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These speakers are the loudest and clearest ever. You can't go wrong with Rockford Fosgate and Sonic Electronix has amazing service and prices.

By Cornelius on October 3, 2012


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These are the best components I have heard in my life. I am running them on 150 watts each and they get so loud. I love Rockford power series, my whole system is Rockford. Best value and best quality products on the market!

By Marc on February 20, 2012


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Loud and Clear

Get plenty loud and clear, can be heard from long distances especially when amplified.

By Jose on January 15, 2012


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By HYPE on October 25, 2013


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Sharp, Crisp, Its fosgate, Expect the BEST!

When I received this product, and when i was installing, just firm feeling and looking at the build of the cone, I could tell I just bought a quality product!
The only issue I had, was that one tweeter was defective, but Sonic helped me out, and I should be getting a new side (woofer, crossover, tweeter) sometime this week or early next week!
But Only with one side playing, its still friggen loud!
But the loudness was never sacrificed with clarity!
Fosgate for life!

Pros: Loud, clear, cool looking, QUALITY built

Cons: Not any except for the fact that I got a defective side.

By Johnny on April 11, 2011


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Amazing Components

These RF Components are extremely clear and acurate. This is a must have for anyone wanting a clean and clear sounding system.

By Jeremy on March 24, 2012


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Awesome Component Speakers!!

I hooked these speakers up in my 2008 Honda Civic with a 200 watt Infinity amp and they sound amazing!!! The only thing i need to do now is get a higher wattage amp to go with them so they are at full potential. I would HIGHLY recommend these speakers to anyone who is into car audio and likes to hear the music very loud and clear as i do.

By nynja on June 5, 2012


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Excellent Sounding Speakers

I have heard a lot of speakers in the past, but these speakers by far are the best sounding speakers for the money.

By Tony V on January 30, 2012


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Well worth the $

I got these to go in my doors and love the sound of them. strong midbass from the woofer and the tweets are crisp. Some people complain about the tweets being a little too bright because of the aluminum but they can be toned down some if you're going active. The X-overs are nice looking and function but I didn't use them for the set since I'm running active with the RF 3Sixty.3 but I am using them for an older set of RF Punch tweets. Very nice set to buy so get them. I'll be getting another set or two to finish off my doors and a set of T3's for my kick panels.

By John on August 12, 2013


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This component set is the best i've ever owned. They are so loud and clear its unreal, but you need to have them amplified to reach that loudness. I have them on a T600-4 and they love it. Never any problems had them almost 7 months.

By Trent Streichert on September 12, 2013


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"real" sounding

The best way to describe all fosgate speakers is that they sound natural and the way the music was meant to be reproduced when recorded in the studio.
Being a musician/sound engineer, I have always known
fosgate speakers to be unmatched. All the other manufacturers sound artificial, not what the instruments were supposed to sound like when recorded in the studio. The fosgate's are crystal clear.

By bobby on January 11, 2012


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very nice!

I replaced the factory speakers with 4 T2652-2's in my '04 audi A4 before replacing anything else. This achieved modest results. Soon after i replaced the factory head unit with a pioneer avh-p3300bt and the factory amps with a massive 6-channel amp. Wow! What a difference! Now the rockfords sing like they were supposed to-clean, crisp highs, smooth, unstrained mids, and a decent bottom end. the addition of a JL 10" w3 sub took care of the bottom end, thank you very much. Now the whole system sounds great-clean and tight without a hint of distortion, and will play as loud as any human over the age of 16 could possibly stand. i got these speakers for $200. a pair and i am now extemely happy-especially for the price! If i had to do it all over again, i would probably go with coaxes in the back. In the a4, the rear tweeter sits high -up in the rear door, which messes with the staging a bit.

By Dave on October 11, 2011


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Awesome Speakers!

I got these speakers 2 weeks ago because a cheaper set of speakers I had blew off of a Rockford Fosgate T600-4 birthed at 142x4 at 4 ohms. These things handle the power so well, they sound amazing without a hint of distortion! The biggest improvement is the tweeters, the new Aluminum Dome Tweeters are so accurate, its insane. I highly recommend this set of components, well worth it, and Sonic Electronix has the best prices for them.

By skinny16 on July 17, 2010


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Didn't really get to test these or install as they fit in the Fusion Tower Cans but the screw holes didn't match up. I couldn't even figure a way to modify them to make them work. Also the covers wouldn't work either. Overall the product looks good and is well manufactured.

By stefan on July 21, 2013


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Good but..

Ordered these a little over a week ago. Spend several days modifying everything for them to fit right, ran power and ground for my new 4-channel amp. After finally installing the speakers I came to realize one of the tweeters was not working. Took it out and it had no impedance. Even though, very nice product! Very clear and loud.

By Eric on August 17, 2011


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9 of 10

Great sounding component set. You will need to properly brace and deaden whatever you put these in to get the full sound out of them. So keep that in mind. Build quality isnt the best ever. I only say that because the mounts for the tweeters leave a little to be desired with the ring that secures them in place. I would have also expected more than double sided tape for the crossovers to be mounted with. I was really disappointed with that. You might have to get a little creative to properly secure the crossovers. Aside from that, an excellent product, great sound and good looking equipment. I would buy them again if I had the chance/need.

By Dennis on October 22, 2013


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T2652-S Components

I purchased 2 sets of these components for my 2000 Honda Accord doors and rear deck. These speakers are amazingly loud, I have these paired with a RF T-800.4 amp. These Components are the best sounding Components I have ever had.

By Jeremy on August 19, 2012


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These are some of the best sounding speakers I've heard, period. I have listened to a lot of brands (JL, Focal, Alpine and others) and I put these up there with Focal polyglass. They have super smooth tweets and the mids are awesome! They also have a great low end and can handle the lows very well. I first had punch series and blew a tweet so I upgraded to these and I couldn't be happier. I have them in a 97 chevy ext cab in the front doors. I had them in the stock location to start with but recently built fiberglass door pods into my door panels for better imaging and made the pods little sealed boxes and WOW the woofers turned into little subs!! My god they pound and sound great! The imaging in the stock location was good but I wanted great so I did custom work. they come with switches for on/off axis and -2,0,and+2 for tweeter attenuation. they are also bi-ampable but haven't tried that yet so cant report on that. For the record I'm running a massive 800.4 on mine at 100 watts RMS and they can take everything my amp can give em. Grab a set and you wont be sorry, especially for what Sonic is selling them for!!

By jarod on October 6, 2010


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Very good value

For $200 they are the best components I've heard. Sound is near on perfect, and LOUD.

By Matt on October 28, 2011


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loud and clear

Definatly recommend tweets sound amazing but be careful when powering them because mine blew.

By Christopher on October 11, 2011


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very nice!!!

These components are very nice. I have four 15's in my tahoe and I needed good speakers to keep up with all that bass and these get the job done. Right now I have them very underpowered but they still sound amazing!!

By liljim18 on March 20, 2012


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I recently purchased a set of the Rockford T2 6.5" components. Me and my brother worked four days on modifying door panels and running new power and ground wire to run my 4-channel. We finally were able to hook them up off a MB Quart ONYX4.125. They were veryy loud and clear! But one problem was the drivers side tweeter wasn't working. We looked back and make sure they were connected, took the tweeter out, and had no impedance. About to contact Sonic and see about getting another set. Very nice and quality product, though just got a bad speaker I guess:( Mistakes happen.

By Eric on August 17, 2011


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Like always I'm glad i bought this speaker the sound its amazing i have this on a focus and they sound perfect. Highly recommend

By Damian on August 6, 2010


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The Best Investment

Recommend this excellent product, easy installation, excellent sound quality the best in sound .......

By huset on May 15, 2013


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Good for Loud music like Rap or Hard Rock...

These get loud and sound very dynamic they handle power very well. The T2s are very durable and user friendly, plug and play good sounding speaker. Yes they are clear but they are not natural sounding. If you want natural sound/audiophile speaker you may want a different speaker but they wont play near as loud in this price range.

I like the sound of woofers with blues rock and rap. Fantastic in the mids but they're not very strong down low (below 100hz) but they do play low safely, so these are good even with no sub just don't expect deep lows.

The tweeters fall short in details and highs for me, but most folks don't like bright tweeters so this may be good for some. The tweeter have a plastic film inside the mesh screen i imagine it's put there to knock down brightness but might be better if you could figure out how to remove it.

Compared to my JBL MS62c the T2s are much fuller sounding and louder but the MS62c are more detailed and natural, but not loud enough for me.

I own the T5s now (killer deal could not pass up) I think the T-3s may be the best value speaker in the RF line up, i think they may excels in both natural sounding and loud, like my T5s. but these guys only excel with DSP tuning.

By Raoul on September 9, 2013


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Excellent 2 way

This is an outstanding speaker, I drive them hard (100W each) and they do the job.

By Mike on October 2, 2012


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The Best

This component set is the best set I ever bought. Great quality. Hold bass great. I have two sets in my Avalanche.

By Jay on October 8, 2011


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great speakers

These speakers are great. I have a Fosgate 4 channel 600 watt amp on these and they handle it with no problem. Recommend them all day!

By LAMONT on September 11, 2011


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Crisp Loud & Clear

Wow! I love these things when I'm listening to the music I lose track of time and wind up staying in the car for hours. You can hear things that you never knew were in the songs. Would recommend these all day everyday. Giving them 85-100 watts and they take it all day the mids are STRONG and deep. TO be honest I think these sound better than the Focal Ps165's don't hesitate to get them

By jacob on March 8, 2013


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Can't beat Rockford's!

I have these installed in the front doors of my 2007 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. I have them running just off a Pioneer AVH-4300 head unit and they sound awesome! The highs are crystal clear, I set the crossover to 0db. The woofers have very good response and clarity for mid bass. They hit a lot harder than I expected from a door speaker. Don't get me wrong, they don't put off bass like a sub, but they do produce a very nice authoritative punch. I couldn't be happier with these components. I bought the Rockford Fosgate Power T1652 coaxles to go in the back doors, and these blow them out of the water. I don't have an extensive background on component speakers, but I do know when I hear great sound quality and performance and you definitely get that with these.

By Jared on March 24, 2011


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These are LOUD & CLEAR

-Loud and clear i have them running on a fosgate t400.4 amp with my amp gain set less than half way and they get loud with no distortion
-The price you pay for these is DEFINITELY worth it

By Andrew on February 19, 2013


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Fits great . Loud clear doesn't distort large crossovers but nice sounding

By jeremy on March 9, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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loud and clean

they do require 100 watt of rms power to be worth the money, large magnet and spyder take power to move, they do get crazy loud and clean. not something to use in a sq build, but if you wanna be loud, they are great.

By Wayne on April 25, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Rockford Fosgate Power T2652-S

I have a set in the front doors of an 09 Pontiac G6 and powered with a Sound Digital 800.4 and they soak up every bit of power I can throw at it. I'm so impressed I'm replacing my rear 6x9's with them with the adapter and can't wait to really get them screaming. They are awesome for mid-bass. I have 2 Rockford T1 12's in the trunk with a Sound Digital 3000.1 running the lows and it can't be any more matched than this. So in just two words-BUY THEM!

By Anonymous on July 6, 2018


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Best bang for your buck

The Rockford Fosgate T2 components sound way better than the amount you pay for them. I am noticing details and flaws in my music I have never heard before. Like other people have said they get loud and clear when you amplify them properly, I have mine with 100 RMS/channel. Buy them don't think about it too much.

By Clemente on August 7, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Clarity like nothing I have heard

These components are some of the best quality I have seen. I have about 125 watts going to each side and the sound is incredible. These sound better than my old type Rs, my kappa perfects, and come fairly close to a friends Focals (not the Utopia obviously). The midrange is incredible and the highs are crisp and scream, had to set them to -3 because of how powerful they sound. Overall I would say I am beyond pleased. These are setup on a JL 5channel amp, and a single JL W6 10 is the sub component, and these things make the system. Bug with confidence and trust that it’s an amazing product.

By Brian on September 1, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Awesome set of components!

Love these speakers! And they're heavy. Bass is good and the highs are clear.

By Trent on February 18, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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