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Amazing Setup! Real TOP LINE quality(:

I was researching these subwoofers everyday trying to make sure they were worth it...BOTTOM LINE...Should of got them sooner cause their Amazing! Have them under powered and they WHAMMM... If your one of those guys like me where your constantly checking around for a bad review...THERE IS NONE....BUY NOW(:

By Miles on June 13, 2014


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Good subs

This product (P2-2X12) , was the first car audio purchase I ever made. Looking back, I wouldn't have done it any differently. These monsters will take a beating. Lord knows they have shaken just about everything in my car over the last year. Do not get me wrong. THESE ARE NOT TOP OF THE LINE WOOFERS... They are great, sound amazing, and get the job done, but don't expect to be able to compete with sundowns, DC's, or FI's. I am in the process of ordering 2 15" alpine type R's. These subs are really worth the money and as long as you have them on the right amp, they will impress.

By Hampton on August 19, 2014


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RF p2

I had bought these subs back in march and since then I have had no problems with them. With the right amp, these subs witll greatly exceed your expectations.

By Marcus on September 23, 2012


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These subs pound and sound incredible in the Rockford tuned box. I am extremely satisfied with this product.

By Iron Monk on January 6, 2014


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Best Subs Great Value

Just switched from powerbass subs to the Rockford Fosgate p2's had to re-wire them to 4ohms other than that the sound is amazing. The lows arent the strongest but the highs are amazing. 100% upgrade though love these subs and for the price you can not beat it. I highly recommend ordering a pair of these.

By Jon on April 11, 2013


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Had subs installed in back of Jeep with Focal speakers and these subs kick hard and have no distortion.

By Leilani on September 20, 2014


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awsome buy!!!!!

Awsome subs these beat the block up my neighbors hate me u will not regret this buy service was great and delivery was fast get some while they last.

By kingkonginmytrunk on November 1, 2014


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Almost 1 year

My 2nd review on this product. in the first one i went on and talked about the amazing build quality and craftsmanship of the box and woofers, and looks that match. in this one, ill tell you how its stood the test of time! almost one full year of beating the bass hard, thrashing these woofers to the limits. NEVER any voicecoil smell, they never siezed up, or blew. i would go back and buy these all over again if i had the chance.

By Derek on March 21, 2013


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Good product

I have had the RF speakers installed for about 6 months now and I am still thrilled with them. Good product at a good price. Sonic provided fast delivery and I am entirely pleased with the transaction.

By Nitro on July 10, 2012


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Exceeds Expectations!

This Enclosure seriously exceeds my expectations. first hand PROPS to Sonic for making it so easily affordable. secondly rockford fosgate seriously out did themselves by designing this enclosure. I am a serious rockford fosgate fan, and have always used their products so i know what to expect out of them. I am using a Rockford Fosgate T500-1bdCP model amplifier pushing 814 "true power" watts at 1 Ohm. Using this amp allows to P2 2x12 to be taken to its full potential and let me tell you first hand it Rattles my brain, my windows, and I see people turning their heads from a block away! No damage done while in shipping, quick and easy ordering online.

By Derek on October 1, 2012


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good combo

I recommend this combo to anyone. Looks good, sounds good. I have a massive audio n2 pushin them.

By stp on November 28, 2011


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Can`t beat the value and the price

I bought this loaded subwoofer box for my brother. I could`nt believe how deep it was. I`m thinking about getting one for my daughter.

By gdrakec22 on September 17, 2013


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good product

I love the sound of these subs in the box I was surprised they bang real Hard for the price you can not beat I would recommend these subs too anybody they are good.

By darell on September 17, 2013


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They hit hard with the right amp i recommend these speakers!

By Gabriel on September 10, 2011


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Excellent product!

This sub hits hard and will take the full 1000 watt rating all day long. If you are looking for quality at an excellent Sonic Electronix price, put this in your cart today! I use it for Heavy Metal, (I don't care for rap or pop) put on Drowning Pool, Tear Away and feel the power.

By Heavy Metal on September 17, 2013


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great product

Owned this before they got stolen. Best Subs ive owned. Had a hifonics 1000 watt mono amp and my system pounded easily loudest and best sounding at my school. Rockford Fosgate products are fantastic i would recommended these to any bass lovers.

By Devin on October 22, 2012


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It sets off car alarms!

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger with these hooked up to a HF 2500W 825 RMS @4 Ohms Mono D with 4 gauge wire running them at 4 ohms.(Note. These are internally wired at 2 ohms you will need a lil extra speaker wire a butt connector and some skill to do the job if you want a 4 ohm setup) these subs are earth shattering and they look so nice in this box with everything black. These things blow girls hair around when your cruzin around! definitive worth the money to spend a ton on Rockford products!

By Jonah on May 26, 2011


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This is a very good product by RF. They hit pretty hard & are loud. They do pretty good with note changes & hit some ok lows. Not the REALLY deep ones but still pretty good. I have a MTX 1000.D1 pushing them very good. Yes the rumor about the smell is true. You can definitly smell the voice coils after about 10 or 15 minutes of LOUD play. But as of yet i havent had 1 blow out. Going 3 months strong. They dont sound to good when u really crank them up loud. Kinda gets sloppy. But at a moderate loudness they bump hard. I would recommend this product...

By db on September 4, 2012


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I Recommend This Product To Everyone Cause It Sounds Really Nice. Sonic Provided Fast Shipping. Love The Way It Sounds. Good Price From Sonic Electronix.

By KEVIN on June 5, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Subs!

I ordered these subwoofers in the loaded enclosure and it looked great. Took me a couple hours to install them myself in my car with my pioneer gmd 8601 amplifier at 800 watts rms and stable at 1 ohm. These subs were awesome!! I used to own a pair of Kicker comps and these subwoofers put them to shame. Great product and have recommended them to all my friends looking to get subwoofers.

By Griffin on June 16, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Should of bought them sooner

Was looking at these for a while & finally got em. They slam! They're almost too loud.

By Matt on June 13, 2015


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Great Sounding Subs!

I owned a pair a while back and these sound even better than those. Great speakers and service at the lowest price on EBay.

By Thunderbreak9 on June 14, 2015


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Rockford Fosgate 2x12

This product is awesome for the money. I now have 2 of these boxes in my truck and the sound quality is really amazing. they handle a huge amount of power as the Rockford name stands up to its name every time. I also ordered a Rockford fosgate 1000 x2 amp to push one box. The power from this is truly astonishing. No amp or box on the market can match this set up. Bassheads don't be a fool order these today!!!!

By Ronnieontherun on July 3, 2015


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Rockford Fosgate outdid themselves! Awesome product!

I have my boxed hooked up with a Rockford Fosgate T5001bcp and it pounds! Really clean sound. I have the PeQ remote to adjust the Bass level. Get this box with that amp you will Love It!!

By LoLos757 on November 8, 2015


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Series name says it all... PUNCH!!!

I have this loaded box placed facing backwardes in my trunk, 2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5t.
Powered by the R2-750X1 monoblock amp, and though this amp is rated for 750 watts RMS, in my day we referred to these amplifiers as 'cheater amps' as they would normally under favorable conditions, pump out and maintain a much higher wattage continuously than what their ratings gave them credit for.
Example... birth cert. for my amp tested out the factory door at 1032 watts!!!
It nearly pounds the back of my head off! LOL.
So if you are like me and have found yourself hovering over the 'PAY' button at the checkout constantly searching the interwebs for bad reviews... YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY, none related to their form, function, or quality anyways. Sure youll find the handful of virtually unpleassble people who'd give a bad review of a product based on shipping discrepancies or something totally unrelated. BUY THESE!!! You will not regret it.
If you need confirmation that im versed as i say and confident in what im talking about...
Ive been a hardcore audiophile, dealing in car audio and other HIFI stereo equipment for many decades now. Id perform high quality installs for my friends and acquaintances for 12-15yrs atleast all at no charge, well maybe a few beerssnd good company as paymrnt, but usually just to hear the difference from stock to component system, and the surprised look of the auto owner upon hearing it gor the first time
In my day, when i wanted to purchase subwoofers for an audio application; I'd either need to order from the pages of only a very few magazine periodicals, usually Crutvhfield for lots of $$$, or head to my local Convo center/arena for this annual hifi/car audio/home electronics type 'super 'liquidation' event that would be held over a 3 day period each year, nationwide. It lrft you with a sometimes immpossible thirst for quenching a need for this or that item you needed. Yhen there was the option of building a special enclosure to use a subwoofer from a home stereo tower speaker; which resulted with some excellent results. However, just as they are today, those home systems were outrageously expensive.
Back to this 3 day event, onr major benefit it affordrd to the hobbyists was it brought us face to face with the legendary designers of the subs you see today dominating the industry. It was there that i found Rockford Fosgate line of products and the designer of the amplifier Jim Fosgate. He was one of the pioneers attending these events to push his equipment, not each time, but in the early 90s at the beginnings of the car audio revolution, he was there each year to speak to the enthusiasts, and a smart move it has been enabling him 1st hand account of what his customers were needing in their equipment. He and his product were always on the cutting edge of innovation and still are today for this reason. I hsve stood by Rockford Fosgate since those early years.

...Will update with pics of my install this week. Installed but dang its too cold out there tonight to take a few pics...

By The Dude on January 26, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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I can't hear

My ears are still ringing. I am in my thirties now and this box is comparable to one I had when I was a teenager. It is two 12s so it is loud, and I have it with an RF 750 amp. It will not win comps or anything and it is built for loudness not SQ but if you want a good amount of bass, buy it now.

By Anonymous on June 4, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Amazing Subwoofers

This subwoofer is amazing and Rockford Fosgate out did them selves. I paired this with a large 3350 Hifonics Amp and it runs like crazy you can feel it in you’re hair and it’s the loudest in my school. I have a few stock speakers in my car and the after market ones I have aren’t amped up and I still can be heard over a block away. This is a must buy and this is definitely a great piece of gear especially if installed correctly.

By Anonymous on February 4, 2019


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Love em

I bought these cheaper than Rockford fosgate or anywhere sells them tax and all it was supposed to have package damage but I don’t really see it using a 900wrms amp to break them in and it’s scary with all the levels down it hits harder than my l7s12 at normal levels Rockford has always brought the bass never owned p2s before but damn worth it ide pay full price for this any day

By Corey on May 6, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Wow. That's all I can say. I have a 1000W Hifonics amp pushing these subs, and I can feel the bass in my chest even though the box is in the trunk. I love Rockford Fosgate products- they're relatively affordable considering the high quality delivered.

By Dylan on June 20, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great value

Brought rockford fosgate products from here. Shipping was on time. I recommend to anyone!

By Cool Breeze on February 19, 2016


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box is a big box but it has big sound traded up from two nice sounding rockford 12" R2D4 and the P2 its alot better alot deeper

By Chris on April 27, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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vibrated car

Doesn't have good deep bass like an old 1998 8ohm Rockford Fosgate 12. If you don't want to hear bass and only worry about vibrating your car to death...these will

By angie on December 21, 2015


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