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Rock Hill, SC

More than a jump starter

August 7, 2016

I live waaay out in the sticks. NASA gets better satellite reception from Jupiter than I do for my TV. Power outage, we are always lowest priority. Phone at 15% charge. Thanks to this product I just plugged the phone up and recharged it without making much of a dent in the PowerAll's total available charge.
The one weakness in this unit that I don't like is it does lose charge over time. The instructions say to recharge it once every 3 months and that seems about right. Inconvenient but right.
The pluses are more trying to find a stranger that is willing to take the time to be your "buddy" in a truck jump, even if you have the cables; solved my dilemma of a low phone charge in a power outage and it has adapters for almost any phone you can imagine. It does have a flashlight but I have plenty of those anyway.
I recommend this product and will probably buy one for each of my daughters. Just not fond of the 3 month recharge requirement.

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