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impressive little speaker

this speaker is smaller than I thought but after hearing them WOW you would think they were 4x6s fit perfect in my Silverado highly recommend.

By Cody on March 23, 2014


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These speakers I installed on my 00 silverado back doors they are loud and clear, they are getting 50 watts rms from my head unit. They are worth the money. Rockford Fosgate Power series speakers are the best. Sonic electronix has the best prices and very fast shipping got them in 2 days.

By 00 silverado on July 26, 2012


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Name says it all... Rockford Forsgate

Best sounding speakers I have ever owned. Louder and way clearer than all of my friends.

By Jordan on May 27, 2012


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Awsome speakers

I put these speakers in the dash of my jeep and they are unbelievable I should have done this a long time ago.

By Ed on September 29, 2011


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Rockford All the way

I just receive my package a couple of hours ago. These 4x6 are amazing, they sound so loud. POWER SERIES on Rockford All the way. There the best that money can buy. Don't cheap out. Get brand name or nothing. Thanks again Sonic you guys are awesome definitely recommend this website to everyone.

By Jesus on November 30, 2011


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Awesome Speakers

Great Speakers with great sound. love 'em! Next vehicle i owe will have them!

By Clemson on May 8, 2012


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Nice Speaker but.....

They are a very nice looking speaker (never got to hear them) but unfortunately like stated in another review these wont fit my 2001 S10 and most likely wont fit 98-2003 S10's in general. Normally you have to trim some of the plastic on the back side of the speaker grill when installing any type of after market speaker so that the grill will fit flush w/ the dash, but there is no amount of trimming you can do to get these to fit. The main reason is that the tweeter is too tall above the speaker and it wont allow the speaker grill to sit flush w/ the dash.

By Lucky23 on February 14, 2011


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Great sound

These things sound great! Ran them for just a little while in my truck! Mid-bass is great for such a small speaker, and the highs are very LOUD and crisp. Only bad thing is they will not fit in an s10... the holes dont line up, and they are too tall (hits the a/c ducting and the tweeter hits the speaker grill causing it to crack)

By Ryan on April 12, 2010


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I would 100% recommend these speakers. I've had them for over a year now and they are showing no signs of going bad. I play them in my truck with the volume up all the time and there is no distortion at all. If your looking for a speaker that is very duriable and will last you a long time this is for you.

By KGTOMJ on December 15, 2011


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Rockford Fosgate Power T1462

So far so good the speakers came with a bracket that you use in case if you need to modify your speaker space, in my case i do not im taking the stock speaker cable out and putting in 12 gauge Monster speaker cable hopefully it'l sound good. When I get enough money i will hook up an amp with them and really bring their sound out!
Pros: Sleek Design, Huge Magnet, Excellent Sound Quality Cons: Smaller Than My Hand!, Rubber Surrounding Looks Weak! Tweeter Design is so Protruded.

By Luis on November 17, 2011


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Too big

Sound great, would definitely recommend these to anybody with enough room to install them... The combination of the huge magnet and the tweeter sticking up so far make them difficult to install... DO NOT fit in the dash of 88-95, maybe even the 96-98 models, otherwise great speaker.

By Big J on July 7, 2011


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great speakers

these speakers are fantastic! the sound and clarity is awesome. the sound is crystal clear. I would recommend these speakers.

By tom on March 29, 2010


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good value

I installed these on my dash, on my 2002 Sonoma (with minimal modification). These are a tremendous upgrade over stock, and are extremely loud at 50watts rms (thats what their have from my amplifier).

I would recommend these, even with the included components.

for a 4x6 this speaker is tremendously larger than most, with both mounting and speaker depths. Make sure you measure what they're going into, and as far as these when compared to infinity kappa's (or other 4" speaker plates); these do the job great, and are also 4ohms.

By Adam on December 26, 2012


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Fosgate 4x6 I put in my 01 HD excab

Sound amazing over the factory speakers. I still only have the stock radio, but man it sounds so awesome!!!! I already knew what to expect because I had the 6.5 in my last truck. But they are great! Worth the extra money. I treat my car audio like dirt when I first get them so I know they will last. These were no exception.

My only complain is that with paying so much for these I wish they come with speaker wire leads, it's just expected.

By Davey on December 16, 2013


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With Rockford u can't go wrong

I def. recommend this product or anything made by Rockford Fosgate for the matter. I have used their products for many years and am a very satisfied customer, sure it may cost more than other speaker brands but you get what you pay for! A quality product built to last, and sound absolutely phenomenal!!!

By bhall on February 20, 2011


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