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Love these subs!

I have always been a big fan of Rockford Fosgate subs. Probably because the first system I ever heard was a Rockford. I would strongly reccomend this product to anyone who wants deep bass with limited space. I placed two under the back seat of my 2000 F150 and I have recieved comments like: "I heard you coming when you first pulled into the neighborhood.", "They sound very clean", and my personal favorite " What do you have, two 15's?" I have these hooked up to a 1500 watt monoblock amp and they sound absolutely amazing! May this be the last review you read about these, buy them now!!!!

By Dylan on June 1, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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More than I expected.

First of all I have a 2001 ford f150 single cab so I can't fit more full sized subs behind my set so I was looking at a lot of shallow mount ones. I'm running on 12 rockford and a true 1000 watt planet audio amp and I can say it completely shakes my whole truck.

Pros and cons
Amazing price
Great bang for your buck
Super fast shipping
And it's a rockford fosgate
Sounds amazing for a shallow mount
Its a shallow mount but if you don't have the room it's perfect.

I would recommend this product to anyone it's just a steal.

By John on August 31, 2014


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Excellent Subs

Great for small enclosures surprised how hard they hit 2 12 4ohm

By Carlito on March 15, 2014


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I just put them in yesterday. 2 of them in a 1.8 cu ft shallow sealed box as a false floor in a 2009 Jeep Grand cherokee. Lets just say the suspension on the subs is STIFF! Im sure they will take some breaking in to get them to their optimum performance to loosen up. That said, first impression, they are loud and tight. They hit low but at high power they distort a bit at the low end. Might be that i need to adjust the gain on the amp (A cerwin vega stroker 1000.1) but the bass is all the way down on the HU. so far i like em. My wife says they sound better than the single Alpine Type R 12 in ported box. She said the alpine was "too rumbly" and these sound more clean.

However, the Type R 12 in ported box was just as loud, and was running at half the power and never bottom out... time will tell and I will update my review later.

By William on October 19, 2013


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They're amazing.

Everything I run in my truck is fosgate and these just added to the amazing sound of fosgate. The only con I see in these is that anything more than 1.5 cubic foot they won't sound good. Pros? Loud, sound amazing, very clear sounding deep and rich bass. I have 2 shallow 12's and 1 15 and everything is wired down to 2.67 ohms on a 4500w mono class d power acoustik and they go all day long. They get warm but never hot enough to shut off. I'd recommend these products to anyone. They're cheap and powerful. I can be heard from a little ways away. You won't hear these things from miles away but people will know when your coming.

By Mooney on March 17, 2015


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great subwoofer

Considering the price these are the best shallow mount subs. There better than some high end subs I've owned that weren't shallow mount. I have 2 in two separate sealed enclosures and the output is amazing. I'm going to build one ported enclosure eventually but this is more than enough for now. Anywhere space is an issue these are the subs to buy

By john on March 6, 2015


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Great Subs

Bought these subs for my Silverado. Paired with a Sony Xplod amp. These subs hit hard. And for the price they are that much better, I would totally recommend.

By Eric on March 28, 2015


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Good subs

I have 2 hooked up to a 600 watt amp in a 2015 ram 2500 and they sound pretty good definitely the best shallow mount subs I've ever had

By Biz on April 26, 2016


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Perfect for tight places

Bought this for my 2014 Silverado. It is in a sealed box under the back seat, and it sounds great. Hits hard considering the space that it is in. In fact, its loud enough to make my ears ring. I have it paired with a Rockford Prime amp pushing 600W. I could not be happier. In this price range there is nothing better IMHO.

By Mike on January 10, 2016


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Great Product

Great sub for the money. My only complaint would be its a thin sub and you can tell a difference. However, it fits perfect under my 1500 sierra back seat and a normal punch will not have the air space, unless you pay to have a custom fiberglass enclosure built. Great sub, adds great bass.

By Anonymous on August 6, 2018


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Exelent product

Excellent product, I personally recommend them as performance is superior to other brands in the market and is well coupled to an amplifier that does not have to be so expensive and over-sized

By Freddy on January 9, 2017


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I have purchased three of these to under the rear seat in my tundra. Unfortunately I can only make the box in the lower recommend range for the subs. They only sound moderately loud. Proably some of the lowest db iv ever gotten out of a sub.

By Jacob on June 28, 2016


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Rockford fosgate

I would recommend these subwoofers,they are very powerful in a compact shallow mount.

By Germ641 on December 19, 2015


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