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Rockford Fosgate Power T1682

Bought 4 of these speakers to replace stock Ford Thunderbird speakers, I'm very impressed with build quality, they fit perfectly without any drama. The highs and mid-range are about as good as they can get, I thought that the bass was good but not as good in comparison with highs and mid-range, I bought a sub-woofer 8" and that filled the bill as far as bass was concerned, so these are excellant speakers, but if your a bass freak you may be a little disappointed, it could also have been that my settings for bass in the head-unit were not set quite right. I still recommend these speakers.

By Bikerboy on November 17, 2010


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Clear as can be

Awesome 6x8s. Blew my replacement Pioneers right out of the water and I haven't even tuned the T400-4 pushing the T1682s yet. Definitely recommend. Just installed 4 in my 99 Explorer.

Incredible clean sound, and all I currently have is a Sony deck with 2V preouts, old RCAs, and a RF T400-4. Cant wait for my new deck and RCAs to come in!

But as the reviewer below stated, there are no quick disconnects that come with it

By Kyle on March 14, 2010


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Want Good Speakers? BUY THESE!

I love these speakers, they sound awesome in my 96 ford ranger. the only issue I have with these are the fact that no wires come in the box, other than that, PERFECT!

By Seth on December 29, 2009


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Nice speakers

I have four of these ran off a Hifonics Brutus 640.4 and they sound great. They are clear and very powerful. I wish they had a crossover though. And their magnets are huge. Make sure they will fit first. And the tweeter is a bit fragile. Other then that, love em.

By Robert on September 30, 2013


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Decent speakers

Decent, gets pretty loud' had them running on a jl xd400/4! Couldn't keep up with my fi Sp4 18, so got me some crescendo pwxs! But overall a good beginner system speakers!

By Mike on September 9, 2013


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awesome sound

I have these in a 08 ford f-150 in the rear doors. they replaced a component set by eclipse which didn't handle the power from my infinity kappa four amp that drives them. the sound quality of these coaxials is amazing they are the most precise sounding speakers i have heard. The only complaint I have is that they send no wires or crimp connects with them.

By Gary on March 20, 2010


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Bad Tweeter Durability

-Very powerful speakers
-Full range, people ask if I have a sub (I don't yet)
-Very Clear across all frequencies.

Tweeter looks awesome and allows more cone area, but they are very flimsy and die easy, I've had one go out completely on me and one that is distorting at higher volumes.

*Disclaimer, I'm not an idiot, I am feeding the speakers off of a Rockford Fosgate R600-5 that puts ~50 watts rms of power on each channel, these speakers are rated at 80 watts rms, and I never put the gain past 50% and the volume on the head unit never exceeds 75% and I have the gain set to low power. Why the tweeters die, is beyond my ability to comprehend.*

By Austin on August 4, 2012


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Pretty nice

These speakers look very well built and very durable. I didn't have my system tuned correctly when I had them in, so the bass was a little shallow but they did sound great.

By EZE on January 24, 2011


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Great Speakers

I bought these speakers to replace the worn out speakers in my 2003 Ford F-250. Because they require minimum 75watts RMS, I also purchased a 600 watt amp. I installed them myself using the included instructions and common sense. They sound totally cool. The Highs, Mids and the Lows are clear and crisp. Even with the volume cranked way up, the sound never distorts. I would compared the sound quality to a high set of headphones.

By Big-D on December 23, 2010


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wow !

sounds clean and clear love it!

By Benjamin on August 7, 2011


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2003 Expedition

These speakers DO NOT fit a 2003 expedition without modifying the door panel cut outs. It says in the description they fit the front and back doors but I just installed 4 of them and had to make cut outs in the doors to except the weird flange on 2 of the mounting holes on each speaker. It was not fun. ALSO ! the front speaker cut outs in the doors are not deep enough. The existing space is 2 1/4" and the speakers are 2 1/2" deep. they sound great but require a lot of work to install

By John on October 19, 2013


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Good Value

I would amp these for sure. They are easy to install and dont distort. I would recomend the Bazooka 4 channel or the boss 1000 watt to power and remember the box comes with two not just one so its a really good price

By Stephen on March 2, 2011


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I have a set of theses in my 02 Lincoln LS (direct fit) and they sound as rich as owning an oil well does. I'm running them on a quarter of what they can handle and they already have great midbass and smooth yet crisp highs. When I get my 4 channel hooked up they're gonna be absurd. The design of these really drew me in and I'm thankful for that now. You can't go wrong with these, or Sonic's price or the free shipping. Get some.

By Tyler on February 21, 2010


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Great speakers

Just got these speakers and installed them. They are replacing the old RF power series speakers, and I can say that these sound better than the old model. The sound is nice and crisp, and they look extremely well built. The midbass is ok so far, i think they have to loosen up as RF's tend to be a little stiff from the factory. I would recommend these

By EZ on July 14, 2010


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good but one problem

the speaker's are very well built except the way the tweeters are mounted to the frame "flimsy" plastic when mounted vertically there are no worry's bet when mounted flat "facing up" the tweeter mount will vibrate an crack witch can cause the wire powering the tweeter's to sever an lose connection plus the plastic that is vibrating may cause it to sound distorted or blown

the other bad part is after having them in use for three years the rubber surrounds are starting to crack on two of my four speakers

over the three years I had them they have had three different amps powering them first a punch PBR300X4 then prime R400-4D an now a Polk PA660 all are rated at 75x4 at four ohms an the Polk has sounded the best on them of the three

Overall I have liked these speaker's they have done well for me an sounded great for the 3 years I've had them. I wish Rockford Fosgate will come out with an updated version of these soon I would buy them

By restlessgreg on May 3, 2015


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The website had a large variety and had what I wanted. It was easy to order and I had no problems.

By Tommy on October 24, 2012


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Do Not Even Waste Your Money

These Speakers sound great at first, have had them installed for six months, and now they are the reason i will never buy rockford fosgate anything, The design is horrible! the tweets on both of the speakers snapped right in half. My Whole car is dynamated 2 times, and the sub is so loud it snapped the tweet and the tweeter mount on both speakers! Terrible choice if you are building a system with alot of bass, they do not last long at all, tweeter gets distorted way to fast.

By Nick on May 11, 2012


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not as "clean" as the previous model

Bought these to replace a T1682C set I've been running for a couple of years. New model looked impressive, especially compared to the older model, but when I installed them I was disappointed. powered off an arc audio 4150, I gave them a chance to break-in. The midrange is "muddy", it just doesn't have the clarity of the previous model. took them out and reinstalled the older set. The only advantage the T1682 has is it can handle slightly more power and it has a little more midbass.

By scott on November 26, 2010


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2012 Ford Fusion SPORT w/ Factory 12 SPKR Sony System

*Whew*, Just got home 20 mins ago and Jeeez these mofos sing. I have 4 installed in the front/rear doors of my 2012 Ford Fusion SPORT. All doors are dynamatted and they are powered by a R/F Punch 400X4 and catch their signal via the new PAC LOC PRO-7 4 channel Line out converter and factory NAVI, wiring and such. First off, I have installed many speakers up to this point and I have stopped at these because I feel I will not find better for the money. When you hold these in your mitts and inspect them, they ooze quality and class. Literally some of the best built car audio drivers I've ever fingered up. I think they look a little awkward but so what, they are hidden in my doors. duh Previous speakers I've used in this car with the same setup include Kicker DS series, Kenwood Performance series, Infinity Reference (Runner-up in my opinion), & Polk DB's. All these speakers have their pros and cons and are not terrible speakers (and not to mention not technically a fair matchup for POWER Series speakers) but, when i heard these air cannons, I knew that my journey ended here. I Seriously cannot imagine these not being amplified. Dont even go there. Buy some Primes and wire twistys and call it a day. But if your serious about your install dive in! I have them tuned to perfection and sealed up with dyna-mat (and a couple other secret products I tend to use) and their sonic output is absolutely superb. If you have a real set-up with a dedicated sub, these scream mid-bass and highs comparable to some of my home theater speakers! ( I play with the likes of Paradigm/Klipsch/& Def Techs so dont be callin me a fool)I can promise you I have a tuned ear and the clarity/depth at high volumes can raise goose bumps on your arms. Just remember, give them proper power, a proper mounting surface and proper tuning and they WILL deliver!

By DapperDan311 on June 23, 2016


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You get what you pay for

Bought these to replace a pair of unnamed 4 way's that I was not happy with just didn't sound good. I only paid $50 for the pair that should have been my clue. I'm running my new rockford fosgate 6×8 on a nvx nda 501 5 channel and I am blown away by the clarity at any volume. I definitely got what I paid for this time and it didn't break the bank either, very reasonably priced for quality. A sonic customer for life.

By David on May 8, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great speakers

I am very please withe the sound quality. I bought four for my truck. Great speakers. Would recommend.

By James on August 30, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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