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Ash NC


January 4, 2015

This product was just what I was looking -installed on my truck works good.

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Audible warning works. Video distance overlay does not work!

December 21, 2015

I bought this with BOYO Vision VTL422HDL (

I was very surprised they were not compatible. The furthest the park assist module could be mounted from trunk was behind trim under rear passenger window (Hyundai Genesis Coupe).
The rear view camera is designed with a super long cable to bring its connectors to the rear of the head unit.
Due to this incompatible design, between camera and park assist module, I had to coil up the camera cable so it could be connected to park assist module and connect an RCA extending cable from the module to the rear of the head unit.

The length of cable was probably too long as no video was showing on headunit screen, although the park assist audible warming sound was working.

I therefore, had to rewire everything, park assit module on it's own, just giving audible warning, and rear view camera connected directly to head unit bypassing park assist module, this not getting distance overlay.

Disappointed that the distance overlay feature did not work.

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Nice product

September 21, 2020

Good item, did not install. Still in the box. Discovered after I purchased this item it will not be compatible for my truck pulling a trailer.

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