch on to the 2nd Gen they will too, am extremely happy with my purchase and have nothing but good things to say for the NVX Brand speakers and subwoofers..
NVX for the win, the VSW122V2 is probably one of the best under $70 subwoofers on the market and i wouldn't hesitate to use any of their products..

By George on July 17, 2015


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NVX NSW122v2 (Poor Quality, Buyer Beware)

I bought a pair of NVX NSW122v2 at the recommendation of the Sonic Electronix sales representative who spoke highly of NVX and claimed the the subs price and performance far exceeded the competition. Taking the sales rep advise I decided to purchase a set of NVX subs for my 2016 Chevy Silverado. Well it hasn't been two years since the day I purchased the subs, had Best Buy install them, and had to file two warranty claims with NVX for defective subs. The subs look and sound great when they work normally, but unfortunately they tend to break after a few months of usage. Luckily, I purchased the square trade warranty through Sonic Electronix, so I had to file a 3rd claim after my replacement subs started malfunctioning. I will not recommend this subs to anyone, spend a little more and buy some Kicker, Alpine, JBL, or Pioneer Subs. The old adage that says, "You get what you pay for" densely applies to this subs. Buyer Beware!

By Ramon on January 25, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great sound

The bass from this sub is deep and clean. The mounting depth is efficient for almost any 12 sub box. I'll recommend to anyone that want clean sounding bass.

Pros - Well built, sounds good.
Cons - None so far.

By Arthur on January 13, 2018


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Solid choice

I put one of these in a 1.25cuft box in my accord on an mrv-m500 wired to 4ohms and tune the amp to put out 300tms with my multimeter. Gotta say; at only 300 watts this is pretty impressive. Still fairly tight for a 12" but plenty of bottom end for what I usually listen to. I'm planning another build but two of these next.

By Anonymous on May 19, 2019


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Solid gear

This sub met my needs perfectly. I needed a low cost high quality driver with reasonable efficiency. I also needed to be under 5 inches top Mount depth. It fit my truck box for the tundra crewmax behind the rear seat perfectly and gave me plenty of clean bass. Only time will tell if it can handle the abuse to come. I'm using a rockville rxa t1 to power it. It's a great match. Cea compliant to match the sub and pushes it to the limit as well.

By Joe on October 21, 2016


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Nice subs!

Hooked up 2 of these to my 1000 W RMS amp with the gain turned down while I break them in. Sonic got them to me right on schedule, and they sound great so far. Dual voice coils are a great feature and I can see the quality built into these subs. Using a sealed box with recommended volume of 1.25 cu.ft. per chamber during break in, so far I don't think I will need to move them to a ported box after they loosen up. Great SQ at this power level, nice subs at this price point.

By kjbad on July 27, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good entry level subs

Easy on pocket and they hit the lows with deep rumbling bass

By kenneth on December 31, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Entry level... my foot!!

These babies Boom! Amazed by this entry level sub from NVX! Great SQ and loud! I have been through a lot of subs. These rate in the top 10 with me! Thanks Sonic!!!

By Anonymous on September 11, 2018


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Great entry-level subs for the price!

I purchased these last November as a black friday special after a fitment issue with the pioneer champion series that came with the bundle( I know right?). The customer service rep spoke highly of her brand and I went with his recommendation for these NVX'23r hrs. I installed them into a nice 2 sub ported Belva box with 1.75 cubic ft per sub tuned at 40hz. Wired them in parallel 380 watts @ 2 ohms to my NVX JAD900.5. I broke them in out of the box with a single tone generator because I wanted to bang asap. They sounded great in the trunk of my Monte Carlo for months. I then put them into my Mazda 3 hatchback faced upward using the same amp.* I thought one of the subs blew because of it making a terrible rattle and only ran one sub 210 watts @ 4 ohms. After 3 months of only one sub, I found out that the dust cap came unglued. The cone was still nice and glued, so I bought some clear speaker adhesive and fixed my issue. Got both of them hooked back up and forgot how loud both of them were together. I really enjoyed my time with just one sub because it didn't bang as hard and fell in love with the sound quality. I play all sorts of genres from rap, EDM, dubstep, house, metal,to alternative. They can play anything I throw at them and do it accurately. A bunch of expensive name brand subs aren't even capable of going below 28hz and these go all the way to 20hz. While it may not produce those low notes loudly, their presence is there and can be heard clearly. One day I'm considering putting more power to them or a higher end NVX sub one day, but these will definitely put a smile on your face, even with only 200 watts each. Go ahead and get at least 2 of them. You know you want to!

I'm removing one star for the dust cap coming unglued. Everything is working great since I glued it back.

By Anonymous on September 30, 2018


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Box killer

Ok fair warning these subs will kill your box if it is weak. Tuned my amp at 800w rms 400/woofer at Max volume. At 60% volume about 300w each. Very clear sound very nice low resonance. In my Sierra box choices are limited so I went with the generic box with about 2 ft cubed total. After about 3 weeks or so I started to hear a rattle and thought I burnt a coil or messed up a spider. Nope....I split my box at the seams. If you get these subs, take some of the money you save and invest in a strong box. They slam hard. Not loud but very clear and very hard. Definitely looking at putting a set in my wife's car.

By Daniel on May 7, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great subs for the price

I bought 2 of these, put them in a 1 cubic foot per chamber sealed box with a pound of fill per chamber, wired at 2 ohms to a kicker cx600.1 and they sound great. Extremely clean and tight bass. They replaced 2 of the older alpine type s's that blew. They're not quite as loud but they sound cleaner and punchier. Also the alpine's were in a ported box, I think if I had these in a ported box they would be about the same. As for durability I've had them for about 3 weeks now I think, running just below clipping from the amp, for atleast an hour drive everyday and seem to be good and getting a little louder as they break in. I think the look and design are great. They look awesome in the box in the trunk, not too flashy but look like solid quality. Overall for the price these are a great buy. Would definitely recommend these for anyone on a budget like me looking to add some bass. And as always sonic delivered fast and packaged well with great prices, love the company, will be buying all my audio equipment from here.

By Steven on June 14, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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NVX NSW122v2

I have been out of car audio for 20 years. All the basic principles still apply. These subs sound pretty good for the money they are a steal. I have them in a tight box poly filled with 325 rms. They hit as tight as 10s and still hit the lows fairly well. I’m guessing that the 1.25 or a little bigger would really bring them alive. I think with them in a little tighter box they could use 500 rms. No complaints the more they break in the better they sound.

By Anonymous on June 19, 2018


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Really good subs for 59.99 ea

I have 2 of these in a dual ported box running off the bda7501 amp and it is the perfect combo for what I am running. I was very impressed with sound when first installed each time I listen to them I have to dial back the bass remote because the bass hits so hard I think I'm going to blow a sub. I recommend these subs and the nvx bda7501 amp to power them.

By larry on March 12, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good starter.

For an entry sub, and for the price, it's pretty good. I put 2 in a custom box, tuned to the recommended he and air space for 1 sub, but the ft^3 multiplied by 2. It hits the lows good and can handle a a lot. I only have 400 watts rms to both right now but it can handle up to 700 watts rms safely! The wiring is a bit confusing, being that a dual voice coil subwpofer isn't exactly "entry level", but it's easy to learn and a guide is offered here on sonic. I'm satisfied with them so far and I would definitely recommend them to a friend and anyone looking for first time subs.

By AROD on December 29, 2015


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Bit of a disapointment

Dont get me wrong if your lookin for a clear sounding sub, then this sub is perfect. However i was expecting more of a boom, most music i play i can not tell i even have a sub.! Of course though if the song has low end bass it sounds ok.

By Robert on September 28, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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NVX NSW122v2 (NSW122 v2)

The sub looks and feels solid, it has good bass, I have it in a sealed box running at 4 ohms, performs well for the money

By Chris on April 25, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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NVX NSW122v2

Very great subwoofers. My third set I have gotten from Sonic. Very impressed with these in a ported enclosure.

By Anonymous on May 13, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Pretty good

Installed these in a 2015 Challenger in a 1.25 CF box. They hit pretty good at the recommended power. Nothing insane but they aren't priced insane. If you want a budget sub these are pretty good.

By Derek on March 31, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great budget sub.

I was looking for an inexpensive subwoofer to test out in a truck wedge ported box. I came across this sub and decided to give it a try. I've heard of NVX, but never used or seen one in a system. I must say, this sub is WOW! completely surprised how well it's performing. Its not made for shallow boxes, but it fit good in the box I had and it is getting down. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to bass on a budget.

By mike on August 6, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Very nice subs!

Ordered 2 of the NSW 122 v2 and very happy with these subs. Installed in a prefab box for my 99 Silverado ext cab and these things sound awesome! Still breaking them in, but even at lower volume they are shaking my mirrors and producing very impressive bass. For the price, you won't get a better quality subwoofer. They sound great with 1 cu ft per speaker in sealed box, and these are the "entry level" line of subwoofers from NVX. VERY IMPRESSED!

Showed up within 48 hours from ordering along with the downfiring box I ordered from Sonic, packaged well and for 13 bucks I have a 3 year warranty!!! You can't beat it.

Highly recommended


By Damien on February 2, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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I ordered 4 12" NVX MSW and the West Coast Customs edition of the MB Quart 1500 both from sonic. All super quick deliverys and no issues...
Clear crisp bass that gets pretty loud... I'm still breaking them in a little bit. I have them in a custom box tuned low (27 hertz) it's 10 cubes... (HUGE) way larger then recommended and tuned lower then recommended.
It still sounds good... Gets pretty loud and pretty low in the back of my mustang lol
I'm upgrading big 3 and going for a bigger set up...
All through sonic because prices are amazing and shipping is always on point

By Zach on November 29, 2015


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Not so good

Had this sub in a sealed box to spec's on roughly 300 w RMS and it burnt/coils died. Yeah, don't say I did something wrong, I know better, been in this for over 35 years. It sounded ok, not very low bass but decent. Lasted about two weeks then it was off to the trash can. Once removed I installed a different 12" sub with a similar rating and it's been great. Not sure what the issues were, possible a defective sub, it can happen. I may try another NVX sub later, but as far, I'm not impressed.

By Mike on January 26, 2021


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Budget bass

It’s a budget woofer not for competition it’s entry-level spend more on the next level nvx they’re great products love their lines of amplifiers.

By JORGE on April 24, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great entry levels

Have tried these in both sealed and ported after good break in period in a 2012 civic and 94 suburban both vehicles sounded good. Recommend boxes sealed or ported to be on the high side of air space. These speakers are pretty musical with good boom for what they are. l wired series parallel on a jad1200.1. After break in, tuning, clean power, and correct box, they sound great for the price. If you go sealed do 1.25 net with 1.25lbs poly fill. I would even go to 2 cubes ported at around 37hz. The other reviews just sound like they didn't know what they were doing. Especially the one that said didn't last a week. He probably clipped the crap out of them (could be wrong) but sounds like a kid that had all his bass boosts and gain all the way up. I say this because usually if you knew a little bit of what you were doing I feel these subs will definitely last longer than a week. My cousin bought 1 off me put it in a 1.8 cu box at 38hz with a punch 400.1 prolly getn 275 watts sounds good great combo. going hard for about 8 months now and still bumpin. So if your hesitant on buying these just do everything correct and you will be happy or have a professional do it for you.

By big mac on October 19, 2015


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For the price, can not be beat

I have two of these wired to 4ohm in individual ported boxes and wired down to 2 ohms powered by Kicker CX600.1, the amp is certified at 668watts rms @ 2 ohms, i have my gain about 3/4 of the way, so I guesstimate they are getting 250 watts each. These subs sound great, The bass is deep and loud. I listen to rap and rock mostly. I have ordered another one for my wife's Nissan Rogue in a sealed box though. I recommend these if you are on a budget, or if you want to save some money. For this price, these subs cannot be beat.

Pros: price, value and great output
Cons: none at this time.
Cons: None so far.

By Anonymous on April 12, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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The title says it all. Ordered a pair, fed them 700w @ 2ohm, they didn't even last a full week. I didn't expect a 'game changer' when purchasing these but I did expect some form of quality. The money spent was a complete waste and to be honest I took my business elsewhere for my 'less than a week later' sub purchase. I've been a loyal sonic customer for over 5years but this one transaction may have put an end to that. These are NOT worth trying. You're just as well off, if not better, throwing in a pair of low end 2-for-1 kickers

By Brad on October 10, 2015


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I've slowly been finding out about NVX products and have been nothing but impressed with them. Perfect for a sound system on a budget!

By Jensen on May 29, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great sub for the money!

I purchased this sub for the rear of my wife's 2015 Ford Explorer, and using a 1.3 cu. ft. sealed enclosure. Only running about 250 watts rms to it, and it sounds great.

By Vincent on June 27, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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