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gets it

It does what it says. I have been running a 12 inch fan and two remote leads for 6 months. No problems hooking up.

By rees on January 11, 2011


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Little Black Box

This things puts out great power, I'd recommend it even if you were only running one amp. It made everything sound cleaner and more alive. It's super easy to install and has simple instructions. The hardest part was pulling my stereo out, then it took about 2 minutes to connect and tuck everything away. I recommend you make sure you did it right and it works before you completely re-install your head unit.

By Tyler on May 28, 2010


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Works well

I got this to turn on amps, fans, RF 3Sixty.3, etc. ended up just using it to turn on my cooling fans and used another one to turn on my 360.3 and 1 amp.

By John on July 7, 2013


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it works

If you plan on put more than just a amp in your car I would use this its very easy to install and gets the job done.

By nick on February 16, 2012


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good product

Bought this product to stop turn-on/off thump from my amp. It didn't completely fix the problem but it did help drastically. Its either this or a new amp but i like my mono block so im sticking to this.
easy to install, small and versatile. would definately recommend.

By jdmEG3 on February 8, 2011


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Excellent product - highly recommended

This unit is compact and easy to install. I use it to turn on my Rockford-Fosgate 3-Sixty, 4 channel Kicker amp and mono sub amp. It works perfectly - soft turn on and no hum.

By Robert on February 1, 2011


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Great value

I got this to stop the pop on and off noise from my eq and it did the job. This brand makes good stuff that works. I told all my friends about this item. This item is great if you are running more then 2 amps or have a pop noise when turn on or off

By jay on January 28, 2010


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I bought this item for my Pioneer Z130 BT because the unit does not come with wireless remote capabilities and PAC-TR-4 solved that problem, installation was easy and in a couple of minutes it was installed and working as it should, great product.

By 1gr8rx7 on March 13, 2012


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Does what is says...

I bought this because I read alot of instances where the remote turn-on circuit on head units get fried or are overworked when more than a single amp is being used. It puts out over 2 amps, which is way more than the headunit. Seems to be working well, no issues detected. I am running a PA1600 4 ch and a PA4000 mono amp, along with a 20 farad Boss Cap, so 3 remote turnons so far.

By Indio on September 15, 2010


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Works Great

Added subs and an amp to my 2011 mustang with the shaker 500 system. This unit let me use the factory amp 5v turn-on and gives my sub amp the 12v turn-on it needs. Been in for 6 months with no problems whatsoever.

By Travis on October 24, 2012


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Does the job for me.

I bought this for use with my Kenwood KAC-1502S amplifier in my Tacoma pickup truck to power two 8-ohm subwoofers. The power antenna lead coming from my cheap after-market (VR3) head unit would not trigger the amplifier by itself. It turned out that it would not trigger the PAC TR-4 either. So, I connected one of the subwoofer speaker wires to the input of the PAC TR-4. It has enough power to trigger the PAC TR-4. The one con that I see is that with it wired this way the amplifier is always on, even when I turn off the subwoofer at the head unit. It is off when the head unit switch is turned off. I don't understand it, but it works.

I'm not interested in SPLs or the modern type of music that is meant to shake the entire neighborhood. I just wanted to enhance the bass of my factory speakers on classic rock and classical music, so I don't push a lot of power through the system. I was a little annoyed that I need the PAC TR-4 in the first place, but I guess that's what I get for buying the cheapest head unit with USB input that I could find. The PAC TR-4 has worked flawlessly and didn't cost much.

By Tim on July 17, 2012


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I love it

The pac tr-4 ground loop isolator and line driver it definitely got rid of my buzzing sound and made my music sound better Thank you Sonic Electronix and fast shipping

By ron on January 19, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Didn't last very long

It did just exactly as it was supposed to and fixed my turn on pop but after about 3 months it quit working. When it laid down on me it was not as simple as the pop start happening again. My system components power lights would come on but nothing actually worked so I had to do a little tracking to find the actual problem and when I replaced the pac-tr4 with a relay it had everything up and running again. I was satisfied with the performance of the tr4 it just didn't last

By Wade on November 17, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Worked like a charm!

The leads could be a little longer to assist in hiding wires and all but it works great and was easy to install

By Christopher on April 6, 2018


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