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Great product

I used these speakers in custom kick panels for my Chevy TB and they were a perfect choice. the sound quality is awesome. I have them ran off a 4 channel Alpine amp right now and they handle the power like a champ

By Christopher on March 25, 2011


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These Are Great!

I put 1 of them in a .38 net FT^3 box with 12.92 square inches of port per ft^3 tuned to 71.37Hz and the SQ is unmatched by a lot of more pricier speakers.

I would recommend Rockford Power Series to anyone, budget or not.

By FreekDesignz on February 19, 2011


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good sound

i installed this set in my jeep with matching 6x9s and my friends ask if i have a sub and how the sound dose not git muddy at high levels I have them hooked to a 4ch 800 amp and they take it all

By sub killer on January 21, 2010


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Treble is too much

I bought this as a direct OEM replacement for my car. Easy fitment and good Rockford quality. Initially, I was really impressed, but the speakers have become very "bright" in that the treble has become more and more dominant with a pronounced tinny sound - not what I expected. My local Rockford agent says its normal (really?) being Power range speakers and at the price, I expected the tonal profile to have remained the same. Overall, a disappointment!

By Heinrich on September 17, 2013


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I bought 2 for the rear and they are really nice speakers. Have a lil bass to it too but not too much but very nice and mellow sound.

By sasha on June 20, 2012


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Great Buy

Great speakers for my boat. Very clear and sound great.

By michael on December 5, 2011


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Really good speakers, sound great. Take a lot of punishment daily and are playing better then ever. Its like they break in day by day. Highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for clarity and bass.

By Amar on April 28, 2013


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You can do anything with a little imagination...

Years ago learning how to work with wood, I built a couple of speaker enclosures, and put in a pair of cheap car speakers which I hooked up to my 8 track tape player. Not bad for a beginner with no money. Spin forward 25 years, I found these boxes and decided to upgrade my computer sound system with them which didn't sound much better than my old 8 track. I bought a Lepai mini amp and paired these Fosgates to it and, wow, what a difference. You can rock and roll all day long with these speakers making crystal clear sound. Fosgate makes the best car speakers and once you buy a pair, you'll know why. They are very well made. The guy who complained about distortion when driven just doesn't understand you need power to drive these speakers properly. To do that, I also would recommend the Fosgate Power Amp (Punch) and the T1693 speakers that really kick butt. Your basic OEM car radio has no guts. I have never met a Fosgate speaker I didn't like and they are the only speakers I buy anymore.

By Marco Polo on July 19, 2012


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good value

Good sound and performance. Good price. Recommended. Fit my Jeep sound bar with ease

By Carl on June 27, 2012


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Best 5.25's

I got these speakers a few months back and had them hooked up a bit before I put them in my car and these things are so clear and loud its ridiculous. I've pumped 50 watts RMS into each speaker and they sound as loud as a concert but never swapped loudness for clearness. For sure going to recommend these speakers to my friends!

By 19baja59 on December 9, 2010


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Great sound and value

I've had alpine type r and infinity kappa, neither of the two come close to the sound quality I'm getting from these speakers! I'll never buy a different brand ever again. I even swapped out the kappas I had in the front for rockfords and they all sound amazing!

By Dave on September 29, 2011


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Wish the could handle more rms

I got a Power Acoustic Stax 1200/4 amp to power these and i must say it is an amazing cheap or not I had to turn the gains down to make sure I dont fry these babies my amp is 100rms per channel and these speakers are only 60rms.

-Sounds amazing
-Solid woofer design which was the selling point for me
-Clear highs and great mids..when tuned properly
-Umm its RF
- 1 Year sonic warranty

- They are 60rms
-No other cons

By Travis on March 11, 2011


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Great Product

I just put these speakers in my jeep, and let me tell you they are awesome! They sound better and can be louder than my sony xplod 6x9's so that is saying something. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great sound at a great price.

By Jesse on January 17, 2010


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great speakers

these speakers are great. they can get very loud and im happy with that. however the tweeter can be a little harsh at times, but it sounds great all the time. these speakers can handle great amounts of power while not creating distortion or mechanical noise. i recommend this to anyone!

By rupert on February 1, 2013


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Great Value and very quick shipping to Australia

My overall experience was great, easy to use website, easy payment system, quick shipping to Australia, great prices much cheaper than in Australia. The speakers are awesome with great bass and sound, I installed these into my Kenworth prime mover and even with the windows wound down I can hear my music very easily and crystal clear sound. Thanks for a great product and service.

By Aussie Dave on April 24, 2012


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Amazing sound

I just bought these speakers to replace a bose stock sound system in my altima se r and it is night and day of amazingness. I thought the bose speakers sounded good but boy was i wrong. these are the future right here. Get these!!!

By Nic Nac on July 31, 2012


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Rockford T152

These speaker sound clear in the upper range but sound blown with any kind of deeper bass line...they have a rattling sound like the voice coil is hot and this happens at a low volume. The stock speakers handled much more.

By BP on January 31, 2011


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By connie on April 6, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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