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Good price

I bought to replace my 1999 oldsmobile eighty eight stock component speakers. When I purchased I hadn't yet taken off the door panels to look at old speakers, I just used the speaker fit ode here on sonic electronix to find a pair that would fit my car. Well what I didn't realize is that the old tweeters had a very specific bracket which the nvx set did not include. This set of nvx seems to be more towards custom tweeter installs with options to mount flushed or exposed.Anyways, I was worried at first because Id spent long enough deciding what to buy and at this point justwanted to hear the dang things! I ended up using the thickest duct tape I've ever owned to hold me down, and once pressed up against the door they didn't make a rattle or move so it seems to have worked. The woofers on the other hand screwed right in. Overall I am happy with this buy and would recommend them

By David on December 26, 2014


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took a chance

I took a chance on these based on their reviews, i usually would buy a big brand but these seemed legit. I bought these and the nvx 6x9s. After hooking everything up it sounded pretty good but it was just my crappy head unit powering them, so when i bought an amp wow these things came to life. my whole truck is rocking now!

By Mitchell on December 16, 2014


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i have recently purchased and installed this kit so i figured a review would be worthy for this.
upon opening the package i couldn't help but be amazed about how much it weighed for just a 5 1/4 component kit. the magnet on the woofers have a lot of weight. the tweeters you can really see the quality in them its really hard to explain just buy a nvx tweeter and you'll see. the cross overs are clearly labeled and make for a really clean install. upon hearing them in action i was blown away the mids sound punchy as heck some times i feel like i have a set of decent ten inch woofers in my door and the tweeters are loud as heck thanks once again sonic and nvx i truly am not ashamed of this purchase.

By alexander on March 6, 2014


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Great Value and Sound

I put this set in my 83 F-150 with a older Sony 100.2 amp. Sound good, very clear and they make my door mirrors vibrate. I feel I got my money worth and then some. Highly Recommended!!!

By John on June 29, 2014


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Buy now

NVX has a new customer for life. Good shizz. Buy them now. Amp or no amp they are beautiful! Yes beautifully loud and appearance wise. Quality.

By david on September 28, 2014


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Great fit

I bought these with the 6x9's as well they're such great quality and have amazing sound easy to install fit so good I was able to use all factory parts to install them! Great quality at an even better price thanks sonic!!!

By Ryan on June 29, 2015


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great price.

speaker out performed my expectation at great price highly recommended.

By Mike on July 14, 2014


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Bright, but worthy - especially for the coin

My first impression of this kit is that the tweeters are way too loud and bright. However, using the -3dB attenuation on the crossover helps quite a lot. I discovered that using the swivel in the flush mount option to point the tweeters at the windscreen made a world of difference & did wonders for staging. If your only option is to aim these tweeters on-axis or close to on-axis, you'll want to choose another kit. However if you have the room/configuration to aim them forward, or significantly off-axis, they sound great.

The woofers sound quite good, but really need an amp to get them off their butts. Sound quality is realistic, midbass is present, but not overwhelming...well balanced.

Don't expect to use the included clip nuts as every one I tried snapped in half. I just re-used factory hardware where possible & some drywall screws in my homemade adapter

Other than that, the drivers & crossovers are well-designed and executed & should make most happy - again as long as you amp them & move the tweeters off-axis. Reflected seems best so far with the tweeters. On-axis is too harsh.

I'm still tuning and will be for some time to come, but for the coin, and particularly after re-aiming the tweeters, I'm quite happy with this set. Solid construction, poly cones & butyl surrounds should mean a long, happy life. Considering price (and the huge discounts currently available), these little numbers earn themselves 4 stars.

By Beaver on November 23, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Sound!!!

Great Sound No Doubt! It was tricky to run wires back & forth thru the car to crossover but very worth it at the end! You won’t regret this buy made my Bose system sound pathetic.

By Jeffrey on February 16, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Top notch

I had my Doubts about NVX but I can say this is some of the best car audio I have had it is in my opinion very close to JL audio.

By kevin on March 19, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great treble

I haven't had the opportunity to test the bass from the woofers, but the treble from the tweeters is crystal clear. Very good quality from this kit, especially considering its price point. I especially like the included tweeter pods with their multiple fitment options.

By Cameron on December 16, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Bang For the Buck

Speaker is awesome decent mid-bass for a 5 1/4 super-bright highs great for the pods I had. Couldn't beat the quality for the price!

By Ben on March 24, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great product

Easy to install and sounds great and would recommend buying this product.

By Nathan on April 16, 2018


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Great component set

The component set is well made and shows there was a lot put into the design and workmanship. Tweeters were overpowering which may be explained by a higher sensitivity level than the woofer. -3dB attenuation was possible via crossover control. Mounted crossover behind door panel (not in door chamber) using high temp velcro tape. Currently running off an Alpine powerpack (45 watts RMS) and feel like it still isn't enough power. You could probably run 75 watts RMS to these. The tweeters are large, but tweeter installation was made easy via supplied mounting pieces. Tweets went in door sail panel in '05 accord coupe. High frequency presence was much improved over stock system, however midrange was where I expected more improvement. After installing proper adapters and nvx sound dampening, midrange was improved, but still not as good as wished for. Maybe more power and sound deadening is needed. I plan to seal off the door shell later on to create a speaker-box-like chamber to improve mid-bass. It would have been nice to have a higher sensitivity for the woofer, but this was a true bargain at the price paid.

By Jon on November 9, 2015


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Very impressed with the sound and quality of these speakers, Pushed them a little too far until I got my amp's set up right, they still ROCK !!

By David on June 29, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great sound for the price

Amazing sound for the price cover to protect the speaker if mounted at foot level

By carlos on November 12, 2016


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great value

Tweeter in the flush mount pod were larger than expected. Crossover does a nice job is at the right frequencys and mounts easily. Haven't had a chance to use the 5.25 drivers yet because I paired the tweets & crossover with X series 6.5 mid driver.

By Easy E on June 18, 2016


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Nice set

Great for a starter component system. Great price, happy with the sound.

By Josh on January 24, 2021


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A Great Value buy

Speaker kits fits my Dodge 2005 Ram 3500 4x4 really easy to install and sound Great hook up to Nvx 4chanel amplifier 50 watts per speaker sound a little pushy and cross over easy to install and hook up and soft dome tweeter sound great I would definitely buy again.

By Mark on January 23, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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NVX Top Quality

Clean And Crisp For A 5 1/4 Woofer, And The Tweeters Are On Crack! I Bought Two Pairs To Try Out...If Your On A Budget Buy These. If You Want SPL Though Go With The X-Series(AMAZING!). Great Job NVX!

By Bryson Customs on April 28, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great sound

can be harsh at times or bright. over all for the price point its hard to beat. im sure sonic has some other stuff for sale by a more known brand but nvx has some great people working for them and a great product. as for a budget sound system. looking to just upgrade some speakers spend a few extra bucks and get components. nvx is well worth your money.

these came in a car i got in trade and they sound good on a ppi amp. didnt have long with them but when i looked them up i did expect the price to be about 20 bucks more

By marklar on November 24, 2015


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Sounds great in my jeep

These handle lots of power, sound great. I was disappointed that they do not come with grilles, however. I had some old Polk grilles I put to use. Very clean sounding speaker!

By Bayslayer on March 12, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good for the price.

Decent speakers for the price. The highs are crisp, can't handle a ton of bass, but I didn't really expect them to given the size. Overall not bad. Might want to spend a little more for something with more range, but for this price they can't be beat.

By Jon on March 29, 2017


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