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big power from a small amp

TL;DR: huge power in a small package, needs markings on subsonic filter for accurate settings.

I replaced my Kenwood x501-1 with this amp so I could run @ 1 ohm to push my 2 Kicker 43VCWR122 prefab boxes that run @ 2 ohm's each.

I set the gain for 31 VAC via a digital multimeter and a 50Hz test tone and the amp does what it needs to.

I appreciate that the amp comes with a remote bass knob, but I decided to not use it (one less thing to fiddle with while I'm driving). I also like the face that I don't have to crimp any wires to connect them to my amp, it made installation so much easier.

Also, I noted that for mounting the amp, it takes roughly the same space as the Kenwood amp it's replacing, even able to use 2 of the previously made mounting holes, which made installation (for me at least) that much easier.

My 1 and only complaint - the subsonic filter. I am extremely happy that I have one, especially on an amp in this price range, but my complaint is this - I don't know what it's set at, unless I turn it all the way down (10Hz) or all the way up (55Hz) - but there's no markings in between telling me where the subsonic filter is actually set at, I'm just guessing at it until I find a way to figure it out.


By Anonymous on March 24, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Super compact

Guys I looked all over for a good amp and my cousin told me about sonicelectronix and their quality products I couldn't be happy with this little compact amp I was super surprised about how easy it was to hook up. And boom just like that it was just what I needed to power my subs.. Great amp no joke!

By Jacob on May 20, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Make them hear you

My word this thing can put out some power. Who would have thought with it being so small. I have it ran to a NVX VCW 1000rms single 12 at 1ohm. Lets just say i think the amp is a little underrated in power. I actually had to turn the it down because the sub was beggin for mercy! But yeah, for the money, its like stealing. At this point i might as well just go full NVX in my car. Cant beat the value vs performance.

By David on May 25, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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I decided to redo my system and NVX was recommended to me. I needed a monoblock that could push up to1000 rms @1ohm and it definitely does the job. The compact size is great as well. Definitely happy with my purchase!

By Avenue Gent on May 17, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good little amp

This amp delivers ample power and comes in a small package. Easy to find a spot to mount it, even in a jeep. It pushes a 10 inch Kicker nicely.
It does not disappoint. I would recommend this amp.

By Denny on June 3, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Easy work, great value, small foot print

I would recommend this amp due to the true RMS ratings proven on many tests. It stays cool after hrs of play. Most of all: size! This little guy packs a punch but still fits under my passenger seat in my runner to complete my stealth set up. I'm running it at 2 ohms (780ish RMS) but at partial gain on an rf p3d4-10(500 RMS) in a sealed enclosure: hits hard and low for all my taste in music. SPL would be higher in a ported box(and this amp would push it easily), but stealth is what I want and stealth is what this amp gave me plus more.

By Alex on March 23, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great AMP,Small & compact

Great Amp small and compact perfect RMS and wattage match for our single kicker 15 compr. Plus better fuse protection with 3 fuses compared to boss 1100m that only has 1 30amp. Only light to know that the amp is on is the blue power light very suddle.

By Anonymous on November 25, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great price for power

I like how small it is for the power it puts out it does have some weight to it as well

By Anonymous on July 25, 2019


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Great little amp

I have this amp running a 650W 10" Dayton HO DVC sub. My sub system has way more power than my stock stereo. I have the gain at about 25%. It's nice having all the adjustments and the remote gain control is a must if you listen to a bunch of different kinds of music.

By Anonymous on May 28, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Big Boi

Love this amp push my one 12 NVX 1000 w with no problem great buy for the price love all NVX Products

By Janeiro on March 8, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Early review

I bought this to replace a FX2200-2 which got hit when running I installed this amp and it barely runs warm, and it pushes both my pioneer 12" Ib flats well without distortion.

By Anonymous on October 4, 2019


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Reasonable size reasonable price!

Fairly small amp for the power as well as price but it holds its own! shoves the VSW 12s i got

By Anonymous on February 14, 2019


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NVX does it again

All NVX products have been more than great. Even there over ear headphones and earbuds are great. If you need a real 1000 watts but only have limited space this is the amp to get. It's not guna be under rated and give 1300watts but it will give you a good 900-1000 watts which is accurate of this amp. FOR THE GUY THAT SAID HIS JL W0s SOUND MUDDY AND THE SAME. DITCH THOSE EXPENSIVE PAPER WEIGHTS AND PAIR IT WITH TWO NVX VSWs OR A SINGLE VCW. GAURANTEE YOU'LL BE HAPPY.

By Jay on January 16, 2021


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Great amp

I have two JL W03s that I was giving 500 watts. They can take 600 watts but my space was very limited. I really wanted the Pioneer 1200 watt amp but it was too big. I chose the NVX VAD 1000.1 because it was so compact and it pushed 750 RMS at 2 ohms and 1000 at 1 ohm. Instantly I heard a difference. I also liked that it had a subsonic filter my old Alpine amp didn’t. To be completely honest I find it hard to believe it is pushing 750 because it still sounds like the JL could take some more. I am a bit disappointed because I felt the same with my Alpine. BUT it is clearly better just not what I wanted. The bass sounds too muddy. I honestly would have returned the amp if I haven’t already hooked it up.
PROS !! It will push 1000 at 1 ohm. Thinking of u grading to either two Kicker comp r or two NVX subs (500wattrms) OR 1 NVX 750-watt rms.
To be honest I think the amp is worth it what deal for the money.
1000 watts
Subsonic filter
Can’t beat that!!!! Just can’t seem to find the right sound. But the amp has opened up doors for me

By John Rambo on March 15, 2020


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Use this to power a Dayton ho10 with passive radiator tuned to 30hz. The amp is well built, small, and powerful enough for the sub

By Anonymous on October 11, 2019


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Great footprint and power

Been pretty impressed by the nvx line. Thought I'd give this amp a go, and was not disappointed. Solid choice for real power on a budget.

By Anonymous on August 2, 2019


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Great amp

I have this installed on my titan with 2 10's nvx
And this amp works great especially for its size and give a great clean deep hard bass hits. Definitely recommend this amp or any nvx product

By Nick on May 11, 2020


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great value outstanding performance

I got this amp to run my two kicker CVR 10s. it did an outstanding job. upgraded to 1700.1 amp for two type r's. nvx kicks butt.

By Jugg on March 29, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Amazing power, from tiny package!

Loving this compact 1000 watt amplifier!!! Powering 2 Kicker Comp Rs quite well!!! Not much air flow where I have it mounted, upgrading to NVX XAD 12!

By Peter on May 11, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Almost 3 years of Reliable power

I bought this amp in 2019 and it's been great. Makes clean, reliable and surprising power for it's size. People frequently don't believe the output when they first see how small the amp is, but once you fire it up there's no question in their mind. I recently bought a BDA750 and found myself wishing I had bought another VAD1001 instead.

By Blake on January 16, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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