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best price online

i bought these when they first came out for 499.00 from a local dealer. wish i had found them here first.
I am running them with a punch 300 which is rated at 100x2. it is a great set up. This is all i am running for mids and hi's. Gain is only 1/4 of the way up and the sound is absolutely amazing. Can listen to them all day at full volume. matches up well with my 1 10" cvx which is powered by a t500bdcp.

only complaint is that it came without any directions. the crossovers were different than the ones i had owned previously with my t2's so i was a little confused at first.

overall this is probably the best deal for the price for high end type mids/hi's. cant go wrong with this purchase. they are going into my next install as well.

By tha chef on May 9, 2013


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T3 Fosgate

very good set will definitely buy again highly recommend you will not regret you did.

By 2crazy on October 31, 2013


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Overpriced, mediocre performance

Average set of components overall. Way over priced and the tweeters are way to harsh.

However, the build quality is superb and the packaging these came in was fantastic!! I have never received so many installation accessories and tweeter mounting options than I did with this set. The woofers provide an excellent low-mid range, but the tweeters leave much to desired. The crossovers also lack many options which are normally found above the $500 dollar price range, but they look damn fancy!

Based off of the price I would have to recommend customers away from this product, but if you can find a set for $300-400 they're worth it. After I returned these I went with the ID XS-65s and have been much happier.

By Compton357 on March 5, 2014


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Be careful

I bought these a couple weeks ago and am just now installing them because they are too deep for my acura tl. I had to pay another 200 for some custom kick panels that u can install your speakers into. I'm sure later today when I install them along with my Rockford t4-800 amp and my 2 L7 12's with the Rockford t-1500 I will be in dreamland but just wanted to let people know there may be additional expense that comes along with these.

By Jcollings on February 23, 2012


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Loud, crisp and clear.

Title says it all, best sound quality speaker I've heard.
Two pairs running off a Rockford 600-4, and it super loud!
Design of speaker is a plus also, I've been commented about how far it's been heard without my sub on (blown) and it had the ability to drown out others system off the speakers alone.
Impressive prices from sonic as well better deal then I could get locally, just hope they continue to sell t3s continually!!

By Tony on December 11, 2012


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unreal SQ with a serious punch

I bought these as a step up from my RF T2's. I have two pairs in my front doors and they are beyond ravishing. These speakers will make your music come alive in ways you cant even imagine yet. I have heard the utopias and the legatias. these speakers for 1/2-1/4 of the price of the focal or hybrid audios are right up close in the sound quality. the tweeters are bright and vibrant (although putting the trim rings on requires and ungodly sense of patience) and the woofers are insanely loud and punch with authority comparing to some 8"-10" Mid range drivers. I Highly recommend these to any serious audiophile. you WILL NOT regret this purchase

By Sam on November 23, 2013


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