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this seems to be a great product at a great price.

By Fax on August 23, 2013


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Stops pops

Prior to purchasing the NVX XTRI1, there was a constant pop whenever the audio system was turned on. Several methods had been tried to remove the pop, but it persisted. Purely by accident, the xtri1 was discovered. Once installed, the pop ceased to exist. Great product.

By Quan on November 29, 2013


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POP! stopper

After replacing the stock head unit in my 2012 camry with the otocam 3 unit, I would always get a pop from my speakers when the car was started. After rechecking my grounds, the pop was reduced, but would still occur. I bought this product on ebay, from, installed it, NO POP! Just for information, I have 3 amps, a 10 channel crossover, a nvx capacitor and two 12s as my setup. Very happy with the nvx xtri1.

By QUAN on November 7, 2013


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worked for intended purpose

for the price it worked just fine. reduced the popping noise my amp made whenever it powered on or off. didn't completely eliminate it but reduced it a good bit.

By dakiwi13 on October 24, 2014


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Works great so far.

I originally bought this to use on my fans but it's only capable of a 1 amp load not a 2 amp load as the Sonic Electronix description said. Instead I used it to power up 1 amplifier & my 3Sixty.3 that's powering the other 3 amplifiers. The soft start is ok but it's a great alternative to wiring a relay in which is what I'll be doing when I reposition my setup.

By John on June 30, 2013


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Works great!

Already have another one in my cart for my next build.

By Arthur on December 22, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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I bought this because ...

My installation had two amplifiers as well as a lead from the Antenna adapter (Scosche HAAB).

I wasn't sure if the remote output directly from the aftermarket deck (Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS) had enough of a signal for all 3 devices. So I bought this, hooked it up and everything works.

I actually have no idea whether I needed this product or not.

By Corander on October 21, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Product - Great Price - Stops the Pops

Had a problem with terrible speaker pop whenever you turn the car on after installing a high powered amp. Wasn’t sure how to install this, but eventually realized you can mount it right onto the amp’s power/ground/trigger wires in minutes. After installing this ALL SPEAKER POP IS GONE! Definitely recommended. Definitely worth it.

By PoP Quizz on May 6, 2018


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I used the amp turn on wire to power fans using the module. It works great. Could have used a relay but this is solid state and has a led. Although the fans are low power it was nice not loading the head deck feed down. Thanks Sonic for have this option available

By Charles on March 2, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Does what it's suppose to.

Connected it to my auxiliary power on my car, which shuts off with the car, and no more pop! Works well!

By Robert on September 30, 2015


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it works

I have been running 2 of these for about 3months. So far they work great. It would be nice if the leads were a bit longer.

By Matt on December 19, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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A must for multi amp installs

Great soft turn on and plenty of power for all your start ups. Durability is my only concern as I had to replace one, but for the price and performance it can't be beat.

By Travis on October 2, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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