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p3 shallow 10s

i put 2 p3 shallows under the back seat in my f150 and couldnt be happier. i only have a cheap amp pushing them for now and they are way louder then i would have ever expected out of 2 10s

By moto for life on March 21, 2014


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Great little sub!

Put this in a Q-Logic custom box, 0.66 cubic ft., for a 06 Dodge Ram Quad, the box was expensive but worth it, and powered it with Rockford Fosgate P300X1. This little guy is a great upgrade for folks looking for some extra thump. Also put Fosgate in the doors and a Pioneer head. If you listen to rock or country this is a phenom with the correct box and head. If you want SPL in the tight space of the Dodge I would go with the loaded MTX.

By Broken on April 25, 2014


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Great subs!

I have two of these subs in my 2005 4 door 2500hd chevy silverado and that sound great they thus hard and clean I'm running them at 2 ohms with a nvx jad 1200.1d I love them they might not go as deep as full size but they sound great rockford all the way!

By Georgia boy on February 9, 2013


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Excellent product. I would recommend to everyone to buy and head pretty good for being a shallow mount subwoofer

By jose on June 9, 2014


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03 Tundra extended cab!!!!

I was told nothing fits in this truck except the Qforms sub box that holds 2- 8" shallow mount subs. This speaker was the solution. Made a new sub floor under the back seat *unbolted stock metal frame* and now I've got 10" sub where I was told there's nothing that fits. Sounds great super happy.

By Jason S on March 6, 2014


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Great Sub!!!!

I have 2 of these sub in my 05 colorado crew cab. Sounds nice and clean.

By JMIR2K11 on December 3, 2012


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great value

Great sub! Performance is fantastic. I have it in a vented enclosure and sounds great.

By jason on September 11, 2015


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Good sub

If you just want some better quality sound than stock without taking up too much room, this is for you. If you're younger or looking for heavy bass, stay away. This shallow sub is supposed to be tucked away, who cares what it looks like.

I have mine set at 20Hz - 60/70Hz crossover frequency with a Rockford fosgate PBR 300x1 amp. This setup takes up almost no room in my little car, and it doesn't weigh a lot which is good. The bass output is decent to below par, but it's a good overall sound which I prefer now in my 30's. It isn't going to drain out your mid or high range at all, and it won't rattle your car or head to pieces. But it will annoy other drivers and your neighbors. It's a nice blend but nothing to write home about. Better than anything in an OEM setup for sure.

By Mike on February 25, 2017


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Great shallow subwoofer!

Great product, thumps good for being in a small sealed enclosure, hits hard when you want it to but nice and clean also for good sq builds.

By Timmyt on June 27, 2016


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