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Great value!

Got it about 6 months ago. Put in my Ford Ranger and bass sound from this is just what I was looking for. I now can thump like the kids down the street. I would recommend this. Thumbs up!

By Mario on March 15, 2012


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garbage ....

I bought a pair to go behind a 1200watt amp. They blew up in a day. I wasn't even listening to loud or music with lots of bass. They just burnt up. Thought my installer wired em wrong so I ordered another pair and had another professional wire them in... Blew them again in 2 days. Gain was low on the amp ... These are cheap for a reason.

By billy on October 22, 2013


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Nice budget subwoofer

I have one these in a 2 cubic foot sealed box in my 94 civic coupe and it sounds awesome with any music. Its paired with a Rockford Fosgate Prime 250-1 and a Stinger amp kit. I've put the sub and amp through hours of abuse and never had a problem. I had two Kicker Comp 12's in there with an Alpine 500 in a ported box at 35 hz and they didn't sound near as good as this one subwoofer. This subwoofer isn't going to rattle the car next to you but you will be heard. I have people asking me what I have back there and I say its a 12 with 250 watt amp and they think I have a 15 back there. I'm like yeah you can have awesome bass without upgrading your alternator and battery. Just do your research and you might be surprised with lower end name brand audio equipment. Hope this review helps.

By Zach on May 17, 2015


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Deyz little thangs bang

Aww man these bad boys hold there own had two in my girls firebird on a 1000 watt amp and let me tell you they got down right busy they embarrassed my homeboys 3 10" kickers made my love for Rockford that much stronger make sure you properly break them in though cuz they will stink up the ride when abused lol but I fully recommend for the casual bass addition not so much for the junkies like myself

By Doonie on July 20, 2014


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Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12 (R2D412)

This sub is amazing. At first i was shotty of the prime series, but have i ever been proven wrong. i have 2 of these hooked up to a punch 500-2, and they slam hard. i do suggest a ported box. for the price, they are amazing

By Noah on July 23, 2011


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Great Subs

Bump hard and friends are jealous. Couldn't ask for more.

By Josh on February 23, 2014


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I've owned allot Rockford fosgate speakers and always very pleased with there sound and power of them

By Keith on March 29, 2014


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powerful subs, MUST buy

These subs hit HARD, i have 2 in the trunk of my Ford Focus sedan with a crossfire C3501 amp, and ive been running this system for about 6 months. It has won me some money, and even been in the top 10 of audio comps, these subs handle power well, and ive been pushing them hard for 6 months, and they run like a charm, the range is really good, but they hit the hardest between 30 and 75hz, If your looking for a good alternative to kicker CVR's or Apline type R's, these are your go to, and for a great price. I plan on upgrading to a 3 12's with these exact subs. I must say I love Rockford Fosgate and am a life-long buyer.

By Josh on October 8, 2012


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great for money

i love the look and quality of these subs, always trust rockford fosgate, they are a reputable company with quality products i had two of these in a small slanted box and they sounded great. with the right amp they will pound.

By alex on July 28, 2012


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Great Bass

I wanted some bass but this provides A LOT of bass. It sounds great but still allows you to hear the high frequency sounds. The bass is not distorted either.

By DRS37129 on June 12, 2012


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there great

These. Subwoofers are great and the price is great. Worth the money.

By alberto on December 23, 2012


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Good sub

Sounds great and shipping was on time! Would highly recommend for deep bass

By Sound boy on November 8, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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aww yea

for the price you will not be disapoonted you can abuse thhese speakers for hours and days and years and they just keep doing there job

By Chris on April 27, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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